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Gene-Simmons400 KISS bassist Gene Simmons who recently made some controversial comments about depression and suicide, has posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“I want to make this statement about my views on depression for the record and to clarify my prior remarks.

To the extent my comments reported by the media speak of depression, I was wrong and in the spur of the moment made remarks that in hindsight were made without regard for those who truly suffer the struggles of depression. I sincerely apologize to those who were offended by my comments. I recognize that depression is very serious and very sad when it happens to anyone, especially loved ones. I deeply support and am empathetic to anyone suffering from any disease, especially depression.

I have never sugarcoated my feelings regarding drug use and alcoholics. Somewhere along the line, my intention of speaking in very directly and perhaps politically incorrectly about drug use and alcoholics has been misconstrued as vile commentary on depression. Unkind statements about depression was certainly never my intention. Fully, you will know that and I do not intend to defend myself here and now, by listing the myriad charities and self-help organizations I am involved with. Rather, I simply want to be clear that my heart goes out to anyone suffering from depression and I deeply regret any offhand remarks in the heat of an interview that might have suggested otherwise.”

Simmons has received criticism for his comments from Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, who described the KISS frontman’s statements as “moronic”.


  1. I believe in his sincerity and wish him well. I hate people who refuse to accept apologies. God be with all of those suffering that indiscriminate disease and God be with Gene and his courage to correct his stupid mistake.

    1. I don’t believe it for one minute. He was trying to save face, because he doesn’t want to lose one potential cent. He cares about two things: getting laid – whether it be his wife or some random piece – and money. He cares very little about you or me, unless we’re potentially going to buy something with the KISS logo on it. I’m glad his big mouth and bigger ego have caught up with him.

      1. Funny. I care about getting laid and money too. I thought most people did (?). So me and Gene are the only ones who care about getting laid and money? Who woulda thunk it. All those porn sites and Money Tree stores out there and apparently it’s just for Gene and I. Wow. Agreed Richman. Very good apology from a person who made a mistake and admitted it.

        1. I’m very glad Gene apologized….I still can’t figure out him but AGAIN….I really believe he does have a heart. And I also agree with DR….I love my wife and having sex with ONLY HER…(I’m a germ phobe bad) & I also enjoy my money that I LITERALLY busted my bones…..ligaments…..neck, eh 4get it. Will be here all day…lol. Thank you Gene….sincerely appreciate the apology. Now go fuck yourself….lols, just kiddin…..Joe in The Cuse

      1. This is what I’m talking about. Why can’t anybody take someone who apologizes at their word? I’m not a hypocrite. I am actually a good looking guy but you are so consumed with hatred that you can’t see the truth. Why are apologies just a waste of time? Jesus begged His Father to forgive His killers and tormentors while He was suffering on a cross, so we could all take Simmons at his word. Stop the madness and love. God be with you GREGLAVALL. If I saw you in pain. I would help you.

      2. Nope, Richman is right–you’re either incapable or unwilling to look deeper and see a different side to all this. How about this– why don’t you go bug someone else on some other website. This site isn’t a forum for your personal attacks on people last I checked. A sincere apology but you can’t accept it. I agree with Richman. People who can’t accept apologies for something said are just holding on to a bag of bricks and expect others to carry it around for them. Forget that!

    2. Only because a Hollywood superstar killed himself is why Gene is apologizing. With Robin Williams killing himself just days after Genes rant really made the Kiss machine look bad. If a normal everyday fan killed themselves he wouldn’t give a rats ass. I’m sure a lot of his being sorry is because of the hate and resentment he’s receiving from a lot of the Hollywood rich friends of his and Robin Williams. Again if not for a big star like Robin that was lived he wouldn’t recant shit. Genes a “DICK”!!!

      1. Intelligent people are capable of seeing things a different way when something catastrophic happens. Maybe Gene was deeply affected by Robin Williams death and is sincerely sorry for his comments. If not, that’s his business. What do you want? Jail time? GET REAL!!!

        1. I guarantee if Gene saw someone in a serious situation…(aka Howard Stern saving someone from jumping off a bridge)…..wanting to off themselves Gene would attempt to stop that person. I know in my heart (disregarding his ego) that Gene is a very passionate, sincere person. I would also say Paul Stanley would also do the same……Joe in The Cuse

          1. Joe,
            In my heart, I agree but people don’t want to hear that right now. They want to condemn Gene for his words. Good post Joe!

    3. I’m glad he clarified his mistake. Saying moronic statements like that distances promoters and marketing $$., and obviously he did so those $$ keep rolling in. However, God be with Gene? How is God with a person who has a wife that’s a pornstar and promotes porn merchandise? You need to reevaluate your understanding of God. With that said, everyone should get a second chance.

      1. The God I believe in befriended a prostitute and now we have houses of worship named for her. Something about casting a first stone. Anybody who thinks that their beliefs and lifestyle are superior to that of others is in fact inferior to those that he judges. God be with you Jaz.

      2. God is with everyone Jaz, even you. Reevaluate his understanding of God when your the one who questions why God would be with a soul like Gene Simmons? Wow, we’re really going somewhere here. But still I ask, am I the only one who cares about sex and money?

      3. I don’t think an apology was even warranted, for God’s sake man, Robin is the one who killed himself, was Gene at his house egging him on? So, then, Robin read Gene’s comments and then killed himself? That is the only scenario in which maybe, Gene should apologize, but that is not close to being plausible. So, we’re left with thousands of unknown people that Gene is responsible for, his what? fiduciary duty? That’s ridiculous. Classic posts though guys, that is some great stuff, it’s the eye of the tiger man…

  2. Thanks to Gene for stepping up and correcting this. Whether he himself realized he made an awful mistake or someone got in his ear and persuaded him to apologize doesn’t matter, just give the guy credit for knowing he needed to do the right thing and say he’s sorry for what he said.

    1. .. hmm wasn’t it Gene Simmons that a short while back, defended someone who had said something racist? and wasn’t he the one who also said that poor people should be nice to rich people, because no poor person ever gave him a job?

      Gene is a moron. His apology means nothing at all, it’s only damage control.

      1. Valid point, it probably is just damage control, as I also thought it could be. And, as you point out, he’s made a habit of saying stupid things to the press. But this one could have had dangerous results because people suffering from depression don’t need to hear a pompous jerk telling them to kill themselves. Everyone has opinions but it’s become very apparent that Gene and Paul need to keep theirs to themselves.

  3. He was wrong and admitted it-fair enough. Gene isn’t the only one who has these thoughts.

    Hopefully, with Robin Williams’ suicide, this shines a light on just how serious this disease is. I hope that it becomes like the Chris Benoit tragedy-we don’t see concussions as being not a “big deal” anymore, I hope this happens with Williams’ suicide.

    1. Chris suffered from extensive brain injuries that crippled him. He had suffered well over 30 significant concussions but never went for proper treatment & when he did he never followed Dr’s orders. And there was a lot more involved that most people never knew that led to the murder/suicide. Joe in The Cuse

  4. Fully, you will know that and I do not intend to defend myself here and now, by listing the myriad charities and self-help organizations I am involved with.
    Nice job of mentioning it without mentioning it Gene. Is there some sort of contest going on between him and Paul that we don’t know about where they made a bet on who can be the biggest douche and still get away with it?

  5. hopefully he will be open to conceding that drug use and alcohl use are often hallmarks of mental illness/distress and not exclusively acts of wanton stupidity.

  6. Gene is only recanting because he has a new TV show about his Arena Football team and sponsors and TV execs are on his case. Gene will do anything if it means making or saving a $.

  7. What really happened was that one of Gene’s accountants pointed out to him that several members of the KISS army, who buy KISS merchandise suffer from severe depression and might stop buying KISS merchandise and they might lose some money, this got gene depressed.
    This got gene REALLY depressed
    This got gene SO depressed, that he now truly understands what severe depression is.

      1. Sadly, Chris is onto something. Gene’s entire world revolves around marketing. I don’t believe for a minute this is from his heart. This is about damage control and dollars. Usually most things are.

  8. Gene is still full of hatred towards Kurt Cobain because he believes Nirvana is the reason Kiss was on a downward spiral in the early nineties – which is why he mentioned Seattle in his comment about suicide and depression. He has blamed grunge music several times for making Kiss irrelevant musically. He did the same to Iron Maiden in the 80’s because Steve Harris is so much more talented than he is. Even Paul has stated in his book that he doubts Gene actually wrote his songs by himself in the 80’s and 90’s – as evidence by ‘Domino’ which was a direct rip off of a Tommy Thayer song when he was with Black N Blue.

    His hateful comments about depression and suicide were yet again a stab at Kurt Cobain.

  9. America – the land I love, but also a place where you can be criticized for apologizing and realizing you made a mistake. Gene runs his mouth quite a bit; but he did apologize and none of us have any inkling on the true insight. He realized he screwed up and apologized – doesn’t that count for something???

    1. Greg,
      Good point but some people like to torment others for their mistakes–makes them feel good about themselves. I think this whole thing was taken out of context, but it was still Gene putting his foot in his mouth. Some people have nothing better to do. I read the interview on song facts–his words were taken out of context and the media blew it out of proportion. Now Gene is giving a very accurate and sincere apology. That’s my belief.

  10. I think old Gene is a lot like the Rush Limbaugh’s/Ann Coulter’s of the world. They’ll say or do anything to push whatever it is they’re hawking at that given time. (No such thing as bad publicity theory). Couple that with his propensity for douchieness,and this is what ya get.Funny how most of his outlandish comments coincide with a tour,album,or in this case,a new TV show.Tune in a few months from now, when Gene’ll state something like “kicking puppies to death for pissing on the carpet is OK”, about a week before his next book release…..

    1. “kicking puppies to death for pissing on the carpet is OK”, about a week before his next book release…..

      Good one! I could actually see him saying something like that.

      It’s like the Kim Kardashian syndrome where you constantly have to top yourself by doing even more outrageous things just to stay on the radar of the public’s eye.

  11. I think a lot of these comments coming from Gene lately reflect more the desperation of his band more than anything else. In 2014 thinking Kiss is satanic and dangerous, as many believed they were 40 years ago is nothing short of ridiculous now. I’m sure there is still that part of Gene that wants to grab headlines and create controversy. The days of putting one’s blood in comic book ink to shock people have long since passed. Though in the politically correct age we live in, just voicing ones opinion that goes against that correctiveness can create headlines like spitting blood and breathing fire could decades ago.

    Based on the overall reaction and feedback to these statements, it seems Gene’s 21st century approach to grabbing headlines, shocking the people, and stirring up controversy to create cash is backfiring more than anything else. What’s interesting is I just watched a video of Gene in Japan last fall doing this interview in a music store where he actually talked about music and even played Deuce with a couple of guys in the shop. The shocking thing is he wasn’t being a d-k in the least, whereas he can’t open up his mouth 99% of this time in this country without coming across like a complete ass. Despite the poor taste of some of these remarks, I think I’ve figured out the method to Gene’s madness to all of this. Though we just keep seeing that Titanic that was once the greatest band in the land sink deeper and deeper into the ocean… but hey, on a positive note at least we have Ace’s rocket ship in the form of his awesome new album blasting off in the U.S. on the 19th!

    1. Good remarks, and yes, the more Kiss is on the decline (cf. Paul’s voice deteriorating, venues getting smaller despite double headlining, age taking its toll, mixing ventures like LA Kiss and restaurants with what once was all about dangerous rock’n roll …) the more Gene and Paul will try to create artificial headlines by boasting they are supernatural, bigger and better than ever, etc. – because they must, from their perspective, regarding both business and personal issues. The less people want to see them the more they try to be everywhere because they probably cannot get used to the thought that their time is almost over. I know they are talking about retiring already, but: The talk about making Kiss immortal by putting new guys into the make up is just a sign of Gene and Paul NOT being able to leave the stage for good and to a younger generation, they want to live forever in these images of the characters they once created. Sadly, if they did not ridicule their own legacy, the band and its members actually had already been on their way to become immortal but now the fond memories of the classic phase are blemished by the current stupidities.

  12. I really hope Gene’s sincere, and I don’t want to doubt him, but the timing of his apology is interesting. Just days after Robin Williams’ suicide, and Nikki’s comments, all of a sudden we get an apology from somebody who never apologized before for anything. Maybe his conscience got the better of him, and his apology came from his heart, and not from the “pressure”. Only Gene knows, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Alcoholics and drug addicts, not all of them are bad people either, I’ve never been, but I’ve known a few. Whatever the reasons, facts, excuses, or anything else, not all of them are a waste of life, or criminals. Everybody’s human, has faults and makes mistakes, some more extreme than others of course. Gene needs to realize the difference, somebody who likes to drink is not an alcoholic, somebody who NEEDS to drink is an alcoholic. He looks at everybody with a drink in their hand with that “snarl” of his, I wonder if he looks at them the same way at his “Rock & Brews” restaurants? Point is, Gene shouldn’t be so judgmental, he might be the “God Of Thunder”, but he’s not God himself.

    1. My girlfriend is a severely depressed drug addict. It’s sad to see the choices she makes on a daily basis as she heads down the road of self-destruction.

      With that said, deep down inside she’s a good person and has a lot to offer the world. I stay with her out of my love for her, even at my own detriment. I can’t make her stop taking drugs; no one can except for her. And since she doesn’t want to stop taking drugs, there’s not a whole lot I can do for her other than show her unconditional love as best I can. As recent as yesterday, me and her mother went to her apartment just to see if she was still alive. Thank God she was, but we were both prepared for the worst.

      One thing I would NEVER say to her as she wallows in her despair is, “F**k you! Kill yourself,” because she might actually do it! Maybe those words would be the final thing that pushes her over the edge. She’s made attempts before and many times has told me that she wants to die. The last thing she needs to hear from someone like me who has influence over her, is that she should go ahead and do it. Whether I thought I was calling her bluff or not, it wouldn’t be the right thing to say.

      So I’m glad Gene Simmons swallowed his pride and apologized for his merciless comments. He has a lot of influence over a lot of vulnerable people and needs to be careful what he says.

      1. War Machine, sorry to hear about your situation, I’ve been in a similar one, and I know it’s very, very difficult. People really do need to be careful when they’re giving “advice”, especially about things that either they’ve never experienced, or they have no sympathy or compassion for. Nikki Sixx was never a role model for anybody when he was younger, but look at him now, he overcame all his demons, and thank God, he lived to tell about it. When it comes to situations like this, I hope somebody in that position listens to Nikki. Today, there are more options than ever, I hope and pray for the best for you & your girlfriend, good luck.

          1. War Machine….I’m deeply saddened to hear about your girlfriend. I will keep her in my prayers & thoughts with POSITIVE ENERGY for her to beat the devil. Be strong my friend…..Joe in The Cuse

      2. War Machine, here is some unsolicited advice (and you did post that, so maybe it is somewhat solicited)…It’s been my experience that someone who has a drug problem: they take drugs to numb themselves to the world, has a guilt issue: they feel guilty about something and so take drugs, and the drugs compound their issue, i.e. the guilt they feel over taking drugs, itself, eclipses the reason they started taking the drugs, which was the whole point of them taking the drugs. So, I would say to her, “stop feeling guilty” for taking drugs, that’s the start, it’s just a problem, and everyone has them, problems can’t be quantified: i.e. a drug problem is no worse than having another kind of problem, both are problems of equal weight. So, what I”m saying is that it’s the guilt that’s killing her, and guilt is a killer man, it will eat you up, this guilt for being alive, so, I think if she stops feeling guilty about everything, she will stop hurting herself.

    2. Doug, ‘the Red Rocker” with the headset mic, he’s standing on top of the lighting rig at the Cow Palace in 1983…there’s only one way to rock, and that is in a yellow jumpsuit with red zippers all over it, or those light blue parachute pants, with the blue shirt…..that apology, I’d say, was a business decision made in light of the very bad timing of Robin’s suicide, that was a perfect storm for Gene, but does it matter? What would anybody do in his situation? I get what you’re saying about the drugs and the drink, but I’ll take a guy who would never offer me neither one as far as, you know, someone to hang out with, I like to drink and stuff, but I also like the consistency of never having to worry about someone pulling out drugs in front of me.. So I guess, I ‘ll take Gene as the complete person, in other words….: )

      1. Clown,
        Suckers walk, Money talks!
        But it can’t touch my three lock box!
        Uh! Oh, Yeah! 🙂
        I’m with you buddy, I like to drink around my friends, have a good time, catch a nice buzz, no drunk, and ride it out! I love to party as much as anybody, safe & smart! I don’t do drugs, none of my friends do drugs, but we do like to drink (under control) play poker, and we love to Rock, that’s our drug! Might sound corny, but that’s how we roll! Red Rocker rules! Mas Tequila! Cheers 😉

  13. “For the face of death, wears the mask of the king of mercy.” That’s a great quote from Blackie, and it’s true…so, then, it’s your best friend who’s going to perhaps be abrasive and tell you want you don’t want to hear at that particular time. Gene is behaving the way a true friend does and not an enabler. That’s the essence of what he said, and the only thing that matters. He should stop talking to the media though, they’re tying to slaughter him, he did bring it on himself, but hopefully he’s wised up enough to stop talking to them.

  14. To prove theoretically that Gene cannot possibly make someone kill themselves, please note the following hypothetical syllogism:

    GK>PK //PD>PK….
    As is now plainly evident from the conclusion, it is logically impossible for Gene to make anyone kill themselves.

    1. Actually I disagree big time. Have you heard his solo work? The one with FIRESTARTER and the KISS one with the Disney song and 90% of THE ELDER. Talk about depressing! Sorry CLOWN. I know you’re making serious points but you walked into that.

  15. Since when does anybody care what this pig with a wig has to say??? And if radio stations ban their music, then I am happy not to hear Beth or Rock n Roll All Nite ever again. Everybody wins!

  16. ? for all of you, is this the Eddie Trunk website or the where I go to do nothing but constantly post KISS shit?

    I am amazed at you folks, every dang “music news” theme ends up KISS let it rest folks!!!!

    Dana and Eddie, sorry but I am not going to follow this crap on your great site any longer

    Mark Weichold. gimme some Chickenfoot and UFO news!!

  17. In other news…ACE FREHLEY i has just released easily his finest solo work yet with the glorious “SPACE INVADER”.It can be classified as the best KISS album in recent times that KISS didn’t make.Truly a remarkable piece of work and hopefully this would shut Gene and Paul .Ok Gene were a total douche but you apologized…….apology accepted.Now apologize to your former band mates and share the wealth you didn’t earn all on your own.

  18. Gene could care less about Ace’s release, Kiss makes more money off merchandising in one night than Ace will net on his new album. Kiss on the decline is laughable. I like the clown saying Ace’s new release “is a remarkable piece of work”. He could tape a mic to his rear end and fart and tell Bronx polish jokes and it would be “a remarkable piece of work” to many. Sounds like Bob Coburn on Rockline saying every freakin guest he’s had on fer 30+ years new release “is a fantastic piece of work”. Ace could do in-stores all over the U.S. but he’s gonna do the Skid Row Warrant clubs in november.

  19. As usual there’s way too many comments following just about any news having anything to do with Gene or Kiss, so I stopped reading after about 30 of them. Whether his apology was genuine or not, I don’t really care, at least he put it out there. If what was reported before was how he actually said it and not a “selectively edited” statement from the interviewer, then I can’t really see how it could be “misconstrued”, but whatever – I still at least commend him for making the apology. Whether he means it or not, if you have an ego as big as his saying “I’m sorry”, especially in public, is probably hard to do.

  20. You know, it’s really this simple.

    If people are willing to accept apologies from Ace, Peter…or whoever has screwed the pooch for various things from drugs, words, putting other people in danger or any number of actions…then you must accept Gene’s apology.

    If you can’t, then your nothing more than a hypocrite. And yes, it’s that simple.

    1. I read some of the comments Dana. Again, everyone taking this whole thing out of context. As ridiculous as his statements were, everyone is missing his intent, which is NOT about condoning suicide. I believe your first post on this story was a good and insightful analysis–but these people (in the link) are simply joining the bashathon. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of them have made similar statements in their lifetime. Remember–let the one who hasn’t sinned be the first to throw the stone.

      1. Dana,
        Here’s my concern–If we continue treating people this way for their views, we will only achieve one thing–they will stop sharing their views from fear of this type of scenario. Consequently, we won’t know what we’re dealing with. I’m not saying we should tolerate something detestable that hurts people. I’m saying that a lot goes on in people’s minds and they will harbor it instead of sharing it and we won’t learn anything. It will fester and become worse! I have an aunt with the same attitude about depression as Gene. I think her attitude sucks! But, at least I know where she stands. How many of us truly know the people in our lives? Some of them hide what they feel because of this kind of example with someone like Gene.

        1. Mike B,

          I think the main issue is that some words have consequences. Therefore, when one formulates them, especially a public figure who has many followers, one should be a bit more measured in how he chooses to deliver his point. Ever hear the famous Shakespeare saying “kill the messenger?”

          Again, had Gene made his point in a different way, I really don’t think this would have been so blown out proportion. Perhaps, this taught him a good lesson and he will think twice the next time he opens his mouth. Unless, he does this for shock value, and then all bets are off the table.

          D 🙂

    2. dana, I see your plan. you’re trying to hook us kiss posters on to another site so you can create a new wave of posters who serve no purpose other than having multiple aliases and typing in this box….. well your brilliant plan won’t work! bwah , hah, hah……!!!!!


    3. I had to put this quote in, someone said this on that site:” I have learned that whenever anyone blames “political correctness” for a backlash against a statement, that the controversial statement usually reflects the person’s views accurately.” Say what? that doesn’t make ANY SENSE…lol….that is such a far fetched theory that it’s so crazy people will believe it.

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