Just wrapped up another great week on SiriusXM with guests M Shadows, Tom Keifer, Ace Frehley, Chris Jericho and more. All shows now On Demand on the SiriusXM app.

Excited to announced I’ll be appearing at the Atlanta Kiss Expo on 1/20 doing a Q&A and meet and greet. Also possibly something with Vinnie Vincent. More when we get closer. Hope to see you there. Have never done an appearance in ATL, been ages since I did a Kiss Expo!

New podcast now up with guests The Darkness. Free www.PodcastOne.com or Itunes.

FM radio show on all affiliates this weekend and as usual streaming free. Debuts tonight 11P ET Q104.3 NYC, Midnight WAAF/Boston.

I am headed on vacation next week. My daily show on SiriusXM will be in Best Of mode all next week. Back live on that 10/24. Hair Nation show on Monday’s returns 10/30.

See you in Tulsa 10/22 hosting Warrant & Firehouse at IDL Ballroom!

Happy 70th Sammy Hagar!

More updates when I can or when I return from vacation, follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk


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  1. Wow, short changed again!
    Monday’s used to be can’t miss radio entertainment.
    We once had FOUR hours of listener calls, news & interviews, and MUSIC.
    Now, we get three hours at a less desirable time slot, when Eddie can make it.
    I’m sorry, but the Volume channel just does not cut it for me. I PAY for satellite so I can hear MUSIC and NO COMMERCIALS. The time slot sucks, early afternoon when we’re at work and too-late night replay.
    I feel like the Volume show has diluted the Monday Hair Nation program. I’d rather have a longer, commercial free with better content show once a week.
    So Eddie, enjoy another vacation. I’ll be tuned out for a couple weeks while you phone in pre-recorded Monday shows, again!

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