Gene-Simmons400 KISS bassist Gene Simmons who recently made some controversial comments about depression and suicide, has posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“I want to make this statement about my views on depression for the record and to clarify my prior remarks.

To the extent my comments reported by the media speak of depression, I was wrong and in the spur of the moment made remarks that in hindsight were made without regard for those who truly suffer the struggles of depression. I sincerely apologize to those who were offended by my comments. I recognize that depression is very serious and very sad when it happens to anyone, especially loved ones. I deeply support and am empathetic to anyone suffering from any disease, especially depression.

I have never sugarcoated my feelings regarding drug use and alcoholics. Somewhere along the line, my intention of speaking in very directly and perhaps politically incorrectly about drug use and alcoholics has been misconstrued as vile commentary on depression. Unkind statements about depression was certainly never my intention. Fully, you will know that and I do not intend to defend myself here and now, by listing the myriad charities and self-help organizations I am involved with. Rather, I simply want to be clear that my heart goes out to anyone suffering from depression and I deeply regret any offhand remarks in the heat of an interview that might have suggested otherwise.”

Simmons has received criticism for his comments from Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, who described the KISS frontman’s statements as “moronic”.

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  1. Gene could care less about Ace’s release, Kiss makes more money off merchandising in one night than Ace will net on his new album. Kiss on the decline is laughable. I like the clown saying Ace’s new release “is a remarkable piece of work”. He could tape a mic to his rear end and fart and tell Bronx polish jokes and it would be “a remarkable piece of work” to many. Sounds like Bob Coburn on Rockline saying every freakin guest he’s had on fer 30+ years new release “is a fantastic piece of work”. Ace could do in-stores all over the U.S. but he’s gonna do the Skid Row Warrant clubs in november.

  2. As usual there’s way too many comments following just about any news having anything to do with Gene or Kiss, so I stopped reading after about 30 of them. Whether his apology was genuine or not, I don’t really care, at least he put it out there. If what was reported before was how he actually said it and not a “selectively edited” statement from the interviewer, then I can’t really see how it could be “misconstrued”, but whatever – I still at least commend him for making the apology. Whether he means it or not, if you have an ego as big as his saying “I’m sorry”, especially in public, is probably hard to do.

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