About to leave for the Hard Rock in NYC where tonight my radio shows 30 years on the air will be celebrated. Seems like yesterday that 25th was being celebrated in the same place with Judas Priest playing. Tonight’s music will be anchored by The Winery Dogs. By now many know what a fan I am of these three guys, all good friends as well. My role in helping them form makes this even more special for me personally. They’ve made the album of the year in my view and honored they will play for me, my radio listeners, and many friends tonight. There will be many guests I love and respect in the audience and many jams as well. Some I know about, some I’m told will be a surprise. After 30 years I still love doing radio, and this show which started on WDHA in NJ in 1983 is where many of the other things I do can be connected to. I believe in doing radio live when possible and playing different songs, telling stories, talking to guests, interacting with the audience. Never thought I would make it three decades but honored and grateful to my audience for making that happen. So just a quick note here before the big party tonight to say THANK YOU to all the program directors and radio stations that air my show, and of course my flagship Q104.3 in NYC where the program has lived since 2002. I’ll have a ton of photos and stories about tonight no doubt, but before it all goes down just a huge THANKS to all of YOU for the support helping me keep this show and all the other things I do alive. And thanks in advance to Mike Portnoy my musical director for tonight and all at The Hard Rock and John Pasquale for making this happen. It should be an amazing night in what has been an amazing month between the new book, Brazil and now this. THANK YOU ALL!


PS: If you were lucky enough to get in tonight doors at 7 show around 8 till whenever. Please shoot video, take pictures, whatever. Just send me a copy!

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  • Roe on

    Eddie — VERY VERY VERY stoked to be going this evening and celebrating with you and the Dogs! Can we bring “real” cameras for tonight (DSLR cameras)?

  • Ray from twitter on

    Yeah, bro. What you’ve done is special. I cannot put in words what the radio shows mean to me personally.Thanks for being humble, cool, & not getting any tatoos! Lol.
    I as you know go back to the WNEW days. Thanks to Q104.3, a highly rated classic rock station with iconic deejays, for having you on. We never got ‘Saturday Night Rocks’ back, but Friday is cool The Monday satellite show is stellar as well. Pure therapy. I even listen to two replays of the Friday show(knac, waaf). They’re that good!
    Thanks so much Ed. Keep it going.
    You are the king of rock.

  • gerry on

    eddie,on my way to lirr,i got in,thank you.gerry

  • RED on

    Congrats Eddie on 30 years of radio! And most of all staying true to yourself and the Hard Rock and Metal that we all love. YOU ROCK!!


  • Bob Greeley on

    I’ve been trying for the last couple of months to come tonight. If there are any last minute cancellations I’ll be there in 45 minutes.

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