This weeks all new Eddie Trunk Podcast is now up with an hour interview with Steve Morse of Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, Kansas and more. Steve talks about all of his bands, his love of aviation and much more. I recorded this one a few weeks ago when I hosted Deep Purple in S Florida in Steve’s hotel room. Really appreciate him taking the time to sit and talk. One of the coolest things about the podcast so far is how many I hear from that listen to some of these artists and never heard much of their music but are inspired to check some out after hearing them. So if you are a Morse fan, or not, I think you will really enjoy the conversation. By the way, also cool that some of the older podcasts are really spiking. The Michael Anthony episode has taken off and is now the most listened to of the dozen or so available so far, followed by Brian May. Cool to see what people respond to and how word of mouth impacts the growth of the various episodes. Remember if you subscribe via Itunes you get the new ones sent to your Itunes every Thursday when posted. They are always free worldwide and on Itunes or via www.podcastone.com So far almost every week it has been top 10 on the music charts on Itunes. The only thing that high rock/metal in a sea of EDM podcasts, so thank YOU for the support and helping represent rock with my podcast on the Itunes charts!

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  • Evan E. on

    Eddie, were u the total stoner in h.s.? Munchies?

    • Eddie on

      I’ve never smoked pot in my life

    • David C on

      Good for you, me either…and I grew up during the “stoner” years, graduating high school in 1979. I refused to suck smoke of any kind into my lungs, even though most of my friends certainly did and I was definitely in the minority. I don’t make any judgments on smoking pot, it just isn’t for me.

      Now beer on the other hand…

  • ACE on

    Another great one, ET! I also interviewed Steve earlier this year, and he’s a true gent and very easy to talk with. You were able to dig a lot deeper, and I gained some insight as to Steve and his career, as well as I already knew it. Plus the whole flying thing I had NO idea about. Great work…again.

  • Lindy on

    Did Steve replace Kerry Livgren in Kansas?

    • Eddie on

      He talks about it in the podcast

  • T on

    I’m so glad he hooked up with Deep Purple. What a great fit for both of them. Now if we could just get Richie Blackmore to put away his Lute and Tights, and do a Rainbow tour.

  • Medved on

    Love the podcasts Ed, but you need better recording equipment. Listening at work, I need to crank up the volume to here Steve talk, only then to quickly lower it when you’re talking!

    • Eddie on

      Working on that. When I have to do them outside a studio as was the case with Steve and Slash audio can be tricky, but usually sounds well enough to hear what’s going on. Thanks

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