Metallica Metallica have joined the ranks of other celebrities to film a This Is Sports Center commercial for ESPN. The band’s new spot will air during Monday’s night’s (July 14th) ESPN broadcast of the All-Star Game’s Home Run Derby. Watch the commerical below.

Speaking more about the commerical, drummer Lars Ulrich explains, “Sometimes it can be quite freeing to put yourself at the mercy of others. ESPN’s commercials have a tendency to be hilarious. We were like, ‘That sounds like a good time.’ The whole thing had an overriding impulsivity to it.”

Ulrich revealed that the band shot a number of different set-ups in addition to the ones seen in the spot, so it’s possible that there may be more Metallica in future ESPN spots.

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  1. James K. says:

    I wish they would get on the damn ball and put out a new album!

  2. Of the big 4, I think Metallica is the most overrated. I know they do tremendous record and concert sales, and deserve much credit for bringing metal to the masses, but when it comes right down to songs and performance, I think they are just a bit overrated. Lars’s arrogance doesn’t help the situation either.

  3. John Alonzo says:

    I went to the Big 4 Show in New York and have to say that is the first time in a long time I have heard them play that fast and unrelenting. They can do whatever whenever where ever that sounds like fun to me, cause I wouldn’t care about what anyone thinks.

  4. Robb King says:

    This is great. Metallica mocking themselves on Sportscenter………They get it. So does ESPN.

  5. Death Magnetic brought me back, I loved it, it kicked ass. Them doing fun stuff like this ESPN spot will keep me interested again. They’re still great, and I hope the next album is as heavy and also soon. And I agree with Eddie’s Pod Cast, Overkill should open Metallica’s next tour.

  6. My question is how much did they get paid?
    That’s the only reason Lars does anything anymore.

  7. Great to see Metallica on ESPN…..I wish they had called Jason to be part of the commercial just for the lone fact he played that epic bass line in Sandman….but great spot for the guys….Joe in The Cuse

  8. “Overriding impulsivity”… words that could only come from a pretentious multi millionaire

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