First day of Trunk Nation from LA was fun today, but not what was expected. Manager Doc McGhee was booked to be on my show to talk about his entire career. As you all know Doc has managed Kiss since 1995. Although Kiss would have been discussed I was really looking forward to covering all of Doc’s career and hear some great stories. I was happy when he agreed to be my first show from a week of shows from LA. Minutes before I went on air I was informed by the talent booker for SiriusXM that Doc was unable to do the interview because it was with me and he didn’t realize that (which seems really strange since I saw the emails that said it was for MY show). Why would there be an issue with Doc doing this with me? Well because of Kiss of course! I’m not going to rehash it here but most know that regardless of playing Kiss on the radio for 33 years, fighting for them to get in the HOF, and way more, I could tell you, Kiss, and more specifically Paul Stanley, don’t like me. Why? Because I have an opinion about what the band does now that doesn’t match what they want to sell currently. Instead of having an adult discussion about it, they run from me. It is really that simple as sad and juvenile as it sounds. They once blocked me from appearing at a Kiss Mini Golf! True story! I guess I should take all this as a huge compliment. I mean I must have a MAJOR platform and voice that I could wield this panic whenever I get close to anything in their world right? It’s pathetic that I can’t have an opinion (which I am very objective about all sides of) and the band continues to treat me like the devil, forgetting the 95% of positive things I have done and said.

I pride myself on covering ALL sides of stories in rock and letting fans express their opinions as well. Even if I differ with them. Kiss is the only band it seems that that is not allowed. No independent thought. You must fall in line with what they are selling that day, or you are a threat. I haven’t cared about Kiss since the original band ended. The impersonation act is not for me (even though I never blamed Tommy and Eric for taking the gig, who wouldn’t!). And I never judged people that still go and are okay with it. I love all sides and debates on this stuff. It is what I do! And I have still supported what they do, although I really am starting to question why..

I don’t blame Doc for doing this. It sucks and he has to know how shitty it is to bail on a radio show minutes before, especially when I could have booked other guests. But he’s not going to take a chance pissing off the super thin skinned hyper sensitive (by his own admission, read his book) Paul Stanley. They are his cash cow, and I get it. But I am not going to pull punches and I’m going to lay it out there straight as to what happened here to my audience. It’s all so silly you just have to laugh sometimes! MANY feel the same was as me, few in the business have the balls to say it (except Dee Snider, who also was attacked by Paul recently for his opinion and it resulted in a social media war). So that’s what happened today, as dumb as it sounds. To those looking forward to the interview, as I was, I wanted to give you the truth.

But we still had a great show with many of your calls and guests Wendy Dio (Hear N Aid in 2018) and Jeff Pilson talking Dokken and Foreigner. Tomorrow Joe Bonamassa joins me first hour in studio, then Glenn Hughes. And I will have them together for a segment as well. Other guests this week from LA include Dave Navarro, M Shadows, and more TBA. Join me live 11A-1P PT/2P-4P ET on SiriusXM Volume 106 for TrunkNation from LA. Happy Halloween!

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  1. What’s really sad is that Doc should have still come on and he could have stated why fans who no longer come to the KISS shows should come and enjoy themselves and the concerts. Having someone to counter the views of all of us who don’t understand why Eric and Tommy wear the Catman and Spaceman makeup would have been good for business. Paul, Doc or whoever decided it wasn’t a good idea to speak on the show should have looked at it from a business angle and realized it could have been a good opportunity to speak from that opposite side of it. Too bad. It could have been an interesting discussion.

  2. Doc should have honored his obligation, and I’ll bet he does have some really great stories to share. He could have went on the show and stayed away from criticizing Paul or the impersonation act (which I don’t like either) but I guess Paul thought otherwise.

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