Richie Kotzen - Photo byTravis Shinn400 Richie Kotzen has released a video for the song War Paint which appear on his The Essential Richie Kotzen which was released on September 2nd. Watch it below.

To see Kozten’s video for the song Walk With Me, also from this collection, please click here.

Here’s the complete track listing of The Essential Richie Kotzen:


1. War Paint *
2. Walk With Me *
3. Love Is Blind
4. Go Faster
5. Fooled Again
6. OMG (What’s Your Name?)
7. Help Me
8. Bad Situation
9. Lie To Me *
10. Fear
11. You Can’t Save Me
12. Doing What The Devil Says To Do
13. Remember (Reprise)
* never before released *


1. What Is (2014)
2. High (2014)
3. Change (2014)
4. Special (2014)
5. Paint It On (Acoustic Version)
6. Holding On (Acoustic Version)
7. Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice) – (Acoustic Version)
8. The Road (Acoustic Version)
9. Regret (Original Demo Version)
10. Damaged (Original Demo Version)


1. Walk With Me (2014)
2. Paying Dues (2009)
3. 24 Hours (2011)
4. Larger Than Life (2009)
5. Losing My Mind (2005)
6. Help Me (2012)
7. Chase It (2008)
8. Player (2011)
9. The Shadow (2011)
10. My Angel (2011)
11. I Would (2008)



  1. Damn he’s fuckin good

  2. I think Ritchie is comparable to Billy Squier, He should cover Lonely is the Night! Great riff! Billy was also underated!

  3. Anyone that disses this guy just have never taken the time to really listen to his music and listen to him play. Dana’s right, Richie should be huge. He’s not because the average knucklehead music fan, which the US is unfortunately overrun with, doesn’t appreciate music that isn’t boring, cookie cutter, generic radio rock. Hopefully people will wake up finally and give Richie the recognition he deserves.

    • I don’t understand your post, I did not read any negative posts about Ritchie? Where did you see that??

      • If you’ve read news stories posted about Richie in the past, there’s always been someone saying something negative or being demeaning towards him in an attempt to be funny, like making fun of him doing a world tour, saying he’s playing at Taco Bell and stuff like that. Too many people don’t know his solo work and usually don’t know what they’re talking about when saying something demeaning about Richie or his career. Go back into the archives of this web site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  4. What’s with everyone putting down America? Is Kotzen huge in other parts of the World? If you don’t love the America, Leave it!

    • Oh please. I love my country. When I say the masses tend to like mediocrity, it’s the truth. That is why Hollywood continues to churn out sub par, unoriginal movies. Music like Justin Beiber and gangsta rap are huge and people like the Kardashians are making money hand over fist. Yet, real talent like Richie Kotzen and John Sykes go undiscovered except for the few who are willing to seek out talent.

      America is the reason I have the right to even express my opinions and God knows what I said that was awful..sheesh 😕

      • Saxon4ever says:

        I agree

      • I can’t wait to hear the new John Sykes release. I will buy that sound unheard, because I just know I will like it.

      • Fred Curtis says:

        Your absolutely right Dana, I live in Alberta Canada where singers like Ritchie get completely ignored for the Biebers and being in Alberta we’re forced to listen to bands like Nickleback where everything sounds the same but played constantly on radio. I just wish people would wake up and realize there’s still good music out there just got yo look for it. The bad thing about music up here is guys like Tom Kiefer and Ron Keel is I have to order there music off there websites or eBay or you cant get them, you dont even know they gave new music.
        Thankfully for guys like Eddie Trunk I can keep up with my cd purchases, lol.

    • Saxon4ever:
      I love my country. Maybe I should have phrased my comment this way:
      The majority of people in this country are not music enthusiasts who have a desire to discover new artists that may fly under the radar. Instead they just listen to commercial radio and basically stick with what’s the flavor of the day, basically just listening to what programmers put on the air. MTV back in the day had people blindly following what the big wigs in charge of that channel deemed as “cool” while tons of great artists, rock and otherwise, were ignored or not given the exposure they deserved. Listen to any commercial, terrestrial rock radio station: Same songs, same bands played over and over with an occasional “You Shook Me All Night Long” or “Crazy Train” thrown in once or twice an hour to give the illusion of “variety”. Pop Stations are 100 times worse than that. My point is there’s too many people who limit themselves when there’s so many great, undiscovered artists out there. That in no way should be taken as disrespect to our country. I just want to clear that up and I hope I did.

  5. Cool song, but he looks sick. Put on some weight.

  6. Sorry, I don’t care for the song or the video.

  7. The picture by the piano says it all.

  8. Frank Rizzo says:

    Depressing album cover!

  9. Nice solo at the end. I havent heard too many guys get that sound out of a Telecaster. He also seems to play almost like a banjo player, with his fingers. Vocally, he reminds me of Chris Cornell, who I think is very good, along with Myles kennedy.

  10. Most people are like sheep they’ll only listen to whats on regular radio and thats it. People want gangster rap cause thats whats pushed upon us. Ive seen Richie play in Winery Dogs great guitar playing.

  11. Fred Curtis says:

    Great song and liked the video. You know I never gave him much of a listen to before but noow I think I’ll be checking out his other stuff because great voice and nice guitar riffs.

  12. Joe Pensanti says:

    Webster’s Dictionary: Kotzen, Richie: lauded guitarist; cannot write a catchy song; see “overrated”.

  13. Just curious how Kotzen is overrated his songs aren’t on regular radio. Catchy songs isn’t that for regular radio.

    • Joe Pensanti says:

      Nick: I listen to tons of stuff not on the radio. In fact, I hate radio. Kotzen, to me, is another one of those artists that almost grab you, but when the chorus rolls around, it’s over. I don’t get it and probably never will. To me that’s a waste. Take a brilliant guitarist like Nuno Bettencourt. The dude can write GOOD songs. Songs that stay with you. Even the stuff Extreme did on their least popular records are better than most bands.

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