littleceasaramericandream Little Caesar have released a video for Dirty Water, the latest single from their recent album, American Dream. Watch it below.

Best known for their cover of the Aretha Franklin classic Chain Of Fools (see video below), Little Caesar — consisting of Ron Young (vocals), Loren Molinare (guitar), Joey Brasler (guitar), Fidel Paniagua (bass) and Tom Morris (drums) — are getting to ready to embark on a tour of Europe in June.

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  1. Been a fan for years! Thanks to Eddie for the love to Little Caesar!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just good rock, blues, soul, and country or whatever you want to call it. I doubt you’ll ever see any “Van Halen” shananagins from these guys. They are too grown up and know its the music that makes a band.

  3. Awesome band! Seriously underrated. Their new album is as good as anything I’ve heard in years…

  4. I was a big fan when I was a teenager!

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