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winerydogs2 The Winery Dogs, the supergroup featuring guitarist Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr. Big) bassist Billy Sheehan (Talas, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big) and drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob), wished our very own Eddie Trunk a “Happy Birthday” at their August 7th show. Eddie’s birthday is August 8th. Watch the video below.

In related news, The Winery Dogs critically-acclaimed self-titled debut album
landed at number five on the “Top Rock Chart” and at number twenty- seven on “Top 200 Albums.”


  1. An Elvin Bishop cover! Nobody can sing that one quite like Mickey Thomas. Wonder if the audience thinks it’s an original? BTW – Nice shirt Eddie! Rockin’ the UFO. These guys have fallen out of the Top 100 in one short week. Tough business.

  2. Wow man, Sheehan bass tap solo forever. This is what happens when you can’t get hook & riffs like a Bon Jovi does album after album….you finally split and do odd pairings calling yourselves dogs or cover tunes or greatest hits albums for the fourth time with 3 crappy new tunes….at least Vito Bratta just walked away.

    1. Vito f’n Bratta. When is his White Lion coming out? He should be co-headling with Jack Russell’s Great White at a Holiday Inn near you. Don’t confuse that Great White with the real Great White. That Great White is touring with Mike Tramp’s White Lion and Tracy Gunns LA Gunns.

  3. Winery Dogs bringing butt rock back! Maybe they can open for 707 and Axe. 2/3 of latter day Mr Big and a disposable drummer does not a supergroup make. Savage Animal was better.

  4. Some of you pinheads wouldn’t know talent if it hit you in the face. That’s the problem with music nowadays, it’s who is the next flash in the pan? here today, gone tomorrow. These 3 guys have been doing it at a high level for years, so those of you cracking on these guys, go listen to the latest Taylor Swift or Beyonce album, and those of us who appreciate good music will enjoy what The Winery Dogs do.

    1. You seem to be very aware of faggy music, sweetie. The three acts you named all suck. More than “talent” hits your face. Probably Kotzen’s ballbag,too.

    2. Yes Dumbass, I accidentally got on this site while trying to get on Taylor Swift’s. Not sure how I typed while googling her. If you enjoy this shit, more power to ya. But next time better you keep your mouth shut while the adults are talking. If you like three guys (two of which played in two of the biggest hairbands of the 80’s) on stage trying to show how talented they are instead of writing great songs – enjoy it while you can. Once again another idiot blinded by finger tapping and drumstick twirling, and actually not listening to the music. Based on your high standards, Yngwie Malmsteen should be the richest musician of all time. Does BT stand for Bad Taste? Cause that’s what you have in music Pinhead.

      1. Hear Hear. Kotzen was in POISON for Christ’s sake. Eddie acts like Kotzen is some undiscovered gem. He’s a bar-band level talent who deserves his anonymity. This type of music is a wretched relic of an era where it would usually be found on the soundtrack to “Tuff Turf” or “Avenging Angel”.

  5. Taylor Swift & Beyonce have more talent in their fingers than these clowns showboating in clubs like The Coach House. After expenses they might be like Ace or Jack counting up the loot on a bed at the Holiday Inn. I saw Mr. Big decades ago…Billy stopped in time in ’93, Vito took the Time Tunnel to present laughing at Tramp making food money or a plane to Jakarta.

    1. I noticed Eddie has not commented on this matter anymore. He knows the Whinery Dogs
      are already history….hell,Portnoy is probably on his next project already.

  6. Ego push button group, it lost money much like David Lee Roth albums the past 25 years. Vito must enjoy sitting on a bench in Bay Ridge watching all these ’90ers playing bars to pay their bills. Kotzen was 86’d out of Poison fer screwing around with a member’s gal pal…file it under Brett’s hat covering his extensions and/or wig.

  7. Afetr reading allthis bashing I feel know why the US is going down the pooper. You’re bringing it on yourselves morons. You’re not even able to recognize the people who paved the road for you. No wonder your great players have to go to Japan to be appreciated.
    By the way, the sound quality of this video is crap.
    So long haters..

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