blackielawless400 W.A.S.P. will be returning with a new studio album entitled Golgotha next year, one that founder and frontman Blackie Lawless says will sound similar to 2009’s Babylon and 2007’s Dominator.

“We’re about three weeks away from finishing the next one, so it will be out next year and it will be called Golgotha,” Lawless announced at a Sweden Rock Festival press conference. “Golgotha is Hebrew for place of the skull and it’s the hill where Christ was crucified. It’s interesting when you see a lot of bands going around using Satanic images, or images of death and things like that, and I’m thinking all they need to do is look at the source cause it’s right there. If you want death, there’s enough to go around there.”

As for what fans can expect musically from Golgotha, Lawless says, “It sounds… probably more similar to the last two that we’ve done. We’ve been working on this thing for four years now, and I don’t know if you guys heard but I had a little hiccup last year, and that delayed recording for about a year. I broke my leg — that too was an interesting trip (laughs). There’s one thing I learned when I was doing The Crimson Idol. If you make a record over too long of periods of time you have to be very, very careful because the record you start out making is not the record you end up finishing because you’ve changed so much as a person over a three or four year period. You’ve got to be very careful to hold onto that vision. But from what I’m hearing so far, and it’s not completely mixed yet, but it has definite overtones of the last two records.”

Lawless also addressed his decision to stop playing the W.A.S.P. classic Animal (Fucks Like A Beast by saying, “”I look at it like this. I’m a representative of the most high God, and I have to be very careful about the things I say and do. I’m gonna answer one day for the things that I’ve done and I wanna make sure that when I do, that my slate is clean. But equally as important as that, I think, is I’ve been given an opportunity to stand in front of people and you’re either gonna say something positive or you’re gonna say something mindless –there is no in between. You’re either one or the other. And I’m just trying my best, and I’m not saying that I’m doing it all the time, but I’m trying my best to say something that I think could help somebody’s life.”

Watch video from Blackie’s Sweden Rock Festival press conference below.

additional source: sleazeroxx.com

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  • Carmen on

    Blackie is an amazing song writer as well as a good person who is a believer and Loves God. Nothing more to say.

  • Brian on

    The thing that has me bummed is Blackie has said that the Neon God album ” left a bad taste in his mouth”. Ive recently downloaded those two albums again and have been listening every day. That album is musically the best album of the 2000-2010 decade he’s done. Wonder why he would say that? Maybe he list money on it or something, but damn, what a great album…..

  • Hmmmmmm on

    If any of you clowns knew anything about Blackie. You would know every album Blackie ever made was based on the demise of Blackie Autistic orphaned son (truestory) but i guess you so called fans and critcsalike dont know Blackie as well as you claim to know. Bottom line is Blackie is a piece of shit who cares about no1 or nothing else other than himself (truestory)

  • SRocha on

    Bla bla this bla bla that… com’ on guys, the brand new album is out there! Why don’t you shut the hell up?

  • Rhett on

    I really hate when heavy metal singers go back to religion to escape their f’ed up lives and quit making excuses about why you wont play certain songs that we all grew up with. All religions from the middle east are just a joke they all suck. The bible greatest work of fiction Blackie you didnt wake up you went back to sleep.

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