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KISS400 The manager of KISS has confirmed the group are in talks to launch a TV talent show to find replacements for frontman Paul Stanley and guitarist Gene Simmons – when the duo eventually retire.

It has long been rumored that founding members Stanley and Simmons hope to keep the band running when they decide to quit – but both men have been evasive when asked about whether any new members have been signed up and if the takeover will happen after their current world tour.

The rock veterans are the only original members left in the band, which was marred by the departure of Ace Frehely and Peter Criss and the death of Eric Carr in 1991 – the group now includes replacements Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.

However their longtime manager Doc McGhee insists that there are indeed plans to replace all four band members and keep KISS alive for a new generation – they are close to signing a deal to find their replacements through an American Idol-style TV show.

McGhee says in a new TV documentary about the band, “I believe that KISS can go on forever. I believe that there is a way – and we are talking to people and we’re pretty close to getting it done – about finding the four new members of KISS.”

As our own Eddie Trunk reports in his Trunk Report, despite the fact that this article is dated 2008, Eddie writes, “the plan and closer than ever to happening…maybe two years away from launching.”



  1. Why not? Imagine they try to use this to re-boot THE F#$KING ELDER. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I hate all of these talent shows but this I’ll watch. I gotta root for the 5″1′ Chinese guy as THE DEMON or the 400 pound STARCHILD. A girl singing LOVE GUN? THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE LAND……KISS STARRING CHRISTOPHER WALKEN AS THE DEMON, JOHN TRAVOLTA AS THE STARCHILD, ANDREW “DICE” CLAY AS THE SPACEMAN AND A GUY NOBODY EVER HEARD OF AS THE CATMAN. YEAH!

  2. Doc McGhee says ‘Four new members’. I guess when Gene and Paul go, Tommy and Eric go too? It will be an interesting spectacle but, I doubt it will fly for very long. I mean, all the pretty girls that don’t know the names of the songs or band members and just want to go out and shake their ass and be crazy for the night or the rich guys who can drop $2-3,000 cash for a meet and greet or a signature guitar, will always buy tickets (DIEHARDS BE DAMNED!) but, the diehards will leave and the hipsters will fade away. KISS were and band long before they were a brand. Bands are a group of guys/girls that believe in what they play and say. They put their heart and soul, sweat, blood and tears into it. Brands change constantly to make a buck. Anything to sell another unit. It’s sad. I’m not a hater but, KISS seems hollow. Gene and Paul have put the business before the music. Maybe Ace and Peter don’t deserve to wear the makeup and be in the band but, as far as I can see, neither do Gene and Paul.

  3. Just saw Paul McCartney in Albany on July 5th…72 years old, still sings all the notes great and played 40 songs in 3 hours. What’s Paul Stanley’s excuse? High heels too tight? Anyway, we all know Kiss’ latest US tour is tanking and certainly NOBODY will see a full blown tribute Kiss on tour. Bad, BAD idea…and embarrassing.

    1. joe, when we get older our bodies obviously change, the vocal chords are a muscle, muscle breaks down as we get older, in pauls case its his vocal chords breaking down with age, and really screaming it out for 40 + years- some people are luckier than others , both pauls’ have had surgery to fix vocal issues, mccartney’s procedure worked very well, stanley’s not so much- it’s not an excuse,it’s just what happens to alot of people when they hit 60- after thinking about seeing an all new kiss – i agree with your take on it – very bad idea people will see right through the dollar signs – and i also heard the tour is doing good in some markets , and not so good in others, with a couple of huge turnouts- time will tell. either way paul and gene are about physically done with touring .

  4. Maybe these “announcements” and allusions in many interviews are only their way of trying to find out whether this idea will get the attention and credibility among the fans/promoters/sponsors that is needed to make profit/to finance the project in the first place with some prospect of (commericial) success.

  5. Noooooo…. They will never find another band that will
    b as awesome as they where/are. Ive been listenin to Kiss for yrs the
    only time i would move in my mothers stomuck was to my fav song
    Heavens on Fire…….(Gene does it for me mmmmmmm ;).

  6. You guys are totally missing the point! It’s all a publicity stunt to create a buzz about the band again! When (or rather if) this show becomes a hit, the band can sell tickets, merchandise and albums to an entirely new audience – it’s really a clever ploy if you Think about it!
    Would I buy a ticket to see “new and improved KISS”? Ah I don’t think so – but I do think there’s an audience for it!

    1. Singer might knock on Alice’s office door and Tommy might go make coffee for the new members again. This image might please the haters. If that is the future of the band, I’d rather come to terms with the 50% tribute band still existing.

  7. So they will be a complete cover band now.

    They will most likely sound better than they do now.

    Plus who the hell wants to meet Brian, Jack, Bob & Harold after the show?

  8. Why not have several versions of KISS at the same time. Sell franchise rights with Gene and Paul getting a cut. You can have one touring in each country at the same time! They could play in each time zone on New Years Eve for the balldrop!
    Want KISS to play your wedding?? No problem!
    KISS may even appear on Eddie Trunk’s radio show!

  9. It’s getting to the point where I am embarrassed to be a fan. I have been obbsessed since I was 7(I’m 44 now) and actually fought over them back in the day. But Hello Kitty and the football team, and a show about the football team is too much…For them to think anyone will care about KISS with NO original or even secondary members is just stupid.. I love the classic music but it may be time to cover the tattoos

    1. I’m the same age and liked them also once I was 7…first album Kiss Alive 2…I’m getting embarrassed too…wish they would just take off the makeup and play… Keep making music but forget the sideshow. It is genius though money wise to have a Kiss-Vegas show with new players…The tribute bands are making bucks so why to a Kiss one? Won’t be for me, but is financially smart..

  10. LMFAO!!!! I am not surprised they want to replace themselves! They will go down as one of the Strangest Bands of All Time! You would never see any other Band do this, cause this is sheer stupidity! I’m glad I retired from their KISS Army! INSANE!!!

  11. If any band can pull it off KISS could. Not saying this will be good or bad. I bet Gene & Paul will have a say in what the new KISS writes & performs. They will work behind the curtain like the Great and Powerful Oz.

  12. I’m not angry for this declarations, the Gene simmons and paul stanley´s attempts to continue the band, are good, but kiss without paul and gene ain’t kiss. all the members said be embarrassed to be kiss fan, because this decarations, are stupid, they never was a kiss fans!

  13. What a bunch of shit this is…2 mediocre at best albums in the can..the band is running on fumes..and theyre gonna put this show out? Its sad its come to this…paul said that the makeup was an extension of who they were…now theyre doing nothing more than hiding behind it…

  14. OK who here thinks this is bull its not about the music aanymore its about the money gen a new house pethapse a facelift or some dumb crap back in the seventies is was about the music now its all about money

  15. The concept of letting the KISS characters have a life of their own has been hinted at publicly since at least 1980.

    Watch the 1980 Australian 60 Minutes segment on KISS and you’ll see Bill Aucoin (at around 4:43) discussing this idea.

    While on the surface, Aucoin is speaking in the context of merchandising the band, it doesn’t take much to apply his words to what was going on within the band at the time.

    This was at the point where Peter was just about to or had already left the band (although it hadn’t been announced yet), so I’m sure they were faced with dilemma of how to replace Peter and his Catman persona.

    There’s footage of Gene doing a photo session in a recording studio while singing along to Naked City, so Unmasked had already been recorded (either partially or entirely) and may have already been released. Also, at the beginning of the segment, the host mentions that KISS would be touring Australia in the near future, which they eventually did: in November of that year, with the late, great Eric Carr (R.I.P. ), so this segment probably would have aired around mid 1980 or so.

    So this “no originals” KISS is actually much older news than we imagine, but, as Eddie stated several times, it is truer today than ever before because the band is that much closer to making it happen. I’m surprised more KISS fans didn’t see it coming.

  16. Paul, Gene, and Doc may be thinking of pulling a “Blue Man Group.” BMG was originally 3 guys. They licensed their show out all over the world (NY, LA, Vegas, Chicago, Berlin, and more + 2 touring productions). Eventually, the 3 original guys stopped performing and “retired,” and to this day are collecting a very nice percentage of the profits. BMG shows still continue to sell out because they are visually entertaining and musically very proficient. (KISS is good at one of those things…)
    Still love the idea of Ace and Peter replacing Gene and Paul tho…LOL.

  17. I doubt very much that taking a rock band like Kiss , and “franchising it ” essentially , like a McDonalds and thinking thats gonna be a success will work . Kiss is Paul Gene Ace & Peter , and thats it …… everyone else dressing up as those 4 characters and going on stage under lit logo the name Kiss , is really only a tribute band ……. and that includes the current line-up they keep trotting out there and embarrass & humiliate themselves with on a weekly basis

  18. That is such a stupid idea for them to be considering. Come on guys don’t do this. They should let the group end normally. It would no longer be KISS without Paul and Gene. They should be pleased with the legacy they have left to music and the fans.

  19. Blackfoot already does this with all new members put together by Rickey Medlocke. And foreigner, especially when Mick Jones is sick, is the ultimate cover band.

  20. There”s a new KISS tribute band out of Central Michigan called KISSTER that really brings it. I watched their new video on youtube it feels like your watching the real KISS BACK IN THE SEVENTIES !!!!! WOW

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