overkill New Jersey Thrash legends Overkill have been hard at work preparing for the release of their seventeenth LP, White Devil Armory. The band shot two videos over the weekend with esteemed director Kevin J. Custer. “Fantastic to have Kevin on board again, when he’s directing the direction is intense!” says frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth.

This is the fourth video Custer has directed for the band, most notably Electric Rattlesnake from their previous LP The Electric Age. Blitz continues, “each time the prior results have been spot on, so our confidence is high for this shoot. From the directors eye to yours/ours, should be a killer!”

Overkill will release White Devil Armory on July 22nd via eOne Music in North America, and July 18th overseas via Nuclear Blast.

White Devil Armory track list:

1. Freedom Rings
2. Where There’s Smoke…
3. Pig
4. Amorist
5. Down To The Bone
6. Bitter Pill
7. King Of The Rat Bastards
8. Another Day To Die
9. It’s All Yours
10. In The Name



  1. Anti-Liberal says:

    Can’t wait for this album! Dana you do an exceptional job on this site!! I apologize for getting political at times but it’s hard for me to see comments like the one made by Joel Perseman & also some people on here and not say something. I promise that I will try to keep my comments to music only going forward. Thank you for posting my comments.

  2. Brian Bulakites says:

    Nice! Overkill are dam good. July sounds like a killer month for metal

  3. Really looking forward to this album, as the last two have been incredible. I hope they do well with it.

  4. These guys look like the dirtbags that used to smoke in the bathrooms in high school…

  5. Overkill are one of the best thrash bands ever to roll out of Jersey. Hands down. Cannot wait until this release. Looks like the best one yet.

    (spotify=witch meadow)

  6. .I have always appreciated ET’s coverage of this great band. Now if some of the other non-big-4 thrash bands would just get any attention…

  7. I wish there where Moore gay metal bands…

  8. Can’t wait for their new album! The Electric Age will be tough to beat but I know they can do it. Overkill are the greatest and it sucks they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

  9. randyrock says:

    That’s exactly who they are rob and i am one of those guys to.whos gotta lite..lol

  10. The MOST under-rated thrash band in history!! They should be kicking ass and taking names with the new album, as the last 2 have been exceptional, even for them! Spread the word, long live…The Wrecking Crew!!!

  11. I look forward to this. Overkill have always been my favorite thrash band.

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