Had a great time last night at Mayhem Fest in NJ. Only made it in time to see Rob Zombie as I had some other stuff to deal with, but was cool to see so many I knew, both bands and fans. Was great to hang with Peter Criss most of the night! Peter lives in NJ near the venue and came as a guest of John 5 and the Zombie guys, who needless to say are huge fans. Peter was recovering from some hernia surgery but otherwise in great spirits and having a blast. Was really cool to see Rob give Peter such huge props from the stage during the show. Standing next to Peter when he did it you could tell how much it meant. I truly think Zombie’s show is the best theatrical rock show out there today. It gets bigger every time I see it and there is something always happening on stage! I tweeted some great photos with more to come on this site so please check my Twitter timeline. Zombie continues on Mayhem, then does some headline shows, then Rob will start work on his next film, a hockey movie on the Broadstreet Bullies. Peter Criss told me he has started to work on a rock solo album and was recently revisiting the material. No timetable for that but good to hear he still wants to do it. Great night and thanks to the entire Zombie crew for the amazing hospitality. For the second time Rob had me, Don & Jim on stage with him during his set and gave props to TMS. Just awesome!


Incredible response to the Winery Dogs album now out. It’s been awesome to be a small part of this but I only had the idea, THEY made an amazing album. Hope this band lasts for a long time and can’t wait to see them live when I host the first US show 8/3 in NYC.


Getting a ton of people asking about book signings for VOL 2 out 9/24 in their city. As much as I’d like to I just can’t get everywhere, but please note I will do signing events likely for more than a year after the books release when I can. Some of the first dates now on this site, just check earlier Trunk Report posts. Pre Order now on Amazon. Thanks!


Football season is near and I have a friend selling 2 NY Giants tickets and pre paid parking for the entire 10 game season. Seats are Upper end zone. If interested email me [email protected] for details and put “Giants” in subject. Can’t wait for the season to start!


Playlists will be updated for the FM show soon on this site.

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  1. Eddie…..we have heard your spot on impression of Paul Stanley’s stage rap……on this week’s Trunk Nation show, we need to hear your Peter impression.

  2. When PC rocks, there’s no comparison. Dirty Livin’, Hooligan, In Trouble Again, Bad Attitude, well the list is short but sweet. By the way, who was that in cat makeup?

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