Had some great calls last night on my SiriusXM show. One of the reasons I love doing this show so much is it’s live nationwide and you never know what direction the conversation will take. We got on the topic of the pros and cons of casino shows from the fan and artist standpoint. Was interesting. Also had call ins from Ian Hill and Mike Portnoy. Ian said it is very possible Priest will make another album and continue as long as everyone is feeling good. Judging from what I saw in Vegas Saturday they have no reason to stop. Enter to win Priest tickets for NJ on this site in ET’s Box Office.

Portnoy discussed the current Winery Dogs tour and said it will continue through all of next year pretty much around the world. He reiterated that this band is the priority for all 3 guys and everything else just gets slotted in when there is time. Good news to hear and cool to see new fans discover this band each day. I’ll be with them in Ardmore OK this Friday and next Tuesday and Wednesday in Milwaukee. Hope to see you if coming to those shows. I will be selling books and merch prior to both shows in Milwaukee in the lobby at those shows. Come say hi, no purchase needed for that!

Headed to Dallas tomorrow. I’ll be in McKinney TX this Thursday at The Guitar Sanctuary. I was there a couple years ago. Really cool guitar store with a performance space in the back. Live music from Franzenstine and The Red Rockers (Hagar tribute). In between I’ll be doing Q&A, speaking and of course Stump The Trunk! Tickets and VIP Meet & Greet tickets on sale now. Link on the home page. Books and shirts also for sale. Music starts at 7, I start around 8. Friday I am in Ardmore OK hosting Winery Dogs. After party at 2 Frogs with Gilby Clarke. Saturday I am in Pompton Plains NJ with Don Jamieson. Jim was originally on this show but can’t make it now. Don will do stand up and I will do some Q&A and Stump. Hope you guys will join us in our home state. Info on all appearances and links on the home page.

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  1. Can’t be more excited when I hear that Priest is continuing on.

    Saw the Winery Dogs’ opening night in CT and was just blown away. Eddie can’t hype those guys enough. If you want to see something supernatural, three MASTERS at their craft, then you MUST see this tour.

  2. I saw Priest back in the summer and I can’t see them ending any time soon. I know Rob, Ian and Glenn are up there in age, but they still sound and perform great. I think that having Richie in the band has given them a new energy and inspiration.

  3. Congrats to your Mets. That one sucked as a Cub fan, but we’ll be back. We were only supposed to win 75 games this year, so winning 97 and beating Pitt and StL in the playoffs is a nice start! Good luck in the Series!

    1. Thanks Jason! Kansas City can be a “Royal” pain in the ass, but I have faith in my Mets! Good luck to your Cubbies next year, and I really mean that. 107 years is way too long, if the Mets don’t make it next year, I hope the Cubs go all the way!

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