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markslaughter400 Mark Slaughter, lead singer of the multi-platinum band Slaughter, is currently in the studio recording a collection of songs that he wrote for his first-ever upcoming solo release.

With the chance to work with legendary producer Michael Wagener at the helm mixing and masterging the record, Mark is playing all instruments on the album with the exception of drummer Mark Goodin. His guitar playing rivals the greats out there and his vocals are spot on with a musical range that is par-excellence. Still in the band Slaughter and continuously touring with his band, Mark had years of music creativity stored up and has now decided it is time to share it with the world.

This Spring Mark released a new single, Never Givin’ Up, his first ever solo track, to rave reviews on radio stations across the country.

The song salutes the military and all who have served, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Red Circle Foundation that assists families of the US Special Operations Forces.

In addition to the Red Circle Foundation, Slaughter actively participates in charity work including with St. Jude’s hospital.


  1. I always thought the Slaughter song “up all night” was one of the dumbest and most clichéd songs ever written (“Everybody sing it now!”, Oh Please!). I am interested to hear if he can really play guitar though.

    1. Well, you obviously have never been to one of his shows. I suggest you go see him in concert. Last time I saw him was last year and let me tell you, he can play, he can sign (still hitting the high notes) and he is one of the most down to earth musicians I’ve ever met!

    2. OMG!! Were you a nerd in the 90″s? “Up All Night, Sleep All Day” was THE anthem for true rockers of that decade, much like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was for all the angst ridden teens. Perhaps they should have been listening to Slaughter instead of depressing music from an even more depressed man! Makes me wish I’d gone through my “F#$^ it, let’s have fun” teens in the 90’s instead of the 80’s!!! Well, maybe. The 80’s were pretty awesome! Best I remember 🙂

      1. Agreed, I had the time of my life in the 80’s. There were seemingly no limits to anything, and any and everything went. It was awesome, and indescribable to the younger folks who can only imagine what it was like.

        1. T,

          Agreed, you know what else I appreciated? There were so many different types of music in the ’80. There was something for everyone. The music today is way too narrow in its scope.

  2. I saw Slaughter a few years ago at a very small venue. I am a huge fan but I gotta admit that Mark’s voice was really rough. The band however was tremendous. Zoltan Chaney on drums….insane! I think Mark is a better studio singer. I believe he used to teach guitar back in the day, so his playing should be good on this one. I am looking forward to its release.

    1. I think Zoltan Chaney is one of the most awesome talented drummers I have ever had the pleasure of having perform in front of me! Nothing but respect!

    2. I always believed Mark was a better studio singer then he was a live performer. I saw Slaughter 3 times back in the day in large and small venues and he just never could grab the feel of the albums and put them up on stage. Its really not a knock on the guy, some performers just don’t have the ability to make that transition. I have really enjoyed the music to this day. Whenever Up All Night comes up on XM Radio, I turn up the volume and jam.

  3. What year is it??

    Dunno, had a hard time with Slaughter. Were they metal? Really? UP ALL NIGHT, SLEEP ALL DAY… on and and so forth.

    It’s kind of a bummer that bands like AIC, TOOL, and a zillion other decent rock bands…(Big Wreck’s new CD…anybody…anybody?) get ignored.

  4. I love that the band is named after him, but he needs to make a solo album??? Really? What have you been doing all these years? Who held you back making music you wanted? I hate hearing lead singers saying this crap.

  5. I love Marks music. Takes me some place when I hear it. Great vocal range and great guitar work. Wish I could get his guitar sound from my own guitars and amps….

  6. Love to hear something again from Mark Slaughter weather it be with his band or solo. I wish he never took 15 years to make music again. Mark CAN play guitar he did play on the Slaughter albums along side of Tim Kelly, he also was a Guitar Instructor before becoming famous in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion & Slaughter, he is NOT just a singer, but a guitarist and song writer. People need to do their research before bashing someone for having little to no talent when they do.

  7. Mark’s voice is just shot. It makes me sad, really, because I used to be a big fan of theirs in the 90’s, but he sounds awful live. So bad, in fact, that I won’t spend money on seeing them again.

  8. Regardless of what people may say about Slaughter or about Mark Slaughter, I will ALWAYS BE a huge fan of their music and history in the music industry. For those who want to say something negative about Mark’s singing voice, please keep in mind that this man has been singing for many decades (just like any musician/lead vocalist out there.) There will be times that he may sound rough but singing and using your vocal cords are really hard (even when you take very good care of yourself and avoid certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, heavy drinking and etc.) Hell right now in my mid 40s I wouldn’t dare try to sing in front of an audience UNLESS it’s karaoke night @ some dive in the Philippines!! LOL!! I will simply stick to listening to the music and having fun at the shows!! Keep on rocking, Mark!!\m/

  9. Didn’t he tour with Nelson (I think)a few yeas ago as their lead guitarist? Or am I imagining shit? (The 80’s were a destroy my brain cells kind of decade,so you never know. Lol)

    1. Gary,
      Mark plays with the Nelson brothers as well as some band members from other bands in a group called Scrap Metal. That’s what you are probably thinking of… No, you’re not imagining it!

  10. Mark is an extremely talented musician and always has been. Why did he make a solo album? Because his fans have been asking him to for years. That’s what MUSICians do…remember? You’ve got to have respect when artists work to let veterans know they are appreciated and give to the needy. Take a listen to his solo work esp. you that put his music down. It sounds like you really don’t know.

  11. Mark is a really nice man! I have had the pleasure of working with him through our online radio show and he is intelligent, kind, and is very respectful of his fans. I can’t wait to hear the new stuff, and share it with our listeners.

  12. I honestly cannot wait for the album! Marks voice was a little rough for a while, but have you heard him lately? Mark can hit all of the high notes spot on. I also think Mark is a great guitar player. Grated, he isn’t a “lead guitarist” but I believe he is great. He taught guitar for 2 years, having a crazy amount of students each month. I don’t think that would have happened if he didn’t know what he was doing. I watched the lessons he did back in 91′ and I don’t have a guitar. I can honestly say just by watching those videos that I learned a lot about guitar and music theory. People say Slaughter isn’t or wasn’t metal, but there are several branches of metal. Slaughter, along with other great bands are under the branch of Hair Metal. One more thing, I hate that Slaughter is known for mainly two songs, “Up All Night” and “Fly To The Angels” but the truth is, they have so many amazing songs that can fit any mood. I’m a huge fan of Mark and respect him greatly for still performing. I’ll be the first one in line to pick up his album and I will play it as loud as possible. Mark, thank you for still rockin’ and I can’t wait to see you perform this weekend! 

  13. I like the new song. Got to hear it recently at a live concert here in Florida. I think Slaughter sounded great that day considering how dam hot it was here. The drummer should be nick named ” animal ” like the character from muppets, cause he was crazy jumping around & having fun behind those drums ! I am a old school, hairband, & like the todays rock, screamo, & pop kind of fan.

  14. Slaughter kicks ass! Mark is a true performer and for those who ask why he needs a solo album, well it’s because it’s another accomplishment he can check off his list! Can’t wait to see the band in October, and regardless if his voice is shot or not, he’s doing what he loves and makes money doing that! Props to the guy who followed his dreams and kept believing he was gonna make it! Just another person I idolize and hope to follow in his footsteps!

  15. Anything Mark does, he does with much care and attention to detail. He is talented in all areas of music. He has been busy since Slaughter’s last studio release with many other creative projects and happenings in his own life, as well as touring with Slaughter quite a bit throughout the years, playing arrangements of their many popular hits. Not just “Up All Night”, which is all some people seem to remember (what were they on, haha?).
    So, no matter how long it’s been, we should all be eagerly awaiting the release of anything that Mark Slaughter puts his “Mark” on, because it’s the best of the best. It’s as simple as that.

  16. Great song. Very inspirational. Slaughter is an amazing group. Mark sounds great. His voice is amazing. Can’t wait for more new solo songs!

  17. Love Mark…great musician…and these days with all the electronic and prefabricated type music…still and always will love to hear a real musician make music…you guys know what I mean…!!! Thanks Eddie for the article….great stuff!!!

  18. I can hardly wait for Mark’s new music to come out! I’ve never met Mark but hear how he’s a genuine person. Best of luck to him! I know the songs will be great….

  19. I can’t wait for Mark’s solo album! Loved his music from the beginning. I will always be a Slaughter fan! Will definitely want this for my collection.

  20. Mark’s voice has proven itself time and again through the years. I am sure this will be another success. I’m looking forward to the release of his latest album.

  21. I never saw Slaughter back in the day but always listened to their music. I have recently been to 2 shows this year. I thought Mark sounded great and the band was awesome. Crowd was older but my 22 year old daughter loves all the hair metal bands. I thought crowd was really happy with the shows and both times Mark came into the crowd singing and taking pics with people. How often does that happen with bands anymore. I would recommend anyone who enjoys that music to catch a show.

  22. Over the years I have seen Mark Slaughter perform many times. I have admired his talent since day one. I have always been totally blown away by his vocals! The last three times that I have seen him perform he had a totally awesome drummer on board. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Slaughter & Zoltan Chaney ( who has a clothing line btw ) I totally enjoyed how fan friendly both of them were. Nothing but respect my friends … \m/

  23. I think it’s awesome that Mark is coming out with a solo album. .I think it’s about time actually. . Oh and good all you people bashing him Slaughter was his and Dana Strums band to begin with… and you should check out the rest of Slaughters music besides Up all night and Fly to the Angels.. if that’s all you know your not a true fan and have no right to judge based on 2 songs. Mark is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist. And he sounds great live 🙂 I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville Ct in May and he is such a nice guy. . Very sweet and down to earth. And am going to see them again this Sat in Sharon Pa:) can’t wait!

  24. Mark is a super talent – he has not only been the creative force behind Slaughter but has done work in film and TV and continues to perform and tour. I’ve had the pleasure of
    seeing him live and meeting him at a show. He cares about his
    fans and that trait sets him apart from so many musicians from his
    era. I can’t wait for the new album

  25. Mark is & always has been a great singer & a great guitar player!! He is talented on so many levels. Bands that are up & coming now don’t have the drive, much less the dedication it takes to stick it out in this dog-eat-dog music industry. Bands today are disposable, as are most things. Kudos to Mark on his many achievements & I can’t wait for anything he throws my way!! I will ALWAYS be a fan! Keep rockin’ ;)*

  26. You will be good at anything I have been a fan since the first time i seen you with vinnie you have been a true talent and it has never or will never stop

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