bonjoviband400 RadarOnline reports:

Although, Jon Bon Jovi has publicly said that guitarist Richie Sambora can return to the band at any time, behind the scenes it’s a different story, RadarOnline has learned.

Sambora, who was born and raised in Woodbridge, N.J., is eager to take the stage with the band Thursday night in East Rutherford, but that homecoming is not going to happen, and Jon is the one blocking it, a source tells Radar. Not only that, but he’s also blocking Sambora from rejoining the band on its Because We Can world tour.

“Jon won’t allow Richie to come back for that show,” the source said. “And Jon won’t even pick up the phone and talk to Sambora. Sambora has tried to end this feud but Jon won’t respond.”

Richie believes Jon has been trash talking him, the source said, and has asked him to stop.

“Every attempt he has made at rejoining the band has been blocked by Jon,” the source added.

Sambora left the tour in April after feuding with Bon Jovi over money and Richie’s objection to his belief that Jon was belittling him. One source says the guitar player and lead singer are fighting over money.

“It’s very apparent Jon wants to get rid of Richie,” the source says. “Jon is raking in the money. And what about the fans who want Richie back?” The source says Jon doesn’t care.

“Jon is and has been focused on accumulating as much money as possible to accomplish his lifelong goal of buying a NFL football team. Bon Jovi took a serious look at the NY Jets years ago as a partner but now wants his own team and money is the only thing stopping him.”

Meanwhile, without Richie the band had to cancel an appearance in Cleveland because of lackluster ticket sales. Other venues have not sold out and also suffered from lagging sales without Sambora.


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  • Ryan B. on

    What?? Say it isn’t so? No Ritchie to play those blistering songs like It’s My Life or What About Now? Such a shame….

  • Joe on

    What an ass.He needs to look at the name along side his as a writer on the majority of those hit songs that made him all that money,not to mention the rest that aren’t hits.Greed is a terrible thing.Though I’m no die hard fan,there is NO Bon Jovi band without Richie.

  • John G on

    Most Bon Jovi fans have no idea how much Jon was influenced by KISS. Rumor has it Vinnie Moore will be wearing a Ritchie Sambora mask and taking over the lead guitar role. Then we can all brace ourselves for the next Michael Schenker + UFO reunion.

  • John G on

    Actually I don’t feel sorry at all for Richie Sambora. Rough life he’s had. He should get a hold of the guys in “Hookers and Blow” and score a couple 8-balls. Then he could call Denise Richards and Heather Locklear and invite them both over for the big party. That is if he can get Denise away from Charlie Sheen. Then just videotape the catfight as the women race to “hang” with Richie. Make sure he catches the silicone flying all over the place as the two formerly gorgeous partygirls let it all out and shred eachother as if they were a couple pitbulls in Michael Vick’s backyard back in the dawgfightin’ hey day. Lay back, drink a little JD and crank either the Tommy Bolin Anthology or maybe put on Angel’s “Can You Feel It.”

  • Lee on

    Jon doesn’t need him and his demands for more money….Bon Jovi has the #1 grossing tour…most without him. Remember, Sambora’s latest LP tanked. Jon could get the same numbers as a solo without the other three….so could Bruce.

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