Hope everyone has a great weekend. Headed to Los Angeles for a week tomorrow. My new SiriusXM show on 106 Volume will be coming from LA all next week live 2-4P ET with a great array of guests in studio. It kicks off this Monday with legendary rock manager Doc McGhee joining me! Please follow on Twitter for daily updates @EddieTrunk on guests. Many to announce for the week! Also the Dio Cancer Fund bowling event I am hosting is this Friday at Pinz in LA. John 5 and Tom Morello are on my bowling team. If they bowl as well as they play guitar we are set! More on this soon as well. Remember if you miss my show it replays each night 9-11p ET and is on the app on demand.

Please note due to my travel the Monday Hair Nation show will be pre recorded this week 5-8P ET.

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  1. Geez Eddie, another pre-recorded Hair Nation show?

    Can’t you do a live H.N. show after the live Volume show? One of the best Hair/Trunk Nation shows ever was one from LA a while back. I don’t think any music was played, but the guests in the LA studio that day were amazing.

    I look forward to the Monday show every week. Disappointed to lose an hour of show now. The main reasons I’ve kept my XM subscription for over 11 years are: Eddie Trunk, the music on Hair Nation & Boneyard, and commercial free.
    Speaking of commercial free, not digging the breaks on Volume. I get the business aspect, but don’t like ads when I’m already paying. It’s like Comcast forcing commercials on me during “On-Demand”

    Keep up the good, hard work Eddie!

    1. Mikey

      I appreciate the support but a few things:
      There was a studio issue in LA that prevented me from doing the show live on 39 today.
      I am now doing 6 shows a week for SiriusXM, mostly all live, so plenty of content. The Volume show replays every day at 9P ET, so plenty of chances to hear it. Volume is a talk channel. All talk channels have commercials. I have nothing to do with this or how often they air. Thanks

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