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bonjoviband400 Michele Amabile Angermiller of The Hollywood Reporter reports:

In what seems to be the messiest divorce in rock, Bon Jovi has reportedly fired lead guitarist Richie Sambora from the band’s current tour.

According to the website, Sambora’s departure is all about money. Sources say that Sambora was earning in $2 million a month and 20 percent of the profits from the tour, whereas fill-in guitarist Philip “Phil X” Xenidis was earning far less — about $10,000 a month while on tour.

Although Sambora will still collect songwriting royalties and profits from merchandise, the 30-year bandmember is not taking the news well.

“Richie wants to go back onstage — that’s his first love,” a source tells the site. “He’s really upset over the news.”

The 54-year-old musician departed the group in the spring citing a “personal matter,” but has since remained mum on the subject, opting to tweet pictures of himself hanging out with his daughter and talking about his most recent solo album, Aftermath of the Lowdown.

Earlier this month, the Woodbridge, N.J., native shared a new song, Come Back as Me, that seemed to be aimed at Jon Bon Jovi, but the guitarist took to his Twitter feed to dispel those rumors.

“This songs gettin’ some traction, so I would sincerely appreciate any help. BTW this has nothin’ to do with Jon…,” he wrote on August 4th.

A week ago, Bon Jovi pulled out of a booked appearance at the New York State Fair so that the band could play a fundraiser for Governor Andrew Cuomo instead. The cancellation angered local fans. As Binghamton radio host Lee Ann Taylor, of classic rock station 99.1, told The Hollywood Reporter, “The New York State Fair is struggling and Bon Jovi would have been a huge boost for them like Aerosmith a few years back. Choosing politics over the people is becoming a disturbing trend. … The musicians need to remember who put them in the position to go to perform at these fundraisers to begin with.”

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a much needed break from each other, then reunite with the original bass player and do a huge final tour sometime down the road. I’m pretty sure Winger would approve of this. (Sorry, I just can’t let it go)

    1. Never apologize for bringing up Winger T. Winger is like ‘aloha’, it just fits with everything in life.

      Now back to Richie, $2M/month and 20% of proifts? Wha????????!!!!!!!!! That’s the greatest deal of all time. When your making Jack Russell money like that and then someone Wingers it away from you (see T?), that’s got to really suck. If I were Richie, I would ‘LA Guns’ Jon’s ‘Geoff Tate’s Queensryche’ all the way to the ‘Great White IV’ until he’s ‘Wingering’ me for mercy.

    2. They’re not going to reunite with Alec John Such. He adds no value to a bill as no one misses him. These things are all about the money.

  2. $2 million a month?! What is he a hired gun? They should pay the touring bassist a fixed salary and the remaining four originals should split the remaining money equally. Managers,lawyers,record companies are always in the way planting the seeds of discord and,along with egos,they don’t mix.

    1. Actually he is a hired gun. The whole band with the exception of John are hired guns. JBJ is the only one with a record deal. He pays the other three long time members.

    1. You’re dead on. It’s always about the money. The number of true “bands” out there is really dwindling. My guess is that most big-name bands these days consist of one or maybe a couple key members and the rest of the “band” are just guns for hire. It’s a band only in name, and the music is paying the price. An older friend of mine told me the true spirit of rock and roll actually died at Woodstock. That’s when the corporate sharks saw the potential market for rock and roll.

  3. Please, go away Bon Jovi….politics over people. You suck and Jon BonJovi is a douche. Also, you suck because you mistreated the mighty Van Halen when they toured Europe with you back in ’95. You’re lucky Edward didn’t kick your ass. You’re no where near the level of Van Halen. Jon Bon Jovi is very full of himself and his stupid politics. The only worthwhile thing he does is his soup kitchen.

    1. My interest in Bon Jovi went away a while ago since they moved very far from hard rock, but it is undeniable they are a mega huge band as proven by the fact they were the highest grossing band first half of 2013. Like him or not, facts are facts. Be interesting to see how the Sambora effect impacts him going forward. Richie a huge key to the band I think.

      1. Not a Bon Jovi guy, but Richie can play. His solo stuff is much heavier than anything Bon Jovi ever did as a band. Creatively they must be very different people even though they wrote a lot of hits together. I’d like to see Richie do more stuff outside of Bon Jovi, and it looks like he now has the chance. I agree with you Mr. Trunk – I think Richie is a huge key to that band.

  4. $2M/Mth and 20% of GP. I still can’t get over that. Unfuckingbelieveable. Jon I’ll sacrifice my honor and dignity and put on a turtleneck and stand right beside you playing Wanted Dead or Alive for $1M/Mth and 5% GP. I won’t take any shots at your daughter and make sure your ugly wife is ok with me being in the band. I’ll even make nice with the keyboard player with that bizarre jerry curl and pretend I like Tico. I’ll even play that country shit you guys did with a shit eating grin on my face. I will sell out completely for that coin. I’ll listen to all your stories about all the movies you were in. I’ll even buy tickets to your shittly AFL team. I’ll comb your beautiful hair. I’ll play Govt fundraisers instead of state fairs where actual paying fans who put you on the map are hoping to see you. Where are you Jon? WHERE ARE YOU………..?!

  5. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Aerosmith, one of the few bands that splits the money evenly between the members since day one, is one of the few bands to still have the original line up after all these years?

  6. Phil X is making more than 10k a month for sure, but not close to the 2 mill Sambora is making. This essentially boils down to greed. Personally, I hope this completely backfires on JBJ, what a complete ass.

  7. This band has really gotten away from its rock roots. They continue to focus on being big business (they pride themselves in being this mafia, don’t mess with us, mentality), and less about the music. I think this is cracking at their legacy, IMO. They should take a year break, reflect a bit, get back together and put out some heavier songs.

  8. Gotta agree with you Doug, they are such a free cry from the 7800 Fahrenheit album when in and out love was on Mtv and played on the airwaves. Back then it wasn’t shameful to be called a Bon Jovi fan.

  9. On twitter, Jon’s brother Matthew Bongiovi said that this is another lie, and that it’s not true. And Phil X commented about earning $10,000 a month saying that he wouldn’t even leave his house for that salary. Who knows what to believe at this point.

  10. Matthew is a moron. Anybody with a pulse knows Jon gets the big percentage and RS falls way back. We won’t talk about TT or DB, they get peanuts. X gets 10G, he barely makes a living doing anything else like a Winery Dog or Hooks & Blow. 2 million sounds a lot but 60,000 in stadiums every three days in Europe & the U.K. is a monster gross and RS is getting horsed. He knew it.

  11. It will totally backfire. Same way it backfire in the 90’s when he did his solo stuff and he could not sell out the small clubs in home state of NJ. then he will call Richie up and say im sorry I need more money please come back. Richie like a dumb ass will accept and go for the cash grab. and the cycle will start all over. One positive note no original band no SUPERBOWL appearance WE ALL WIN NOW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. im confused by he getting 2 million a month while he is home”rehabbing”.and if so why is he complaining….second, home much money are they making and clearing after paying crew,managers,lawyers, etc…???? I think you would sell out too if you can get money like that

  13. He’s getting nothing. Jon is the manager he gets 15%. 40% to the tax man. 5% to Howard or Eppy. The 2 dwindles….but he got no 2. He’ll be pullin club shows soon….that one off the 101 that Benatar & Foreigner & Keifer plays looms large… Mike Tramp or Jack dives…if he bloats up & starts slammin the Seagrams…maybe.

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