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BlackSabbath400Black Sabbath’s eagerly awaited new album, entitled 13, will be released on June 11th, but fans are able to get a listen to one of the songs today as the band released the track “God Is Dead” to iheart Radio.  Although you have to deal with a few iheart Radio watermarks, you can listen to the track below.

13 marks the first Sabbath studio album to feature Ozzy Osbourne on vocals in 35 years.

The band has also announced 4 US tour dates for the summer:


4: Holmdel, NJ (PNC Bank Arts Center)
14: Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)
24: Seattle, WA (Gorge Amphiteatre)

September 3: Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles Sports Arena)

Black Sabbath’s 13 is available for pre-order on Amazon NOW!  CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER!


  1. This is pretty disappointing, it never goes anywhere. The switch up around 6 and half minutes had potential but just not grabbing me. Sounds more like filler than first single.

  2. Sounds amazing, gives me the same chills as when I heard Never Say Die one Tuesday night in 1978 on the old 102.7 in NYC.
    Love the change up at 6:25.
    This album will be huge. The perfect swan song for them all.

    1. Musicaly didn’t sound like Sabbath until the change up! sounded more like Ozzy’s early solo stuff (vocal sound played a big part in that also). But once it happened all i can say is long live Geezer Butler.

  3. it sounds like overproduced shit..just like rick ruben always does.where is tony?? I have been a sabbath fan since 70′ I have high hopes but this song does not deliver .

  4. Sounds along the lines of SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH and the underated masterpiece SABOTAGE. Rick Ruben will be a difference maker. The production of THE DEVIL YOU KNOW was flat and other than BIBLE BLACK, that album was a snoozer (R I P Dio of course). Hard to imagine 35 years between albums but here it comes. Session drummer is up to the task here, can t wait to hear more. Given all that is going on in the world, Geezer Butler lyrics then and now are still relevant. Good luck to Iommi for a full recovery, his book was good read and I ll bet he s a decent guy and an all time great.

  5. Geezer’s bass is massive. This sounds like what the next Heaven & Hell disc would have been. Iommi solo? don’t think i heard one. Ozzy sounds uninspired. Will have to give it a few more listens. if not for Geezers bass, i’d give it a 4 our of 10. cause of Geezer i give it a 6.

  6. New Black Sabbath is better than no Black Sabbath… but this is okay. Looking forward to hearing more. But come on – a 9 minute song? What is this, And Justice for All?

  7. Takes a little patience, but when all is said and done, this is a damn good track. Iommi’s guitar work has a depth that nobody can match, and the lyrics ultimately reflect hope, like much of the Master Of Reality album. Not as sharp as the classic stuff, but *duh* let’s keep our expectations realistic here.

  8. A bit muddy in bass as all studio stuff has been, but I run an equalizer and can fix that. Overall it’s a 7 or 8 out of 10 once I bring Iommi out more. Ozzy sounds strained but OK, doubt he’ll be that good live but shows will be crazy so few will notice. Considering a few years ago I assumed my Sabs collection done, I’m grateful for what Iommi and Dio did live and studio, “Neon Nights” the best live show I can see and hear to remember Dio and awesome Iommi performance. Then his EP with Gillan and company added. Now this, and assume the new album will have several killer songs as each album has. Grateful for Iommi not doubt being the factor in it all coming together in spite of dealing with his illness. Hopefully Ozzy stays straight enough to get through the 4 US shows without cancelling anything. People nit pick, I’m grateful as never expected anything else and instead have multiple CDs and DVDs when I thought it was all over 🙂

  9. Well ,I for one could not be any more proud of the the boys,to be where they are , in this very moment (and thats what we all should be living for , every god damm moment) to have the balls and vision to still do what they do best is somthing i can only dream of ,I hear and read all the negitive feedback and all i can and will say is fuck you who the hell are you, well ill leave it there, god bless metal , sabbath , and the trunk ,eddie keep doing what your doing for what we all hold so near and dear, not to sure if you agree with me ,feel free to let us know how u feel …metal 4 ever

  10. The lyrics and vocals are good. Musically, this sounds pretty uninspired with generic Sabbath riffs. The bridges were good, but a lack of fills and a guitar solo is unforgivable. A nine-minute song with no solo with Tony Iommi (The Riff Master) on guitars?! No fuckin’ way!! Hopefully, the other tracks on the album will have guitar solos. Without them, this album is completely pointless. Also, this isn’t Black Sabbath, but a version of Black Sabbath. Only with drummer Bill Ward can you truly call this Black Sabbath.

  11. wonderfull to hear a fresh new song from sabbath. no matter what they put out ITS GREAT!. ONE QUESTION THOUGH, I WAS WAITING FOR A GREAT SOLO FROM TONY HERE, I WISH THEY PUT ONE IN! WE NEED GREAT SOLOS!!!

  12. It’s ok sounds like to two tracks that wher done on the 1997 reunion cd not bad not grate have to hear the rest of the cd when it comes out Ozzys voice sounds it his 95 cd it not classic but its new sabbath

  13. I enjoyed that, and we should respect that these guys are artists in their elder years doing far better than most of the over produced pop wankers stinking up the charts globally.

  14. When second-rate, forgotten 80’s era Sabbath like Headless Cross sounds better than this uninspired, over produced, outtake sounding material; you know that this band is done and just in it to add some more zeros to their bank accounts. The way they screwed Bill Ward alone justifies that statement. Ozzy lost it after the 80’s and proved himself to be just another money-grubbing, reality show mogul like Gene Simmons in the 2000’s. The other guys should’ve gone out with their heads up after their run with Heaven & Hell, which makes this new stuff sound like some Sabbath tribute band trying to write a contrived original that got carried away with their Pro Tools.

  15. WELL…. took the day off to be online when tix for PNC went onsale…..all I get is either $45 lawn seats, or $110 for upper back row…..tried ALL combinations….I’m sure stub hub and the rest of the scalpers will have the good seats for hundreds….KEEP EM’…..wanted to take the whole family, which I have been promising, but not to this venue for this price……what AMAZES me is that the guys couldn’t reach an ‘agreement’ with Bill WArd over $$, but Ozzy is getting $1000 for the VIP tix, which by the way sold out…..Good fucking GOD man…..

  16. Heard the new song on radio and just not impressed, thought song could’ve ended few minutes sooner than it did. Hope gets better or not a disk i would buy.

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