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kiss-return Andy Greene of Rolling Stone reports: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has officially announced next year’s inductees: Nirvana, KISS, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt will all join the class of 2014. The E Street Band will be given the Award for Musical Excellence and Beatles manager Brian Epstein and original Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham will both receive the Ahmet Ertegun Award for non-performers.

The induction ceremony will be held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on April 10th, 2014. It’s the first time the general public will be able to attend the event in New York City. Tickets go on sale in January; HBO will air the event in May.

Artists are eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of their first album or single. Nirvana, whose first single Love Buzz came out in 1988, are entering the institution their first year of eligibility. “That’s really no surprise to me,” says Rock and Roll Hall of Fame President and CEO Joel Peresman. “People see the relevancy of that band. We’re just getting into the creative of the show, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that performance. They have to figure it out.”

KISS have been eligible for the last 15 years, but didn’t get the nod until now. “The Kiss Army has descended on Cleveland in recent years,” says Peresman. “And we’ve gotten thousands of letters. They also did extremely well in the public vote.” (In 2012, the band joked to Rolling Stone, “We’ve been thinking about it and the answer is simply, ‘We’ll just buy it and fire everybody.'”)

The annual induction ceremony has moved out of the tiny New York Waldorf Astoria Ballroom in recent years into larger venues in Cleveland and Los Angeles, where the public can attend along with music industry insiders.

This year’s event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center is the first time the induction has been held in an arena, making it the largest ceremony in the history of the Hall of Fame. “Bringing in the fans adds an incredible energy to the event,” says Peresman. “The fans should have an opportunity to see the show. They are the reason these bands exist.”

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  1. congrats to kiss and all the fans who in all wanted them in for the last 15 yrs or so but i must say , i’m in awe and very happy for both ace and peter as well as gene and paul .they deserve this and now its a reality. again congrats and hope they will all show up in good spirit and do a few songs and if for nothing else do it for the fans because after all its what we all want i’m sure..

      1. I guess we just gotta convince ’em… 😉 But all kidding aside, We should begin now to mobilize public opinion. I’m glad we won the battle to get KISS in, but we need more representation of actual Rock music. Cheap Trick is another example. And, the list goes on…but for now, it’s a Merry KISSmas!

  2. Nirvana over Deep Purple ? Another case of the clueless in charge. Why does anyone even care who they pick, it’s an insult. LL Cool J, yea I listen to him a LOT being a metal/rock person, along with others already elected who don’t sing or play a musical instrument. Oh, forgot, neither required for the Hall of Shame. It a commercial junk store run by record companies and presided over by idiots who probably don’t even listen to radio unless told to (and what to listen to)..

  3. The HALL OF FAME is silliness but KISS should be honored in New York. Here is where it gets dicey. KISS is a New York outfit with all 4 originals being from 4 of the 5 boroughs. I don t know where Thayer and Singer are from but if you return to the roots then you need Ace and Peter as a celebration of KISSes origin. That would be interesting but as they say in NY FOGETABOUTIT. KISS is awesome and should be revered for their accomplishments. NIRVANA with Paul McCartney was cool on 12 12 12.

    1. Deep Purple are one of the pioneers of rock? Really? Listen I love them too. But lets go easy on the ‘pioneers of rock’ statements. John Lord was the pioneer of great mustaches in rock, and fuck what a mustache it was. Blackmore and Gillain deserve their place in the HOF – but I’m not sure what they pioneered.

      1. Not Pioneers of Rock…..really? Ever hear a kid pick up a guitar and play Smoke on The Water….oh wait, I think every guitar player has (and that is just one of their greats) …..Blackmore was HUGE influence/pioneer. I mean the guy was a monster that influenced a ton of players. Ian Paice….ever hear Made in Japan and talk about influencing legions of players…Jon Lord….yeah cause every band has one of him…..Roger Glover…WOW…And Ian Gillan..UNREAL….thats just one lineup…..I mean it is an absolute shame they are not in the HOF. The musical genius in that original lineup alone equals HOF. Also during that lineup period….surely no other bands referenced their live shows and incorporated some of it in their own shows….but who were those bands did I mention that was just one lineup……Every person has their opinion but there is also cold hard facts and the talent they possess in hall of fame worthy…true pioneers of rock.

      2. None of the bands that started in the 60’s are pioneers but DP was definitely a pioneers of hard Rock. Just Listen to 1969 ‘s DP In Rock album. Also more respect for Mr Lord buddy. It’s Jon not John and the man composed the first album for Rock and Orchestra. In the same year his keyboards rocked harder than any other keyboardist in the world.

  4. Eddie… are a psychic once again. I want you to place my Superbowl bets. You nailed it on last night’s Trunk Nation-Nirvana and KISS are in….no Deep Purple. The hall of shame indeed….

  5. I knew Nirvana would get in. They were easily the most influential and most popular band on that list. I can’t believe KISS got in before Deep Purple or YES. Those 2 should have been in before them.

    1. Yeah, the world just wouldn’t be the same without Nirvana today…Oh, wait. Wasn’t KISS selling out venues globally before the Nirvana guys were even old enough to walk?…Haaa, sad, get in line like everyone else, Nirvana.

        1. Nirvana – whether you like them or not, completely changed the game of rock music. There was rock pre-Nirvana and post-Nirvana. They simplified things like the punks did 15 years earlier – they took the hairspray, glitter, and lame strip joint lyrics and threw them out the window.

          The appearance of KISS didn’t change rock MUSIC or shows apart from upping the amount of money bands would have to put into their show. Bands like Van Halen, Triumph and others followed suit. KISS’s sound wasn’t groundbreaking. Sorry. It wasn’t. A simplified hybrid of Zep, Sabbath, the Who, Stones and a little Humble Pie isn’t innovation. It’s extrapolation and the same thing a lot of bands were doing at the time.

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – listen to hard-rock music pre-and post KISS and there’s no difference. KISS inspired a lot of people to get into music and pick up instruments, but their appearance didn’t result in a whole new genre of music falling completely out of grace. Nirvana resonated with their generation. I don’t expect to change the mind of hard-core KISS fans, but I’m trying to offer some perspective.

          As for KISS selling out venues globally – that doesn’t get you into the RRHOF for better or worse. Frampton sold out a lot of venues. So did Grand Funk. I’d bet the Monkees did too, just like Hannah Montana kid.

          1. Hardcore KISS Army member since 1978 John G. – and you’re totally right. I think even they would agree with you. They wanted to change the look of the music industry. And they did that along with some great rock and roll songs. Was never a grunge guy, but Nirvana was the face of that genre, whether they should have been or not.

          2. Those hair, glitter, and strip joint lyric bands you mention are far more influential today than Nirvana is, and that’s a fact. Ask any metal band today. Nirvana’s lyrics are no less inane than anything off of Hysteria.

          3. I agree that Nirvana should be a first ballot inductee because they CHANGED music.

            However, I disagree completely about KISS not changing shows. They CHANGED live performance forever. They brought a show that had not been seen before and raised the bar for everyone on what it meant to entertain HUGE crowds. They combined the theatrics of Alice Cooper with bombast and over-the-top shows.

            I agree that their music was simple and not really all that great, but they DID change live concerts.

            The fact that Nirvana entered on their first ballot just highlights how goofy it is that heavier bands like KISS, Deep Purple, etc have been deprived for so long.

            Your point about bands charging more wasn’t because of KISS, but, because years after KISS was irrelevant, people started using Napster to steal songs and iTunes to buy singles instead of albums. Bands used to tour to support the sale of their albums, where they made their REAL money. These days, they don’t make a lot on albums, so they tour to earn their money and sell merchandise and VIP “Meet And Greet” packages. Now KISS kills on tour because they STILL give a GREAT show, even if the songs suck 🙂

        2. Rightfully so. One of the most popular band of the 90s. They were the face of entire genre and lead to another genre called post grunge. It would be shameful if they didn’t get in first time eligible.

  6. HAAAAAA Nirvana BEFORE Purple, and w/ material prior to their breakthru record!-will the madness ever end…just plain embarrassing, KISS should buy this dump and re-staff it.

  7. Finally! KISS gets in. I honestly never thought I would see this happen in my life time. But there is no band more deserving of this than KISS. They influenced an entire generation of kids in the 1970’s and onward. You ask many of your present ‘musical heroes’ the reason they picked up a guitar? And they will tell you “KISS.”
    It’s about time. This is fantastic for the Millions in the KISS Army.
    Now, I will finally make plans to visit the RRHOF in Cleveland. There had better be an entire wing of the building devoted to KISS, because that’s how important they are to Rock and Roll and it’s history.
    Present and future.

  8. About time KISS made it…Deep Purple should’ve too..Nirvana? Much too soon… They have a legacy but so does Thin Lizzy.. Moody Blues…Elo…Def Leopard..Iron Maiden….more deserving bands.. Either way, at least got in… As for E street band…shouldn’t they got one when Bruce got his.? If that’s the case why don’t we include The Stooges without Iggy and the Revolution without Prince.. Congrats to 2014 nominees.

  9. And how can you leave out everyone else who has played with KISS (Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer)? I hope at the every least Gene and Paul mention them by name during their acceptance speeches, and invite them to the induction ceremony (or representatives in the case of Eric Carr and Mark). Do it right like Metallica did.

  10. Glad Kiss Army made their statement…. Hall of Fame Didnt seem to be in any rush doing anything to induct a rock band with four decades of history behind them..yet they had no problem getting Madonna in her first year or eligibility… Or Donna Summer R.I.p years months after she past away…

  11. I have actually been a KISS fan longer than Deep Purple and I love both of them, but I still feel Deep Purple should have been inducted instead. Hell both should have been inducted years ago but like Eddie say’s… the rock n roll hall of shame. I have also read that Deep Purple could care less. Real fans know what’s up.

  12. Hall & Oates but no Deep Purple. I think I’ll laugh myself to drink listening to Not Fragile or Question Of Balance or my Smoke On The Water 45rpm I bought at Woolworths in ’73. I’m glad Linda is not showing up….like she needed to be insulted with L.L. Cool J. & Little Anthony & Bonnie Raitt in before her. File under Jan Wenner sucks.

    1. Linda Rondstadt is a great rock singer and deserves to be in the HoF, but Bonnie Raitt kicks Linda Rondstadt’s ass up and down. Not only is she a GREAT singer, but one of the top slide guitarists of all time.

  13. This reminds me of a kid not being liked by the other kids, who then tells the playground aide. The playground aide then forces the other kids too play with him. Why in the world would you want to play along with them, when they were FORCED to do it? I wish Kiss told them where to stick it. My dream is Paul and Gene go onstage, turn down the award, and start a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Hall of Fame, FOR US METAL FANS! Why should us metal fans care at all about what “The Establishment” thinks about our fans? Steven Dunn had the best quote ever on “The Establishment”,

    “We’re doing just fine, without you!”

  14. A disgrace that Deep Purple is not in long time ago. They’ve been icons for so many bands, and still are. On the other hand, they’ve always been in a league of their own.

    The Rock Hall is a farce.

  15. Deep Purple are lucky. To be included in the Mall of Lame is to be accepted by the mainstream posers and insiders who HATE metal and hard rock. It’s no honor, it’s condemnation.

  16. Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr should be inducted too !!!! It´s so easy to say that without Peter and Ace KISS wouldn´t have existed but don´t forget that without Eric C and Bruce the band would not have survived until today.They have been a too huge part of the bands history to be ignored.
    Tommy Thayer has also served in the band for a long time today (12 years when the induction is to take Place) .

      1. I think Vinnie should be in the HOF under ‘biggest mistakes in rock history’. The man is as foolish as he is talented. But I agree with Eddie on the point of VV. Eric Carr never got the respect that he deserved IMO. KISS was always going to go on with or without Eric. But it always looked like Eric was a galvanizer for the band when he came in, and especially after they took the make up off. I met him years ago at a clinic and he was an amazing guy who just hung out and talked music and KISS. He never talked shit about Peter and made the most of his opportunity. Something Vinnie didn’t do.

      2. Ofcourse. I’m happy that the original 4 will be inducted but my opinion is that everyone should have been. I hope everyone will get an invitation and be mentioned from the scene. Anyway it will be interesting to see how KISS decides to to with an eventual performance. I think they will skip the makeup if they are performing with Peter and Ace to not overshadow the current lineup (wich they will do anyway as they are the original members) . Personally i want everyone to perform. Why not do “Shout it out loud” and Rock n roll all night” with all 8 living members 😉

      1. Yes, they’re a great band. Just thought the rule was 25 years, now realizing they’ve been around since 87′. Thanks for the reply Eddie. Love yer shows man. \M/

  17. Jan Wenner is the guy with the whip at the Hall. If Rolling Stone puts Deep Purple, Kiss, Ronstadt,Moody Blues,Yes etc in their dog house then they get shafted. Maybe Cat Stevens can sing Beth…..I mean CCR had no Stu or Doug onstage with Fogerty. Poor Tommy Thayer looking out at Ace as he cranks into “Detroit Rock City”….that’s gotta be hard.

  18. did not think kiss would go , but I thought deep purple would because a member died. hall and oates weren’t in? the biggest duo of soft rock that ruled the radio just gets in now too? was it because kajagoogoo said no?. don’t know where to find a list of who is in or not, but is journey ,styx , foreigner, reo speedwagon in yet?

  19. im going to piss off a lot of ppl now with what im about to write but g’n’r is average at best. if you take out “appetite for dsestruction” john mellencamps “scarecrow,” springsteen “born in the u.s.a.”. prince “purple rain”, and the bee gees “Saturday night fever” you know what you get. 5 acts that would never be acclaimed on the highest level. they would never be considered mega- stars at all and would never get hall of fame induction.

    1. If it were all about Album sales, a lot of acts would be in already and a lot of acts wouldn’t be in ever. I agree with you on GNR, but not Mellencamp, Springsteen, or Prince. However to use your argument, Nirvana only had one big album and they’re in.

      1. I never thought grunge was anything special. .guys mumbling while singing about things I don’t understand..they all stunk but for some reason I liked alice in chains… none of them are hall worthy

  20. A band’s “influence” (or a fan’s love/dedication) is measured by the purchase of their products over the greatest length of time. Deep Purple sold more 8 track tapes than Nirvana sold anything. Same for KISS (who need to offer tribute to ALL members @ the induction). The rrhof staff are not fans. They consider themselves music aristocrats who hold their noses while suffering the indignity of “weighing the perceived merit” of bands held dear to the working class. Keep dogging their pompous ass Eddie.

  21. I think only the 4 original members should get in because really all you have to look at is the first record through Destroyer. While Kiss has carried on since, i can only think of one killer record – Creatures of the Night. However, i don’t think just by that you can extend an induction to those players beyond Paul and Gene. The original members are the only ones that ever put out more than one great record.

  22. Nirvana Thoughts:

    They deserve to be in, Congratulations Nirvana.

    As much as the obvious expected drama with what Kiss will deal with that night, equally could be said for Nirvana for drama.

    It’s no secret that their is major unfriendliness between the surviving members of the band and the estate of Mr Cobain (Courtney Love). No one should expect this individual to make this about her and should expect a scene as she grasps at her last 30 seconds of her 15 min in life. It’s her last chance to have anyone care what she has to say and she knows it…which is a receipe for who knows what.

    Kurt Cobain’s daughter will be there to represent him I assume…which is how it should be as it’s been in the past with departed inductees.

    There will be a powderkeg of emotions that night more than usual with how things went down with Kurt and all the blame and anger pointed every direction. It’s going to be sad, with alcohol involved and years of pain and anger and being reminded of Kurt gone and how it happened, igniting that powderkeg.

    I’m happy for all surving members. Mr Grohl has been one of the few in the mainstream public eye keeping rock and roll alive in a day and age when it’s essentially gone back underground.

    Welcome gentlemen to the Hall and congratulations.

  23. I do believe that all the members of the Rolling Stones are in the Hall of Fame. Can’t other members of bands be inducted at later dates? For example, couldn’t say Dio be inducted as a member of Black Sabbath, or say Eric Carr as a member of KISS?

  24. Congratulations to Paul, Gene, Peter, and Ace. Kiss made their statement to the world of rock and roll with these founders, and before 1980. Sure , they put out some good material during the 80’s and 90’s, but this was not the essence of the band. The ‘support’ staff during these latters years deserve honorable mention but do not deserve induction. Finally, as a Kiss fan for 35 years, I am weary of hearing critics and ‘intellectual’ fans of popular music say that Kiss was not about music. and were all about the show. Unfortunately Simmons himself gives this crowd ammunition. Along with legendary producers in Bob Ezrin, Eddie Kramer, and Michael James Jackson this band issued great albums in Alive, Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun, and the understated Creatures of the Night. Other bands could only hope to put out the rock hooks that this band has. You don’t sell 100 million albums if the music isn’t good. People like Dave Marsh over think rock music as an art form. This music has always been about sex, drinking, and based upon three chord structures pioneered by our blues brethren of years past. It is Marsh who misses the point. Go read more of you college philosophy books Dave…

  25. I can’t believe Deep Purple did not get in. This truly is the hall of shame. Deep Purple was one of the most influential bands of their time. Blackmore is arguably the greatest guitarist every to play. Basically by not having Deep Purple in de-legitimizes the hall of fame. There are numerous performers in the hall now that would have been opening acts for the bands that opened up fro Deep Purple.

  26. Congratulations to KISS for the induction, albeit a decade or so after it should have happened. For decades knuckleheads all over the planet took pleasure in making fun of KISS. At the same time numerous recording artists (i.e. Garth Brooks, Metallica, Motley Crue, Rush, etc.) spoke of how influential the band had been in their respective careers. Simmons has always had it right in stating that KISS made fools of the critics (for those who care about what the critics have to say). The love of music is subjective and, like a spouse, the attraction is in the eye of the beholder. The KISS following is enormous and has been since the 1970’s. For a band to go through line-up and image changes like KISS has and still command audiences of the size seen during the Monster tour speaks volumes.
    The two remaining founding members would not be where they are today without the foundation laid in the 1970’s and rekindled between 1995 and 2001 with Peter and Ace. At this stage in their careers it’s time to bury the hatchet and celebrate the original four properly at the induction.

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