Had a great time today on my new daily show on SiriusXM Volume talking to a wide range of rock guests. One of the things I am excited about with this show is the variety I can now have. Hard Rock/Metal will always be my passion. But I love talking and learning all things rock even after all these years on air and having artists that are varied. Today was a great example of that. My old friend Mike Portnoy sat in, former Yes members Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman stopped in, and Dave Mustaine called in! That’s rock variety and it was all good! Hope you guys are enjoying my daily show on Volume 106. I know I am! Tomorrow I will air my brand new interview with Jon Bon Jovi! It was a great chat, just wish I had more time with him. Remember the show replays every night 6-9PM Pacific/9-11P ET, and you can get it On Demand on the app.

A number of people have commented about the commercials being in my new daily show. I understand my usual Monday shows on Hair Nation were and are commercial free. That’s because that is a music channel. Volume is a talk channel, and all talk channels on SiriusXM do have commercials. The breaks are not long and I can do nothing about how that end works. But I can tell you this is obviously a brand new channel, and things will no doubt be evaluated and adjusted as we go. I am psyched to do some shows from the road soon as well as my home studio. Tomorrow I break in the home studio, next week I do the show from LA!

New podcast this Thursday is with all member of Alter Bridge. Free on Itunes and www.podcastone.com . Be sure to catch the Lars Ulrich podcast now up as the most recent!

I will be appearing with Don & Jim at Chiller in NJ this Friday only 6-10P.

All new Reel To Real on AXS TV tonight 9P ET.

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