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blackielawless400 W.A.S.P. will be returning with a new studio album entitled Golgotha next year, one that founder and frontman Blackie Lawless says will sound similar to 2009’s Babylon and 2007’s Dominator.

“We’re about three weeks away from finishing the next one, so it will be out next year and it will be called Golgotha,” Lawless announced at a Sweden Rock Festival press conference. “Golgotha is Hebrew for place of the skull and it’s the hill where Christ was crucified. It’s interesting when you see a lot of bands going around using Satanic images, or images of death and things like that, and I’m thinking all they need to do is look at the source cause it’s right there. If you want death, there’s enough to go around there.”

As for what fans can expect musically from Golgotha, Lawless says, “It sounds… probably more similar to the last two that we’ve done. We’ve been working on this thing for four years now, and I don’t know if you guys heard but I had a little hiccup last year, and that delayed recording for about a year. I broke my leg — that too was an interesting trip (laughs). There’s one thing I learned when I was doing The Crimson Idol. If you make a record over too long of periods of time you have to be very, very careful because the record you start out making is not the record you end up finishing because you’ve changed so much as a person over a three or four year period. You’ve got to be very careful to hold onto that vision. But from what I’m hearing so far, and it’s not completely mixed yet, but it has definite overtones of the last two records.”

Lawless also addressed his decision to stop playing the W.A.S.P. classic Animal (Fucks Like A Beast by saying, “”I look at it like this. I’m a representative of the most high God, and I have to be very careful about the things I say and do. I’m gonna answer one day for the things that I’ve done and I wanna make sure that when I do, that my slate is clean. But equally as important as that, I think, is I’ve been given an opportunity to stand in front of people and you’re either gonna say something positive or you’re gonna say something mindless –there is no in between. You’re either one or the other. And I’m just trying my best, and I’m not saying that I’m doing it all the time, but I’m trying my best to say something that I think could help somebody’s life.”

Watch video from Blackie’s Sweden Rock Festival press conference below.

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  1. Unbelievable…no more Animal! Blackie has been losing his balls for some time now. So sick of these pussies who fear mortality. They think that believing in a make believe god will forgive them of all their sins LOL. F ing idiots. End W.A.S.P. and start a christen metal band you coward.

      1. I was thinking the same thing Dan, I guess artists shouldn’t be allowed to change and they should keep recycling old material. There are enough live versions on Animal out there. They don’t need to play it anymore. Especially if the new material is done well.

    1. I am so interested to know how you KNOW so much. Were you born with this ability? Can this power be learned? Amazing! Someone who finally knows the TRUTH. God Bless you my friend. Actually, maybe your parents(who are probably upstairs right now while you’re in the basement playing video games and eating PBJs) did not teach you one of the number one lessons in life…THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, fool.

    2. W.A.S.P. are almost forgotten band. I know most of the original lineup. Its great to change but W.A.S.P. was never meant to take this direction πŸ™ . they don’t have too many new fans and the old fans are growing distant due to drastic changes.. I think if your gonna go Stryper like AKA christian rock.. I would say its time for W.A.S.P. to end. America has abandoned W.A.S.P. almost entirely. I’ve never heard Eddie Trunk play anything from them.. R.I.P. W.A.S.P. a sad change for what once was a great band.

      MICHA J.W.

    3. To the headless children:
      hey , blackie IS THE ARTIST so his expression is what he wants. At this stage where he is going is his own choice so respect that and get rid of all those disco records in your cellar. At least he has BELIEF, make that what you want. AND , besides that , he no longer needs IFLAbeast to shock us.


      TAKE CARE!

      1. no timalan, you shut the f*ck up! guy dont have to be a satan worshipper’ to express his opinion. now, take your wannabe holier than thou ass & shut up.

    5. You are right. Everyone who grows up and is near to death, suddenly believes in a God, that is never been proved. I personally believe that we are only mortal and rotting meat! This is the one and global truth!

    6. I have been a long time WASP fan and love most of there albums. But have to say this.
      Why not just play what the fans want to hear.
      Its the fan support who created there fame.
      I saw them at a small club in Golden,CO and waited a long time.this was the lineup I wanted to hear.
      They will always be a band I like. But I agree put the wasp name to rest.
      If Blackue wants to update his lifestyle good. But he will always have some baggage of stage antics. Oh well.
      A metal fan shredder88

  2. CHRISTAIN-W.A.S.P? This is really beyond strange. Their or should I say Blackie’s first 5 albums are classics and loaded with blatant sexual references. Chris Holmes is a solid guitarist but he’s been gone for years. This isn’t W.A.S.P. and should be called something else. G-rated versions of ON YOUR KNEES and 95 N.A.S.T.Y. just won’t work. I don’t like vulgar music but W.A.S.P. is the exception ’cause the singing, guitar playing, theatrics and briefly Steve Riley made it worthwhile. Good for Blackie that he’s found solace with his religion. Totally cool but too many extremes. MOTLEY CRUE isn’t STRYPER and vice versa. That being said, I’ll download a song or 2 off GOLGOTHA and hope for the best. Now to bring balance to the universe METAL CHURCH has to cover THE MANIMAL from LIVE..IN THE RAW. It is only right.

    1. WASP has been my guilty metal pleasure since the day their first full length came out. None of my metal friends would touch these guys, but I couldn’t get enough. To your point, the first 5 are pure nasty metal. Hellion, Sleeping in the Fire, On your Knees, School Daze, Wild Child, Blind in Texas, the entire Headless Children album (Frankie Benalli’s best drumming as well), Crimson Idol, Electric Circus, Live in the Raw – its all there and its all good. I’ll give Blackie a pass on his spiritual journey. If that’s how he feels nowadays, I’ll give him credit for standing up and owning it. SUCK ME, SUCK ME….EAT ME RAW!

  3. I have been a WASP fan for 25 years, saw the boys in Orlando in 2010 – rocked the place! Very cool to see Blackie’s music evolve over the years and frankly, it is good to hear such a heavy sound that is pretty eye opening and positive in many ways. Truth is, we all have to face the truth one day and I am happy Blackie is rocking our way down that path. Back to the Orlando show, I could not believe the amount of energy in the place as a result of that set. Rock on Blackie!

  4. I saw WASP open for Iron Maiden on Maiden’s classic World Slavery Tour (I’m an old fart!). Blackie and the boys were vulgar, vicious and beyond awesome! WASP’s first four albums are required listening and Blackie is an amazing songwriter. But he’s obviously losing the edge he had all those years ago. We need the rebellious and dangerous Blackie Lawless back to knock us all on our asses again and scare the shit out of every parent and politician. I miss that Blackie.

    1. W.A.S.P. (and Blackie) spans three decades. I would expect an artist, especially one who writes and produces, to change with the years. As B.L. has said numerous times, he was brought up Christian, but took some time to check out other streams of thought. So, expecting an artist to pump out something they created many years ago, over and over again, would be just plain boring and would show a great lack of maturity. He is in his 50’s after all.

  5. I think more people have seen Jesus over the past several years (in the U.S.) than have seen W.A.S.P. These guys have abandonded the U.S. market. What a shame.

  6. I thought the biggest farce for a band wrongly retaining its bandname went to Guns ‘n’ Roses with honorable mention going to the Kiss cover band, but Backie takes the cake on this one. The only thing more ridiculous than this would be if Slayer tried becoming more politically correct for the sake of a religious belief. The whole band achieved its success on shock rock, hedonism, and not conforming to anything. This band was one of the best 80’s metal pioneers, but after guys like Randy Piper and Chris Holmes left, they were never the same musically and haven’t put out anything really decent in over twenty years. Now we have a guy calling his band WASP that’s editing what he sings and plays, which goes completely against the grain of what the band established itself on. So what, is the new acronym for WASP (We Are Saved Protestants)?

    Blackie seems like a decent guy and I wish him the best, but stop killing the legacy of the band and just move on to something else more befitting of where you’re at now. Do a duet with Michael Sweet or something. Maybe only three people would buy it, but at least it’s honest. I can’t imagine more than a handful of people interested in him trying to sell WASP today as this anyway. It blows me away how much weight a name carries and how gullible people are to buy into this sort of thing when they’re watered down versions of their former selves. In this case it’s not even watered down, it’s a completely different product. It’s like Coke-a-Cola bottling piss with some people evidently still gulping it down like it’s the real thing.

  7. Fact is its their most popular song among the masses just because the title and cover of the single back in the day were controversial… They are a great band (even though only Blackie remains) and I’ve loved just about everything they’ve done…many better songs than Animal. Saw in 2010 for Babylon tour and they were unbelievable. The only thing I say is that when you are an artist, growing in different paths keeps it interesting unless you go completely off-track like say Richie Blackmore, but I don’t like when they shun the past…that is who they were at that moment in time,so I don’t care about him not playing the song, but I think he should not be so ready to forget some great music…So many songs he wrote would be more controversial than Animal, but they don’t have the title, or image surrounding that one song and he hasn’t stopped playing those..

  8. Always great to hear from Blackie Lawless cannot wait for the next album! Hope there can be some American dates on the next Tour! I really liked the stories he told about his vocal cord problem and about that Mountain Lion.

  9. Why is his religion such a big deal? In my opinion it takes more balls to stand up for Christianity than for him to keep doing the old shock rock shtick. Besides, hes a 60 year old man! Could he really pull of the raw raw meat and flaming codpieces like he used to? I’m glad he’s trying not to make a fool of himself instead of rehashing the same old tricks as an old fart like Marilyn manson. Plus the last 2 WASP albums were awesome and I look forward to hearing his new music. Hopefully the album will be officially released in the u.s. so its not a pain in the ass to get the thing.

  10. …and of course:

  11. Whatever drives him is his own business and he has the right to believe whatever he wants. I’m kind of torn though because it would be better to tour and make albums under his own name since he isn’t going to play certain wasp hits (and is the only original member). However, I also think that since Wasp has always been his band that he just Wants to stick with it so I guess it’s ok. As long as the music is good, I guess it doesn’t matter in the end.

  12. Alice Cooper has been a born again Christian for decades, and I don’t have a problem with it. In fact, he has only gotten better with age. Blackie has a right to do and be whatever he wants. The only thing I don’t understand is, if you are going to follow the bible, then really, REALLY follow it. Case in point, the bible clearly states that men should not look like women. wearing makeup is very cool, I love it, but again…the long hair too. I am NOT supporting the biblical view, in fact I despise organized religion. It also states you should not purposely associate with anyone that can offer temptation. The music business is THE WORST place to be in for that. I think these guys who espouse God and his word should understand that you cannot have it both ways. If you want to serve the Lord, you cannot wallow in the mud with the pigs. But hey, just an observation over here. On a lighter note, James Duda is one of the best bassists I have ever seen/heard. I remember him when he was in a local CT band Sequin Ruij in the late 80’s. Guy has balls the size of Mount Rushmore. I was happy to see him make it out of CT, because the CT scene for music sucks to high heaven.

  13. Babylon was a great album, saw them on that tour and it was great as well. WASP is and always was a bit deeper than just the image and attitude, and if that’s all you noticed you missed what separated them from the crowd, it wasn’t raw meat and cod pieces. Blackie is a great songwriter, and Blackie IS WASP, if he wants to write more meaningful positive songs good for him.

  14. Guys, guys, W.A.S.P. was way more than mere shock rock, they were political satire. Blackie’s political statement as to man’s treatment of women depicted in his stage show with the rack. Blackie is an ACTOR for God’s sake. He portrayed unsavory characters in an attempt to get people to think about how society chews people up and spits them out. His raping of the nun was his statement on man’s appropriation of religion. He has stopped performing “Animal” because so many have mis-interpreted his vision. Blackie is an auteur. He employs a technique called method acting, in which he inhabits the characters. He becomes them, much like a Brando (contrast him with Halford who is a classical dramatist like Olivier).

      IT WAS YOU.
      Comparing Blackie to Brandon is no joke the best thing that I have ever heard in my life. Clown, I have always thought you capable of mad brilliance but you have now shown brilliance that transcends heavy metal. Blackie doing the method.

    2. This is where I disagree. Having seen and watched a lot of the old W.A.S.P. concert footage, I would say that Blackie and gang were misguided on satire and irony. Blackie, despite his intentions, is a literalist. Which is why people have taken him and the band, well, so literally. I think the band’s ulterior motive, especially in the beginning and most certainly with K.F.D., was to offend. And, offensiveness does draw attention. Blackie does admit, in many interviews, that he and the band were often surprised that the audience “didn’t get it.”

      1. Blackie is anything but a “literalist.” (That’s not even a word). And you say he is one “despite his intentions.” Well, how could he be one if his intentions are to not be? It’s the audience and the media that takes him literally. You, somehow, have put the artist as the culprit for how he is perceived. Notice he stopped doing those stunts because people didn’t get it. So, then, how could he have wanted to be taken literally?

        1. Sorry to do this to you Clown, but ‘literalist’ is a word. But I agree, one is either a literalist, or not. Kinda like being pregnant. But Jenna I do agree that WASP’s intentions were to offend and gain attention, but not the attention they ultimately got. Like I said earlier, if you ‘got’ WASP, you were rewarded with fantastic music. If you didn’t get them, you were shocked, disgusted and wrote them off as sexual freaks, or sexual perverts as Blackie put it in Live…In the Raw. I’m just happy the guy is around and still putting out music. He’s done some phenomenal stuff over the years that has been grossly under-appreciated even by the metal audiences. But their loss has been our gain. I still remember the scene in Decline of Western Civilization when Holmes is drinking vodka in the pool with his mom watching. Have no idea how real or staged that was. But as a younger metal listener, that blew my mind at the time.

  15. Having said that, I think Blackie should seriously consider working with an outside producer. Can you imagine what “Mutt” Lange could get out of him? He needs to break out of his comfort zone. “Sounds like the previous two albums,” this is not a good thing.

    1. Forget “Mutt” Lange, he is small potatoes. I’m thinking Coppola or Elia Kazan. I SAW THE STATEN ISLAND CLOWN CRAWLING ALONG THE EDGE OF A STRAIGHT RAZOR. CRAWLING. SLITHERING. THAT’S MY DREAM. THAT’S MY NIGHTMARE. Clown, you have opened the door to a new reality for me with this Brando thing. The only thing that I prefer to KISS as entertainment is Brando movies.

  16. Blackie says some really dumb stuff about the Catholic Church though. The bad vs. the good, they’ve done more good, it’s not even a close call. The Pope kills Christians? He says this crazy stuff and doesn’t offer any source to back it up…the Pope is just a CEO of a company, he’s no God.

      1. Absolutely. The Last Command, you might be interested in this, he recorded the song, mixed each one, before beginning the next one. Treating each song like it was a single. Some great songs on that. They annihilated Kiss on their Asylum tour. Electric Circus is still good crap, but it has …I once heard this story about W.A.S.P. in the 80s. They rented out a rehearsal studio for three weeks, at the Fortress in Hollywood. They had their whole backline set up, full stage set up, lights, everything. The band came and went at all hours of the day and night for three weeks and always wore shades day and night. They partied hard the whole time and didn’t pick up their instruments once, not one time, for even a nanosecond in three weeks. I think this was when Johnny Rod (who is a fantastic performer and bass player) just joined. Lol, someone who worked there told me this, he was sort of stunned at the debauchery.

        1. Shannon,

          I think I am probably the only soul who really digs Inside The Electric Circus.

          I like their covers of I Don’t Need No Doctor and Easy Livin’. Love 9.5Nasty, Restless Gypsy and I’m Alive. Don’t mind Shoot from the Hip either. I think the background vocals are really strong on this record as well. I know Blackie always hated this record, but as I said above, I’m a big fan.

          Dana from EddieTrunk.com πŸ™‚

          1. No, I like it too…it’s crap, but it’s still done at a level of competency. He decided at the last minute to put his heart into writing decent lyrics, in an interview, he stated that he almost didn’t. His voice is very well produced here but if you really listen, you can hear he sounds tired, you can hear him desperately writing for the radio, (“Restless Gypsy,” is his version of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone,” from Top Gun)…he was consciously trying to write this way. If you listen to “Mantronic,” that song is about him, he is fooling his audience with this record, but he is clearly not fooling himself. Big changes on the horizon. Notice on “Circus,” Blackie somehow morphed one single guitar solo from Chris Holmes onto every song. i.e. it’s the exact same guitar solo. πŸ™‚

        2. Funny, Last Command is probably my least favorite. Although Wild Child is still one of my favorite tunes period. That album always wreaked to me as WASP trying to go commercial. Good album still though. But I would actually take Circus over Command.

    1. Restless Gypsy and I don’t need no doctor had their moments. The dude got body painted for the album cover. Imagine Lemmy or Ozzy doing that? He was ahead of his time. WASP will go down as one of the most misunderstood bands in rock. If you got it and appreciated it, you were rewarded with some great music. Headless Children was pure fantasm. Crismson Idol did it for me as well. Clown, you’ve got some deep insight going on today. Nice to see you again.

    1. Yes and he also was offered a role in a movie titled Trick or Treat and he s also used to breed Arabian Stallions sorry Im a newcomer but W.A.S.P. has been my favorite band ever since I found out who they were ehen I was a kid but one of the most Ass Kicking albums ever! – that nobody’s even mentioned here and mind you Im not here to argue , fight or start any trouble is Unholy Terror and my question is why not?

  17. If you look at Blackie now, or have seen him perform recently, you can see he is still in very good shape. His guitar playing and singing are at very high levels, he may be at the highest level he’s ever been at. So, it makes perfect sense for him to put his hat in the ring and attempt a competitive album that doesn’t just cater to his hardcore fans (honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Neon God are literally the same backing tracks he used for Crimson Idol with a new narrative over it)…Blackie should find a great producer who can come up with some new songs. Blackie can still write all of the lyrics.

  18. I wish I could have been there, but had to settle for watching Blackie and the guys perform at this year’s Sweden Rocks, on Youtube. Still, I was absolutely blown away by his vocal prowess. I think he has gotten better with age. Vintage Blackie!

    1. You gotta remember that nobody fed off of those ridiculous accusations of corrupting their audience more than Blackie Lawless. He was a total hound for that stuff back in the 80s. LIVE…IN THE RAW includes dedications to some of those people. He was good at his job as a singer/musician/songwriter but he was also good at at staying in character in public to his benefit.

      1. You indicate that he was outrageous to garner the notoriety to further his career, but to say he was merely a provocateur, controversy for its own sake, I don’t think this was the case (not saying you do either). I think it was more of a hybrid motivation, part notoriety, and part social commentary. The social commentary in his act, since day one, still connected him to his craft. The part that gets me, is that, because he was so good at his job, he got hammered. So, instead of commenting on his acting skills, they persecuted him, as if he was really that person. Just unbelievably stupid.

        1. Your insight on this has been pure genius from start to finish. These commentaries are all very provocative and on a very high level of intellect. I agree 100% with your accessment of my response to your comment. The KISS and Kottack stuff is just the same pro and anti guys arguing the same points and just getting nasty for the hell of it. It is becoming a tired act indeed, whereas this Blackie stuff is different types of fans all agreeing that W.A.S.P. has done great and interesting things through the years. There is no CHRISTAIN-W.A.S.P. camp and no “VINTAGE”W.A.S.P. camp. Just fans of great underappreciated music. Awesome stuff Clown.

  19. I agree tremendously with DR and Jenna. Like Blackie, I too have had a heck of a faith walk in recent years. I can easily and without conscience distinguish the energy and musicianship of the music from its early themes. In truth, I don’t even wan to hear “Animal” anymore. I am a big fan of the albums “Headless Children,” “Crimson Idol,” “Dying for the World,” and “Babylon.” Blackie’s introspective and more mature material is WAY more appealing. I admire his faith walk AND his metal music tenacity. Unlike others, I can see faith and powerful metal music co-existing, not being mutually exclusive or antithetical. Alice Cooper, Head, Fieldy, Phil Collen, C.C. Deville, Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, and others have reconciled their past, their faith, and their music as well and are satisfying me at every turn. I’m a happy fan. I’m ecstatic that WASP continues to write, record, and tour. Blackie’s gonna finish with guns blazing.

  20. DR mentioned that pool scene from TDWC2 THE METAL YEARS. Chris Holmes was pathetic and his mother’s face was eerie in that clip. If Blackie staged that for effect then credit where it’s due, he is a genius. That documentary is very dated at this point but that scene stands out. I wonder if Chris resents Blackie for making him do that and embarrassing himself? Truth be told, W.A.S.P. is better with Chris and vice versa. He is a good guitarist and was involved with Lita Ford (married maybe?) but mention his name and all I think of is that pool.

    1. Like I said, I have no idea if that was staged. Penelope Spheeris doesn’t strike me as one who would go for that, and would see right through it. But who knows. All I know if Chris Holmes epitomized WASP and I agree with you Richman that they are better with each other but doubt that will happen again. All I know is that he was one physical monster of a man and fit the persona that they created perfectly. He wasn’t the most skilled player but had a style and sound unique to him and you could pick his playing out of a crowd in a second. Think I need to listen the first full length LP tonight and remember the good times. Haven’t heard School Daze in awhile.

  21. Blackie is a living legend, a poet, one of the best songwriters of all times. I love that he is a Christian now. He caught my eye three decades ago and I wasn’t wrong to perceive that he was no phony. He is the same Blackie Lawless, more mature and extremely talented.

  22. can’t we all just get along? anyhow, I am 43 and have been a metal fan forever. grew up in bedroom walls covered in w.a.s.p pictures. heck I even put out a few records in the 1990’s had a drumner who got killed in a bar fight and my guitarist and cofounder has been in prison since 2001. I became a minister in 2005. no sob story, matter of fact i had it all… just always knew therehad to be more….

    I still rip the bass (got a 1980 Rick 4001, Fender P, G.S. Axe and a Punisher, and a BCRich Widow), do metal in the church. have tatoos and platinum blonde hair down to my waist. Plus 12 years of college education just to prove headbangers aint dumb. Here’s the deal about Babylon and Blackie’s story. I read his testimony in a recovery group we host every week. This group has men and women from all walks of life, ages, and ethnicities. After I read the testimony, there was not a dry eye in the house. Matter of fact, things got even deeper when we listened to the song “Godless Run.” The bottom line is that Blackie is writing music that means something to people… all people. I saw it in effect with my own eyes. I went and got a stack of Babylon CD’s and keep them in my study, ready to give away to people who need to hear this music and be healed, inspired, and touched by it. There is a song called “Live to Die” on “Babylon.” I have worked for the church for 10 years, been to seminary, taught seminary, and before hearingthis song had never heard a Christian song or Hymn celebrate the rapture the way this songs nails it. I asked my wife (who has a degree in church music) and she had never heard a song touch this subject either. I say this because Blackie’s look at the Bible and theology is by no means old hat or stale. It is fresh, inspiring, and cool. I will have a stack of Golgotha CD’s on my desk, too.

    Yup I LOVE the self titled record, Last Command, and other stuff. Saw W.AS.P. lve back in the day and idolized Blackie as a teenager. They were the soundtrack to my life for cryin’ out loud…. I for one, am glad to say they still are.

  23. The thing that has me bummed is Blackie has said that the Neon God album ” left a bad taste in his mouth”. Ive recently downloaded those two albums again and have been listening every day. That album is musically the best album of the 2000-2010 decade he’s done. Wonder why he would say that? Maybe he list money on it or something, but damn, what a great album…..

  24. If any of you clowns knew anything about Blackie. You would know every album Blackie ever made was based on the demise of Blackie Autistic orphaned son (truestory) but i guess you so called fans and critcsalike dont know Blackie as well as you claim to know. Bottom line is Blackie is a piece of shit who cares about no1 or nothing else other than himself (truestory)

  25. I really hate when heavy metal singers go back to religion to escape their f’ed up lives and quit making excuses about why you wont play certain songs that we all grew up with. All religions from the middle east are just a joke they all suck. The bible greatest work of fiction Blackie you didnt wake up you went back to sleep.

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