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Peter Frampton In Concert Peter Frampton was forced to take matters into his own hands at a recent concert, when two fans refused to stop taking pictures of him on stage.

And after repeatedly gesturing to the couple to refrain from taking shots and getting no response, the musician eventually grabbed the phone and launched it into the air.

Frampton, who is currently on the Guitar Circus tour supporting his new album Hummingbird In A Box, was playing at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana when the incident occurred.

Prior to the gig, the theater announced there would be no flash photography or filming allowed. However, a couple arrived late, sat in the front row and began taking pictures and recording the performance. Despite not hearing the message, Frampton made it very clear he wasn’t happy, repeatedly gesturing at the couple to stop. They ignored the guitarist and carried on until the situation came to a head during the track Do You Feel Like We Do.

Onstage Magazine continues the story, “You could see the look of desperation and frustration on Frampton’s face and at the end of the song, he walked over with a huge smile on his face, bent down and said, ‘Hey, can I see that? Can I see the photos you’ve been taking?’ The guy handed him the phone and Frampton stood up, spun, and flung it to the rafters. The phone went flying to the back of the stage and the crowd erupted in cheers.”

After the concert, Frampton took to Facebook to post some first-hand accounts of the incident, saying: “Here are a couple of reports from the show and thanks again. We had a great show. Love the theater and the sound was great. We’ll be back.”

Frampton released Hummingbird In A Box last month – a seven-track project which came from a collaboration with the Cincinnati Ballet, while the English musician also released a stream of album track Friendly Fire last week.

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  1. Now that was kinda douchey. I love taking pics at the concerts I go to. It’s not like you can sell them or anything. I don’t understand why this is a big deal.

  2. Good for him. It astounds me the complete lack of class, consideration or etiquette people have these days when it comes to phones and cameras. Those asshats should have been tossed from the show, too.

  3. Another ’70’s guitar hero morphing into a “get off my yard” grumpy old man. Everyone, including ur fans, has a camera-get used to it, “superstars.”. Last time I saw him the place was full of fanny pack wearing suburbanites anyway. (In PF’s defense, his shows are still usually very strong though).

    James Perkins
    Houston, Texas

  4. “Desperation”….sounds like when he was living in a dumpy apartment in Hollywood in ’85, near broke doing session work. Mile High Stadium 75,000 to the Bluebird Theatre and 197 people…..same show, less people.

  5. If he did not like the photo taking from the couple who obviously missed the message about not taking photos he should have politely said “Please stop taking photos”, the gesturing of fingers or tossing someone’s phone is juvenile. Cell Phones are not cheap if it was broken the guy could have sued him. You have to be careful with some people nowadays who are not too shy about slapping someone with a lawsuit.

    1. Pete,
      i agree, we are a social media obsessed society now! alot of artists hate it when people are staring at a screen on a tablet or smart phone when they are playing , it just seems wrong somehow…. also they don’t want s-ty recordings /pics appearing on youtube – i think Peter Frampton had to have made it clear to this couple he wasn’t happy with the situation, and most level headed people would honor his wish’s and not pull out the camera’s

    2. Agree. Take a break from the phones people and enjoy the moment. There are tons of pics of everyone on the internet at everybody’s fingertips. (Typing this on my cell haha)

  6. What an a-hole! Him and Danzig should tour together. They’d be flinging phones and cameras all night. All he had to do was go offstage, tell someone from his road crew, who would in turn get the security. There, problem solved. Instead, by taking matters into his own hands he committed theft of property. I would love it if the couple would press charges against him. I’m surprised anyone would want to take photos of this guy or that there was anyone in the audience to take photos. I get it that there is a policy and that most artists don’t like it, but what are you gonna do?? Everybody’s got a phone with a camera. Good luck trying to enforce anything! If anything he should be happy that someone wants to film his washed up ass.

  7. While I too am sick of everyone having cell phone cameras and taking photos of everything and everyone, and then posting it to facebook within seconds (or even worse, taking movies and photos with their iPads), I don’t know how you really stop it from happening. EVERYBODY has them, and they go EVERYWHERE with them. What are you going to do, kick out every person at a show that takes pictures? There would be nobody left! Sure, if you ask people not to they shouldn’t, but in today’s world I think only about 4% of the population would actually listen.

  8. Front row and they came late and were all obsessed with filming and recording? He should have smashed the guy over the head Pete Townshend style. I remember when people actually went to concerts to see the band and listen to music.

    1. LMMFAOOOOOO, love that what you said, Pete Townshend style, a guitar across the head would be awesome too. Pete Townshend is my guitar idol, that’s too f’in funny dude…….lmaooooo

  9. I applaud him. I’m tired of my concert experiences being ruined by asshole holding his damn phone over his head all night blocking my or my wife’s view. You pay a lot of money to see the show not some douche canoe’s phone.

  10. The last show I was at this annoying chick was “filming” it on her phone all night.
    We’re at the friggin’ show! Watch it live, with your own eyes. Enjoy the night and the music.
    Are you gonna even watch it later? There are a hundred other people filming it, too.
    Just ridiculous.

  11. He played a local gig a few years back in the area. Wouldn’t turn to face the crowd, just kept his back to us for most of the show. Was a real dick to the local crew. He won’t be asked to return. Guess it was beneath him to play at such a small show.

  12. I love it…front-row douches…I wonder what the couples reaction was, weird that wasn’t reported but I sit in the first 10 rows of every show I go to and by far the biggest a-holes with camera phones are the ones close up…just like going to a sporting event where the best seats go to the people who care the least about the team, usually some corporate a-hole.

  13. I guess all of the people defending the couple taking the pictures and video are case-in-point of this new mentality people have that rules apply to everyone “except me”. Peter tried to go the diplomatic and polite route, but when that didn’t work, I feel he was entirely justified in what he did since the rules were posted and fair warning was given. The crowd’s just lucky he didn’t end the show right there and then like some other big-time rock stars would have.

  14. He did the right thing. If rules are posted beforehand, then you should abide by them. These people didn’t , and they paid the consequences!! At least he just took the guy’s phone and didn’t punch him or something.

  15. Lol, all of you don’t get it. Front row, arrived late. This is a set up…I can tell you this because I’ve had some experience with Frampton and he’s pulled this type of bit before. Another one of his bits is that every town he goes to, he says to the crowd that his drummer is from that town, even though its the same guy. I’ve seen him do it three nights in a row when I was doing some contract work with some of his venues.

    Frampton is a basic a-hole, it’s well known in the business. Full of himself. He had one album recorded live that put him on the map and he’s lived off of it for almost 40 years, but by the way he acts you would think he was God’s gift.

    1. i understand what your saying about pete being an a -hole – and pulling this stunt before , i still believe a concert should be heard and experienced with out having someone holding up a tablet blocking your view the entire night – i recently saw Joe Bonnamassa – & he seemed really pissed off about it going on,
      and i had to ask the person in front of me to put the damn tablet down 3 or 4 times because it was blocking our view , this just should not go on at a rock show – just my opinion –

  16. The last time I went to a concert I was stuck behind a whole group of these little dirtbags that were sticking their damn phones up to film and I wanted to kill every one of them.

  17. I am torn on this issue. In one way I friggin’ hate it when the person in front of me, sticks his huge cell phone up in the air, taking away my view. It pisses me off to say the least. It’s inconsiderate.
    And on the other hand, I’m also the one who checks youtube to see if there’s any video of the show I’ve been to…..

    Maybe the solution would be that these inconsiderate idiots could stand out in the sides or in the back? I don’t know….. Let’s not forget that the artists needs these videos too, they get spread all over the place…

  18. Always liked Frampton. What happened? These older dudes better get used to the phone shit. Geoff Tate anyone? I wish somebody would take a picture of my fat ass. These guys need to chill out and be happy to even have a fan. This isn’t 1974 Peter? Count your blessings…..

  19. It was made perfectly clear at the venue NO filming, taking pictures or recording … I’m tired of people thinking they can do whatever they want when they want … I personally like this story … I can see how camera flashes can be distracting while your on stage .. A true fan respects the wishes of the artist they are seeing IMO…

  20. He’s back to 1974 gigs…plays great, nobody cares anymore. I saw him with 20,000-100,000 people as a headliner in the 70’s….the dimwit lost all his money now he gets pissed at cell phones.

  21. Haa that’s awesome, these cell phone sickened mentally ill people need to be smacked around… no pics means no pics, .stupid, why are sooooooooooo many people in this country so dumb.

  22. I’m torn. I love a good video from a show on youtube but usually cell phone vids are not good.
    I do think if they were using flash that would be annoying.

    I was at the show in AZ Friday night and at the end just before Peter walked off stage, he looked at a woman in the front row and said “F*ck you!”. I’m not sure what she did that pissed him off. I didn’t see her take pics. She was very enthusiastic and kept putting her hands up and on the stage.

    He is very thin. Anyone know if he is having health issues?

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