About to kick off a crazy run the next two weeks. Tonight I fly to LA and once again broadcast from the new SiriusXM LA studios Monday and Tuesday of this week. Dave Navarro and Stephen Pearcy scheduled in studio tomorrow. As usual TrunkNation is LIVE daily 2-4P ET, and replays now at a new time of 10-Midnight ET on channel 106 Volume. Also On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Be sure to listen daily on 106 for rock talk, news and interviews!

Thursday night I fly to TN and host Exit 111 next weekend. Super pumped for this amazing lineup and the honor of hosting. If attending I’ll do my best to get out to the crowd and say hi. This is a first year event and I’ve never been there, so not sure of the layout or my schedule on site.

From there it’s back to the W coast for the Megacruise. The plan is for me to board that cruise in San Diego on Monday 10/14 and do TrunkNation live from the ship 10/15-17. This could change so keep an eye on my Twitter as usual. After the cruise it’s over to Tulsa to host Last In Line at IDL 10/19.

Not sure when I can update here next so please keep an eye on twitter @EddieTrunk

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  • MikeyMan on

    WTF? Why no Hair Nation show today?
    Come on, Ed! You’re in L.A., IN SIRIUS STUDIO, and you can’t give us our 3 hour show?
    Blah, blah, blah Volume. Volume show is weak & inconvenient. WE WANT MUSIC!
    I don’t pay for radio to listen to talk & commercials. I get charged royalty fees, for what, talk?
    The main reason I kept my subscription for 14 years was the Monday show. Now I get it once or twice a month? Ed, glad you’re working so many other gigs. But, don’t forget about the ORIGINAL XM show fanbase that has been loyal since the Boneyard days!

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