Been a couple weeks due to my schedule with the new book and the signing tour, but I will be LIVE 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation tonight. Lot’s to play and say and as always your live calls are welcome on 866-315-2663. Join me for music and talk that rocks live nationwide tonight! Enjoy your Columbus Day and catch you on the air tonight.

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  • David C. on

    Good that you will be back live, maybe you can give us some more hints on the new stuff about TMS?

  • JGoon on

    Hey Eddie,
    Just finished Vol. II and loved it as much as the first. I always walk away with a nice list of albums to check out. Actually just picked up Trapeze-Medusa after reading the Glenn Hughes chapter and I am in LOVE with it. A classic rock MASTERPIECE! Anyways, just thought of an idea for your sirius show that would be cool. How about playing a song or two from each band/chapter in the book, in order…even the “more essentials” section! It’d be cool to follow along to. Just a thought…



    • Eddie on

      Thanks! I play most of the stuff in the playlists often.

  • Nick Tauber on

    You do not give enough love to Helloween. I listen to the show when I can and love That Metal Show. I listen to all types of metal from Overkill to Pretty Maids but Helloween has been my #1 since Walls of Jerico. Since they were the fore fathers of Power Metal you might want to give them the nod. The new stuff kicks ass too.

    • Eddie on

      Nick, there is only so much I can do with the time I have. Between new and classic stuff the music played is what gets the most requests and most of the audience wants. There are TONS of bands I love personally not featured each week. I do my best working in what I can

  • gerry on

    eddie,just saw bullet for my valentine at the paramount,huntington,ny.shocked.bullet was the headliner,but played for one hour n ten minutes????????really?????uh,is this the new way too tour???/i think they have four albums n one ep,n a new album out now.one hour.how do 3 guys in there sixties,i/e rush play 3 hours,but these kids go for one hour n ten.metallica plays a two hour show.the show kicked ass,just way too short.see ya wed 10/23/13,maybe geddy n alex????zakk???????/

    • Eddie on

      I think some bands play too long, some too short

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