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KISS400 Rock ‘n’ roll legends KISS celebrate 40 years as music icons with their first-ever residency, KISS Rocks Vegas, at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas starting Wednesday, November 5th through Sunday, November 23rd. Show time is 8 p.m.

Concert Club presale: Mon July 14th at 10am PST to Thurs July 17th at 10pm.

“What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas, not if we have anything to do with it. We intend to blow the roof off the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino,” said Gene Simmons, founding member of KISS.

Four decades after beginning its exemplary journey as one of the leading rock ‘n’ roll bands in the world, KISS continues to make waves with one of the loudest, most over-the-top, non-stop parties at The Joint. Designed exclusively for The Joint in partnership with AEG Live, the chart-topping band will unleash its signature elaborate set designs, jam-packed set list, intense pyrotechnics and much more for nine of the biggest shows in KISS performance history.

“KISS Army, get ready! America’s most iconic band is coming to America’s most exciting city. Rock and Rock Hall of Famers KISS are bringing their show to Las Vegas for their first-ever residency. For 40 years, KISS has been putting on some of the most exciting shows in music and we finally got them where they should be – Las Vegas – at The Joint. We couldn’t be more excited to see what they’re gearing up for!” exclaimed Bobby Reynolds, vice president of booking for AEG Live Las Vegas.

KISS Rocks Vegas dates:

Wednesday, Nov. 5
Friday, Nov. 7
Saturday, Nov. 8
Wednesday, Nov. 12
Friday, Nov. 14
Saturday, Nov. 15
Wednesday, Nov. 19
Saturday, Nov. 22
Sunday, Nov. 23
*show time is 8 p.m.

Ticket prices for KISS Rocks Vegas start at $49.50 (plus applicable service fees) and go on sale on Friday, July 18 at 10 a.m. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit the Hard Rock Hotel box office, charge-by-phone at 1-888-9-AXS-TIX. VIP ticket and room and show packages are available at .




  1. This would be a good time for them to put imposters in their place and see if anyone really notices. They can sit in their hotel suites while 4 guys in makeup play to recorded tracks. I mean they haven’t taken their band seriously in years so this would be a perfect opportunity to continue the joke they call a band.

  2. No surprise here.
    They are on tour with a band (Leppard) that just completed a successful run.
    Sure Gene sees the money involved.
    Saw Kiss last night with Leppard.
    And of course Leppard played better music.
    And the stage spider was the only cool thing about Kiss…the firework pops are an old hat..time to drop them guys
    Felt like a karaoke trip as everyone had to. Prop up Paul vocally.

        1. Yes its time to drop the makeup..its not an extension of their personas anymore…its just something to hide behind…sad but true…they put the makeup on and its 1977 all over again..until they hit the stage and its 2014…father time is undefeated…its nothing to be embarrassed about, unless u stay at the party too long…its akin to an ahtlete staying past his/her prime…when its time to go please exit stage left.

    1. Listen people. Enjoy the spectacle and over the top entertainment called KISS! There never has and never will be another band like them. All others are a bore and are no comparison. See them when you can. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

  3. Maybe in keeping with Vegas tradition KISS can incorporate a magician to pull a real lead guitar player out of a hat, have a holgram of Ace on stage while Tommy copies his leads, and/or or Paul and Gene to pull their heads out of their butts.

    1. Gee whiz David, you are so funny. Guess you haven’t noticed that everyone from Santana to Cooper to Elton to Robert Plant have played Vegas. I guess that they are all lounge acts. Clearly you’re showing your age and immaturity.

        1. I was at the same concert. Cheap Trick opened for KISS. Most of the people booed Cheap Trick. It seemed like they thought Cheap Trick was a punk rock band. It was a rocker crowd and they didn’t like Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick was great. I thought it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. KISS was wicked cool back then. Hard rock played loud. They blew away everyone there. KISS rocked the CP that night.

  4. i have loved kiss since i was a kid, have tried with all my heart to support them by going to shows and buying the albums i really loved, i tried to understand paul and gene’s situation with ace and peter’s substance abuse issues, replacing them with tommy and eric, who i love as players ,{ but should have had their own identities-} plus the rnr hof nonsense- and i even kept an open mind with the old/new news of replacing all the members on a tv show- although that was really pushing my limits , this vegas news just pushed me over the cliff! jesus christ what the hell is wrong with these two guys! they have now officially done everything one could do to ruin the greatest band that ever was……..what a goddamn shame

    1. why would Kiss doing a 9 show residency in Vegas make you nuts, but all the other stuff hasn’t???? That makes no sense, it is the same band they are trekking around the world on tour, so if you like that you should like this…

  5. You know, they were only going to do the reunion tour in 1996. Wish they had kept their word and gone out on top. I no longer care about this company. I quit!

      1. Exactly! For every one fan that “quits” KISS, there are probably five more to take his/her place. Thanks for joining the conversation Paul’s Alter Ego, and for providing a little balance to this out of control current KISS bash fest. No offense to Eddie who is genuinely a KISS fan and is only interested in honest debate and conversation about KISS and other groups (I mean that–I’m not being sarcastic). I can appreciate and respect opposing views on this subject, but there is a lot of insults coming from the same people on this topic. Let them jump ship (figuratively of course)!

  6. Like usual alot of haters posting the same ol tired shit, and showing the usual low IQ points to boot. Here’s a tip – don’t go to shows, don’t buy albums, and don’t read the posts….unless you’re just here to hate – which I think you are.

    1. DR,
      True, but I am starting to see a few more supporters lately. Based on some of the posts, there are a few haters, maybe a few honest and dismayed fans, and some supporters of current KISS. Its hard not to reply harshly to some of the haters or so called experts here who think KISS should call it quits. Monster is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. Some have even gone as far as to exploit Paul’s vocal challenges from a few years ago to discredit KISS and support their argument. The truth is that Paul sounds great, but just does not have the same vocal range he had before his vocal surgery. Some try to come from various angles to criticize KISS, attacking everything they do–lame. So let them stop buying KISS. The number of KISS fans grows every day. After the RRHOF cermony, about two million fans “un-liked” KISS–which left about 11 or 12 million–now its back up to about 12,620,000. They must be doing something right.

      1. Mike,
        Personally I don’t give a shit if someone likes KISS or not. I don’t care if you like this incarnation or not. As a matter of fact, I understand it if people don’t want to support it. But then keep your mouth shut. If you don’t like them, don’t read about them. Don’t waste your time. I’m all for being critical as people know. But be original or don’t be here. But for those who do want to KISS to ‘pack it in’, I’ll say this – be very careful what you wish for, because soon a lot of these bands will be packing it in. And we’ll have virtually nothing. No KISS, no Priest, Scorps, Sabbath, Crue, Motorhead, etc. Then there will be a different kind of whining and complaining. My 6 and 9 year old love KISS. They don’t know who Paul Stanley is, they know who the Starchild is. And that’s exactly what KISS wants. Me personally, I like my KISS with Ace Frehley and anyone other than Peter Criss. But I’ll take them to a KISS show because its a helluva lot better than taking them to Katy Perry or the Biebs. So keep hating haters, cause its gonna get a lot worse sooner than anyone wants.

    2. Have you seen the sales figures in the USA for the last two cds? Or the fact they have had to co headline the last two tours? There are not 5 new fans replacing the ones that are jumping ship. Clearly people aren’t buying the cds or going to the shows anymore. Live Nation had to have special sales just to get people to buy tickets to the shows. Also all the free tickets that will be given away to make the venues look full. They aren’t an arena act anymore they are a theatre band. That’s not hate just the plain truth. They’ll do well at the Join because its 3200 seats, but they couldn’t do a show like that in a 20000 seater because it would be empty.

      1. Again my point is John, who cares? Do you feel better about it because you can make claims they can’t sell a 20,000 seater? Who can nowadays besides 2 or 3 other acts? There are shitloads of other artists co-headlining these days. But I don’t hear people talking shit about Elton John and Billy Joel. Anybody wanna take a shot at Aerosmith for taking Slash on the road this summer?

        1. Oh DR…..stop whining. People have the total right to voice their opinion whether you like it or not. You hate Peter Criss….so you are a “hater” yourself……& I have accepted Eric & Tommy but this shit is hysterical in regards to Kiss….lessseeee…Vegas Circus, Half of KISS Tribute Touring. L.A. KISS, 4 all new Kiss members etc: Shit is funny but hey, we buy their bullshit so kudos to Gene & Paul…..Joe in The Cuse

          1. Ahhh, the incessant ramblings of one who wears a safety helmet as he watches a tilta whirl go around for hours. Come on joe, time to get going. The short bus has arrived.

          2. Don’t accuse me of whining because my facts differ from your opinions. I’m not ‘hating’ on Criss as you suggest. I just don’t by the hype most of you ‘haters’ – yourself included have heaped on him. Your shit is getting real old Joe in The Cuse. Not sure why a Vegas stint at this stage in the game is hysterical to you. Funny how when these guys do something that other bands of done, it becomes a joke, whether its Vegas or co-headlining.

          3. Oh DR….my shit is getting old?? And yours isn’t? C’mon…you’re a “hater” just as much as you any1 else here… can spin it anyway you want. Personally AGAIN, I find this shit hysterical……but AGAIN…kudos to Gene & Paul. They run the band as a buisness and bless them……..and “hate” is a really strong word……I really believe nobody hates any of the current members or past members of Kiss…..Joe in The Cuse

  7. You can’t look at the Spaceman & Catman and not think of Ace & Peter, regardless of the “backstory”, that’s who they are, inside out. Same will go for the Starchild & the Demon when they get replaced. Might sound crazy, but for me, when all of the original 4 are replaced, that will be easier to accept than just half the band. Because then, instead of trying to convince everybody that the characters are more important than the people portraying them, Paul & Gene will see things differently, – like from Ace & Peter’s eyes, from their perspective. Either you’re a cover/tribute band, or you’re not, you can replace the members, BUT YOU CAN’T REPLACE THE FACES, no matter who’s behind the makeup, for better or worse.

    1. doug r,
      I hear what you’re saying. I support current KISS but I wonder how Paul and Gene will be able to step back and let someone take over their personas. They have always controlled the direction and integrity (at least most of the time) of KISS. In my opinion, the one time they should have listened to Ace was before they recorded The Elder–even though I like that album–because he knew what the fans needed from KISS at that time. Nevertheless, Paul and Gene have always expected the best and total commitment from each member. How will they maintain that outside of KISS? I don’t know. This talk about replacing all four at the same time makes no sense to me. Then again, its not confirmed. The residency in Las Vegas is not a surprise at all–I think Aerosmith played a residency at The Joint too. From there, they will probably tour for another year I would imagine.

    2. Doug R., I like that. I don’t have anything personally against Tommy and Eric. My beef is with Gene and Paul forcing them to wear makeup to pretend to be someone they are not. So I think the new mantra for fans on this side of the argument should simply be “REPLACE THE FACES!” Brilliant in it’s simplicity. Thank you!

  8. If people did not buy tickets then Ace would be back tomorrow. People support Tommie so guess what you get. Tommie. Haven’t been to a Kiss show since the Farewell Tour and I love Kiss. I spend a lot of $$$ on vintage Kiss stuff but not a dime on the new Kiss.

    Ben O

  9. Oh .another tribute band like kiss. Haha . As a longtime fan of all eras of kiss all the way up to diss fake kiss today. I say retire. If I wanna see a kiss tribute band I would go see this act bev ause its what it is its a stolen act . With imposters. Funny thing is ppl always diss ace but if u really think about it it was him that left them. not once but twice n its him that has best solo material as an artist out of all kiss ex members.and sold most . And its also a fact kiss was never as big as a band unless he was in the band . These are facts. So next time somebody thinks bad of ace remember these facts

  10. I’m more excited about a new Ace Frehley album than I am about anything Paul and Gene are up to. Paul and Gene have managed to ruin the band that got me into hard rock and metal in the first place. It makes me sad when I think about how great Kiss once was because those days are long gone. Ace and Peter are awesome, really down to earth great guys and I’ll always support anything they do.

      1. and yet Ace’s new record will outsell Monster (The most Kiss-like record since Destroyer). Except the fans that bought Destroyer didn’t buy Monster….lol

        1. Yes, all those parents who bought Destroyer for their kids in 1976 did NOT buy Monster. You are correct. And yes, people in the mid 70s had the same musical tastes as people do now. So yes, your point is very valid.

      2. If that’s true, that Ace and Peter are down to earth because they lost their fame and money years ago, then it’s the best thing that could have happened to them. All fame and fortune have done to Paul and Gene is make them self centered, egomaniacal jerks who bypass integrity for dollar signs at the expense of the people who got them to where they are in the first place: The loyal, longtime Kiss fans, most of which look at Paul and Gene as jokes now.

          1. He probably has a lot more money left than any of us here will ever have, so your remark is just ridiculous, just trying to keep the old bashing going.

          2. @ Mike B – haven’t YOU done your share of answering my posts? Wjat do you think this website is for? Why do YOU post here?

          3. @schocomon,
            Not to pick on you–so just RELAX! I will respond to your posts when I feel its necessary.

  11. Will it ever end? The nonsense with this band? They are well on their way to becoming the Menudo of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock. Congrats guys. Way to nosedive your legend into the ground. It is hard for me to remember the days when I thought KISS was interesting or… wait for it…..wait for it…………cool.

    Is this a nightmare? Someone please wake me up. I am begging you.

    1. Unfortunately my friend, this is not a nightmare. I really wish it is just a nightmare but it’s reality. They have destroyed the once proud name of Kiss and it seems to be getting worse.

  12. Bob, I’m with you. The hate here is unbelievable, and for what? Like Kiss is the first band with a replacement member? Like Kiss is the first band to continue after their farewell tour? Like Kiss is the first band to do Vegas?

    I think the part that gets me the most is the bullsh** idea (perpetuated in part by Eddie) that somehow Kiss is trying to “put one over” on their fans. They are VERY upfront with who is playing on stage and who isn’t. And it isn’t like Paul and Gene are excluding Ace and Peter; if they REALLY wanted to be there, they would. Why should those two hold Paul and Gene hostage? How is that fair? And how is having replacements that create the thrill of the original band any different than Axl having DJ Ashba wear leather pants and a top hat and stand on the piano during the solo to “November Rain” (which I saw with my own two eyes in Philly about a year and a half ago).

    1. Good post…the hate is unbelievable for KISS on this site…where was the hate for GnR , Def Leppard, or Motley Crüe when they did their residency…I didn’t agree with the whole Eric and Tommy makeup thing, BUT I still like the music and I would rather have this than no KISS…I wish they would take off the makeup and just play…just kick ass music so the haters could go away…

  13. I just saw Def Leppard and Kiss last night in Dallas. My 5th time seeing Def ( my fav band ) and my first time seeing Kiss. I thought it was a great show from both bands and by the reaction from the sold out crowd so did everybody else there. I don’t get all the trash about Kiss. Paul thanked all the fans for getting them into the rr hall of fame. He and Gene sounded great and the two ” new ” guys played outstanding. And I get not liking them for some people because Ace and Peter aren’t in the band. I didn’t like Priest without Halford. Since he has been back I have seen them twice and bought all 3 albums. I didn’t feel the need to complain about it all the damn time though. I just didnt support them with my time or money. And complain about Kiss spending a couple of weeks in Vegas ? If you could stay in one place for a couple or more weeks and get paid well wouldn’t you do it ? I damn sure would and alot of other bands have done the same thing. Get over it. And lets not forget that when a person records a song when they are in their 20’s its not going to sound the exact same way 30 or 40 years later. Lets put time and age into perspective here people. If you don’t like a certain band or type of music, why are wasting your time reading about them. I don’t get it. And one last thing, great job Dana. I check out this site almost daily for the info you and Eddie provide for us true fans. Thank you !!!!!!!

  14. i wanted to add a comment about ” haters” although i know i shouldn’t lol….. i have read most of the posts/comments posted here about kiss because like many of the people making comments i have loved kiss since i was 15 yrs old – just tossing out the word” haters” is just silly , people post negative comments out of frustration, the band that they first loved ,got inspired by , connect memories to etc…now i have to be careful ..dont want to be a” hater” that great band has in just my opinion,, become absurd- just look at a clip from the 70’s they were everything a rock band should be about – take a look at any clip from 2010 till now – that should do it…. rock is supposed to be about rebellion , it is supposed to inspire you , make you feel alive , give you gooseflesh when the lights go down, they have become a parody of themselves and they should stop pretending they are the same band they once were, ALI should have quit while he was still the greatest, he hung on too long and tarnished his legacy, and we all know what else. i know deep down paul and gene love doing this, it ‘s their life , their life’s work , and the music and the fans have given them a fantastic life. paul knows his voice is shot and i’m sure he is very upset about it , they know they are not what they need to be and i’m sure they do a lot of soul searching in private , truth be told they have aged pretty gracefully on stage , but this is just not the hottest band in the land anymore – i dont hate kiss , i love kiss! when it’s finally over for kiss i want to remember what they used to be and how they made me feel , not what they have now become.

    1. total agreement,its a money making brand for kids..hello kitty kiss sums it up.people say we are haters as you say but thats not it.we expect a rock n roll band that set the bar.not a brand going trough the motions to make one more dollar.people say “ooh but they are in their 60s.. so,They are touting themselves as one of the biggest bands in the world.Thats laughable,you play sold out stadiums as a headliner not dragging round def leppard to do 60 mins of the same old same old.
      Their ego’s wont let them face the fact they are way past it..

      1. They are still making money, and if you go to a show, you would see people are still loving their concerts so why quit?…Been a fan since 1977, and no matter what, they always managed to surprise, but I didn’t like the makeup being worn by Tommy and Eric, even though I love the new music too. I have come to terms with it as a fan, and understand that they ARE still relevant because the mainstream sees the makeup and thinks thats KISS, whereas you may say there’s 1/2 of KISS…Hell, USA Today had an article about this Vegas residency today so someone cares…It’s funny, to the non- fans of KISS, they are relevant, but to people like me ( or maybe you and others) who have loved them for what they WERE, we feel much of what they do is calculated and not genuine…that’s because we’re fans…All of these bands are getting old, and as long as they can bring it then I say bring it…but I have to admit, to those of us who saw them in there heyday, they are not that today…

        1. And, you are not the same person today that you were in their heyday. When youre a kid and you experience something for the first tIme, its always bigger and better. (and that includes ice cream, candy, and a Mcdonalds cheeseburger) It was a totally different time with different musical tastes. Barry Manilow and Captain and Tenille were huge back then as well. I think it’s unfair to compare the original band with the current band. There are way too many other factors involved. Today, anyone can go on youtube and watch a Kiss concert from their own home. You can download Kiss music online. You can see backstage footage of Kiss on youtube. You can go online and find out the setlist from every concert. The original Kiss did not have to compete with these issues. Think about the first time you saw the movie Jaws when it came out. Totally cool movie and very scary. Now think about when you watched it on cable last week. Same movie but does it have the same affect on you? Nope. Why, it’s still the same cool movie that scared the crap out of you in 1975? The movie is the same. You are different and so is the time. But do you still have a fondness for the movie? Yep.

          1. Good analogy…don’t misinterpret what I am saying…I’m not the same, and neither are they, so my point is we shouldn’t expect Kiss from 1977 although they still put on a great, fun show…

  15. Gene must be very upset that he can’t claim to have invented the residency gig idea, since Motley and Guns did it first. I heard he’s now claiming to have invented Creme brûlée.

  16. My only hope for the future is that as Gene and Paul are phased out is that everything goes okay for Tommy and Eric. They seem like good guys and they are talented musicians. They will be waving the KISS banner for many years to come. These guys will be playing KISS classics as those songs turn 50 years old. Just awesome. You don’t retire anything as fantastic as KISS. I was 2 when KISSes first album came out. I hope to go see their 100th anniversary tour in 60 years. I can’t wait. Keep KISS going at all costs. They are without a doubt the best musical group of all times.

  17. Its obvious they are bleeding every last dollar out of the brand before his voice goes 100%,its close to that now.touting they are bigger than ever is laughable,as its been said you go out as a headliner not a co do a full 2hr show not 60mins. you have a real new stage set not a movable lighting truss on a bland stage with just a bigger than before video screen and the same lifts used yr after yr,you don’t do the same gags year after year.Gene flys, paul does the fake sound meters,flys over the audience,same stupid bazooka gag,same colored pyro bangs in the same songs.same setlist.
    Its all designed for the kiss fans with little kiddies to bring along and see some fireworks going off.
    Its not a rock n roll show.Its “disney meets kiss”
    The trouble with kiss is they surround themselves with brown nosed yes men who won’t say anything.How can you not want to say” paul you sound like complete shit.what’s new,???” where’s the apocalyptic stage show thats touted all the time.its just the same pretty colored pyro,take away the production whats left??? watch any youtube video and just listen to the audio,its horrendous.
    two fake members is the icing on a stale cake..its not kiss its the gene paul thing and wotsit band..

    1. Interestingly enough yours is the first post I have read talking about the flaws of the Spider Stage design which Paul is so proud of – you are right, it is actually just a moving lighting truss. here is nothing more intricate or interesting about it. (If you do not believe, look at U2’s 360 stage e.g for what is possible if you do not fear the expenses and hire a professional from outside the band to create something really good – talking about giving the fans their money’s worth). So it is very cheap (financially and artistically) compared to the stage sets of other bands as big and drawing similar crowds/playing similarly big venues. Just because today’s state-of-the-art moving stage lights are providing such a wonderful(ly cloured) light that “fills” the empty space people might not understand that this production design is probably the cheapest and most boring they have done in decades. I did like the design for 2012 much better. The bazooka gag is really pretty stupid because it is taking the even bizarre gag with the burning/shooting guitar to an extreme that is not interesting anymore, only laughable. At this point in the show the comparison of Ace with Tommy (every longtime fan subconsciously will make) to me seems the most obviously ridiculous. Unfortunatley you are also right in saying that Kiss has not invented/added any new stage gag/basic variation to the show since I don’t know when. The flying, the blood, the fire, it is all OK, we expect it to happen, but where is at least one more of these gags to be added? One new idea? Many other big bands constantly come up with new stage sets or variations to their show when they set out to sell big venues again. I do not know why so many fans still semm to be satisfied with the same show year after year. They would not be satisfied with a new Transformers movie not topping the last one. So Kiss cannot claim it is the greatest show on earth like it might have been in the late 70s, today there are dozens of bands out there with a bigger or more extravangantly designed and often also moving video screen (e.g. Rush, Rolling Stones), a more sophisticated lighting system etc., they are just repeating their advertising slogans and as long as many fans do not care and keep buying tickets, they will continue to do so. I would be pleased if they created a fresh, overwhelming, expensive and surprising stage set again and do a real farewell tour next year which stops in every part of the world. That would surely draw large audiences and thus make them a lot of money, and rightfully so. But that won’t happen, I guess.

        1. You are really narrow-minded not seeing that if someone is critical it does not mean he dislikes everything about the thing (here: the band) in question – people like you obviously think in black-and-white schemes and cannot imagine that one can be critical and annoyed about something or someone and still clearly see what is still good about the selfsame something or someone. So please try to use your imagination before you post these black-and-white commentaries. It is a question of being able to change perspectives, now can you? If you have actually read all my posts you MIGHT have realized that I do not bash the entire band, music, etc. of Kiss. But all the same, you just like your world to be divided into haters and lovers, right? Good (you) and bad (me), right? It is much easier that way, that’s true. Do your really think that what people post here and elsewhere on similar forums is all they have to say, all they think, all they are? Then you have totally misunderstood how this here virtual reality works.

  18. Very Simple – If you don’t like KISS or the current lineup, don’t go see them. Many will go and have a great time. Everyone has a choice. I have been a fan for a long time and of all lineups of the group. KISS would not be touring right now if only the 4 original members were in the band. I hate to say it, but Peter cannot play a full show anymore.

      1. … he is paying Eric good money (relatively speaking) to both repleace Peter AND sing his chorusses. so that’s two for (almost) the price of one.

        1. I saw them in Portland. On this tour they have Paul singing songs in that are in a lower keys so his voice overall sounds better – King of the Nighttime World, Hotter Than Hell, etc. Lick it Up is played by the band in a lower key than the original I think. But he sounds better when he is not reaching for those high highs. He’s got company. Anyone put Celebration Day up against the originals? Many keys were lowered for Plant to hit the notes for that gig. The difference here is that Plant decided not to go on tour and try it every night. 🙂

          Regarding the stage show, I was very underwhelmed on the Crue/KISS tour and thought KISS was really phoning it in, having Tommy/Eric do a big solo segment instead of four more songs (in a short show already). This tour so far, no Tommy songs, no big solo sections, just a nice solid set list. And sorry, I like the spider light rig. It looks really cool and they do a lot with it.

          1. If you like the spider, that’s OK. I was also quite satisfied that LZ did not try to expand the great O2 gig on a world tour, although, of course, I would have tried to get tickets, but it is a smart move not to ruin your legacy trying to pretend you are still young. And it is much harder for Plant than for Page, i.e. for a singer than for a guitarist. Bad comparison, but same with Abba who were offered a billion!!! for a world tour about a decade ago (when they were still younger than G and P are today) but declined saying that they would not be able to live up to their legacy and therefore would not want to spoil it … that is the right spirit while it is, of course, still sad for the fans of a certain band not being able to see them again. All these rock bands of the 70s that have become iconic and essentially influential in this genre had/have tenors as singers, so for them it is even more strenuous to keep their voice intact. Kiss has always recioded their songs in E flat etc. (I had a hard time trying to play their songs until I finally discovered the fact that it was all simple chords but just tuned down) now they are playing their songs one more half-tone tuned down (now being a full note down to D) which to some extent also changes the feel and sound of the songs. If you play guitar you know that tuning down a full step or more substantially changes the sound of the same riff you are playing to darker, heavier – but Kiss has never had a “metal” sound. Other bands do and did so as well. What you are referring to, I think, is rather that they chose songs from the catalogue in which Paul does not have to sing THAT high, and they also have included a bit more songs for Gene, so that and the fact that Tommy and esp. Eric are covering makes it sound a bit better than the last tour, but still one must admit that Paul’s voice is nearly done, at least with regard to being able to wheather thorough a lengthy tour. For a comparison, I watched The Who’s cioncert at Wembley Arena 2013 the other night and Daltrey’s vpoice also shows clear signs of age (he was 69 at the time) but he is able to deal with it in a classy way so it fits and so they still sound great together. He is a good example of how to get old as a singer and still remain voice as well as class and dignity without letting the fans down.

  19. Ppl that say comments from fans about cur rent kiss are all together not haters. I had considered myself looking back as a true longtime fan since 5yrs old in 1977 and I am simply saying that as a longtime fan to me personally I think the kiss legacy is destroyed and I blame paul for that one.I say thaT because of direction of band today.2nd thing is the band today n makeup is not the band I had come to love for all those yrs n3rd I think that kiss has shit on a good part of their fans base with the notion of take it or leave it attitude and they have done it without respect for ex members and the fans .I personally can’t wait for them to retire.bands do replace members and that ok. But in kiss when u have something that each member designed and was a part of their own personal character I just dint see it fitting why didn’t they dress vinnie or Eric carr in peter n ace makeup back then . It was wrong n they knew so today I think its about power trips and paul all full of himself . The guy I thought for decades I would never disagree with in terms of kiss I find my self today seeing way to many faults within him and the band . Ppl this is not kiss and will never be. Its the watered down version of what the best version is and was and thats what they are again selling to you. Question is. Are you buying it… I know im not

  20. Funny how most comments are not about this residency, but a reason for people to just spew hate for the band…does anyone really have a problem with this residency that didn’t already have issue with Eric and Tommy in makeup??? If this was the original four doing Vegas would any of you haters have an issue with it??? OF COURSE NOT!! So those of you who have issue with the band as it is today, have no right to comment, because your opinion is biased in the first place. I have my issue with the “current KISS”, but I choose to still see them because it is a celebration of what the band was…Get over this people, why spend your time commenting about them if you hate them? It’s because unlike any band EVER, KISS is polarizing with everything they do…How many other bands have re-invented themselves this much?? And how many bands make fans as crazy as they do??? No one (maybe Metallica) but let’s just all agree they were great and if you don’t like what they are doing now, don’t support it, but stop with the nonsense…The so-called “haters” on this site are more embarrassing than anything Gene or Paul has ever done…

  21. Hmmm…the irony here is the cry babies that are calling people “haters” are obviously “haters” themselves….but they’re obviously to blind to see that let alone understand it……..For me Paul Stanley has been doing a enormous amount of “hating” but that goes unnoticed by the frail few who worship Paul….and it is a cool thing to worship Paul Stanley but WOW….does that guy have a lot of……”Hate” in him!!! Joe in The Cuse

    1. Yes, it is even more surprising because he should be happy with everything he has accomplished, money, fame, and all, and that should give him a good enough and feeling and relaxed attitude to NOT diss the former members like has recently done over an over again. So, there must be another reason for doing it, something that money cannot buy (if it is not for the most obvious reason, trying to sell the current KIss by defaming the old Kiss) …fulfilment as an artist perhaps? Having inspired a generation of guitarists to pick up that instrument?? Still being loved for what you did in the past even though you haven’t been in the band for more than decade?? Being respected for not seizing every opportunity to make yourself feel good at the expense of other band members?? Being respected for admitting your failures and trying to reciover from it? The talent of just letting it roll and having a good time?? I also agree that those who call us, who are clearly critical, haters are themselves haters because they hate it that we dare to criticze. They also fail to understand that because we criticize does not mean we hate the band.

      1. I have never seen so much hatred from both Gene & Paul for so long towards 2 people. Paul commenting on Ace & Peter being racist was well beyond bullshit & laughable. Paul is & always will be my favorite member of the band….he is in my opinion (some will disagree) in the top 5 all time of entertainers but the route he has chosen with his hatred on Ace & Peter is just a shame. Now the few meatheads here on Eddies forum that call out the “haters” (lols) simply choose to not acknowledge Paul Stanley’s REAL HATRED towards 2 human beings. But as the great Bill Parcells once told a once young Phil Simms….”for christsakes… really can’t teach stupid”… eventually worked out for Phil……Joe in The Cuse

        1. So there must be another reason for this bashing of Ace and Peter than fame, money etc., this repetition of old stories that are no longer valid or true. This warming up of old hatred and stereotypes. You are right, Stanley once had one of the best and most distinctivevoices in rock and he clearly is a good entertainwer on stage, so why does he have to do this bashing after all?? Now, Mike B, the game is on for you to hate us again …

          1. You really don’t like someone to disagree with you do you schocomon. I have read your posts, and you are entitled to your opinion. However, when someone disagrees you change the subject and try to put them down. You come across like you’re more entitled than anyone to share your views and put them down in subtle ways when they disagree. I think I’ve been reasonable with my views and demonstrated an understanding for both sides. But you just keep bashing current KISS every time there is something to say about it and you insult people who disagree with you–at times in subtle ways. That’s fine–but be ready for a response to counter yours or start your own website where only YOUR views are allowed.

  22. Not interested in joining the inevitable “dialogue” that comes with every Kiss thread on here. Just thought a 9 show run might finally be a chance to hear a few different songs in the setlist. Maybe they could save a one song slot in the show for something different each of the 9 nights, then combine the live performances as a way to sell fans another album without having to write any new songs.

    1. So they will use the spider lighting rig again.not even a brand new show.same costumes now for at least four years…fact remains though any different setlist will still sound tuned down to accommodate Paul’s completely shot voice..

  23. Maybe Ace can be the opening act instead of being in some casino that has Paul Williams or Fabian-Avalon-Rydell the week before. Rose Marie residency at the Flamingo in ’51. Perry Como at the Desert Inn in ’57, Sammy Davis Jr. at the Sands in ’64. Nancy and Frank Jr. at the International ’70.

  24. In other new, Aerosmith had to slash the last 5,000 tickets(actual seats not lawn tickets) in their hometown today to fill the place. We won’t read about that here. If you don’t like the make up issue with KISS ,that’s fine,it’s your right. If you’re still whining after all these years . maybe you should direct your venom at the 2 members that thought so little of the make up that you worship that they put a price on it.

  25. Maybe if we stop talking about them and fueling the fire, they will go away. I’m a huge fan, but I agree the reunion should have been the end. I think Paul could have had a decent solo career after Kiss.

  26. So, it starts … the beginning of the inevitable end.
    I’m sure this summer on the road with Leppard will be the final nail in the box – don’t you think?
    I mean …geez, it has to be a grind even for Eric & Tommy. The tours get shorter, the set gets shorter, the box office gets smaller. When do those two step out already?

    1. If you listen and compare Tommy’s rendition of Ace’s licks some years ago with today you can see, hear and feel that even for him it is getting boring, just a routine. It is even harder for him to pretend that it is still fun because it’s not his own creation that he can relate to. So while they might sound more professional and polished than ever before, at the same time the real power and fire fades away.

  27. I saw this lineup with makeup in their first European tour 09, feelings aside on Ace and Peter, the show was FULL KISS and musically it was brilliant. Paul’s voice was unbelievable, I loved every minute. Yes, I would love to have the original band but we got what we got, and I think both Eric and Tommy do a good job.

    In contrast though, I saw them in Irvine, CA in their tour w. Leppard (which played great BTW) and as much as I love KISS, I’m not going to see them live anymore. Paul just cannot sing anymore, it makes me real sad, he is one of the greatest rock n roll voices EVER, but it hurt in almost every song, unfortunately he was off, except Lick it up maybe. I’m not bashing him, it truly, as a fan hurts to see that you probably won’t see the band live anymore, and KISS without Paul’s voice is not KISS.

    Gene, on the contrary was singing great. Maybe if Paul tones down his stage banter to save his voice for the songs? But then again, it wouldn’t be KISS!! I don’t know… it really makes me sad. Only saw them three times, farewell tour,’ 09 in Munich and the current leppard tour. Honestly, nowhere near enough what I would have wanted!… new albums I’ll always be there buying them. Live show? No. I want to keep my memories from 09 backwards with Paul’s singing as it should be.

    1. Are you sure you saw them in 2009? I remember seeing them in Oberhausen in 2008 as well as 2010. Paul’s voice was strained in 2008 and a lot worse in 2010 (proof would be the Rock am Ring TV footage). Compared to his voice in 2010, on some nights today he is even worse, on a few nights he is slightly better, but on the whole one must say it hurts because you still have the original sound of his voice in your head so are instantly comparing the past with the present even though you might not want to.

      1. In 2009 it was 10 years since I saw in the farewell tour, I gotta say that maybe I remember it better than it was because I was having a ball, but I prefer it that way 🙂 Although I have a few videos that I filmed and Paul was awesome. All in all, I fully agree that I can’t compare, but you’ve heard those songs so much (both live and studio) that it’s tough, especially with Paul who had such an incredible voice.

    2. Totally agree with everything you said. I saw them last year and Paul’s voice as annoying at best. But yet his banter was none stop and not toned down. I was thinking the exact same thing you were about him. But again to your point, Gene was money all night long. It was actually one of his best performances that I had seen, and I’ve seen them 25+ times over the years. I kept thinking they should have more Demon songs and less Starchild songs. But you know that will never happen. If it weren’t for my kids, I wouldn’t see them live anymore. But they have a blast and its fun to take them to shows that I went to as a kid as well.

      1. I’ll take Paul’s voice bad or not any day……the guy is 62 yrs old, in amazing shape… I have heard good & bad about this tour but in all honesty….who cares, I’m not about to piss & moan members….Tommy & Eric are true to the spirit of KISS… I’m over it. What was bullshit was the RRHoF’s ignorance to other KISS members getting not getting the respect that they earned!! Joe in The Cuse

      2. 25+ times that’s AWESOME!! I’m with you if I had kids I would do the same… the gotta see that show!! But man I’m sure you’ve seen them w/o makeup then, I would have loved to see the Hot in the Shade tour or the Revenge tour.

      3. Watching a lot of fan videos of the current tour recently to me also Gene seems to be in good shape, and I also mean physically, he looks leaner than before, and his voice is still there. So there are different examples of rock singers getting old, like I said before, Daltrey of The Who has done so in a classy way not trying to do things he could do 20 years ago thus not making a fool of himself. Paul has always been yelling on stage doing his banter, that surely has worn his voice out in addition to the singing.

  28. Vegas residency is a great venue. I don’t like the current Kiss but after seeing Motley there in 012″ I might go. This is a great venue for kiss at this stage in their careers. Bring back Ace and Peter and u sell out arenas again. At this point I think Gene and Paul are winding
    Down and heading towards retiring from kiss as a concert player. They are having fun and prolly trying to enjoy every last moment they have on that stage as Kiss. Paul at some point is going to lose his voice even more. And at that point he won’t and couldn’t go on. He knows his days are numbered. Pisses me off how everybody says Peter can’t play a tour anymore. Uh. Peter looks in better shape than any of the 4 original members. Ace is fat. Paul can’t sing. Gene is fat and doesn’t move on stage anymore. As far as I’m concerned Peter would hold his own just fine.

    1. Just had to say it…Peter is in better shape than all of them??? With respect my friend, Peter hasn’t played well since the reunion tour and he was marginal at best for that…I’m a drummer and not that I’m John Bonham, but believe me when I tell you he cheats all over the place because he’s not able to move quick enough. Go to youtube and watch Peter play Detroit Rock City or Black diamond from the 70’s and watch him on the reuion tour…very basic playing and very different. Eric Singer and Eric Car give the old songs way more punch and energy than Peter ever did. Paul is clearly in the best shape although his voice is shot, but playing some different lower register songs helps and Gene looks good and is sounding good still so not sure where your thoughts came from…

      1. Punch is not everything. It is a matter of taste. Apart from the fact, that Peter is the oldest and probably would not last a full tour like he did, you still have to take into account that Peter’s drumming was never about having that punch and technique modern hard rock drummers are supposed to have. On the other hand, that was exactly what helped creating the classic Kiss sound. So you have to choose: if one wants the classic sound, then you need Ace’s way of playing (even though it might be a bit sloppy) and Peter’s way of drumming and grooving, even though one might really say that their technical abilities do not match that of modern players. Singer is good for certain bands and styles, with Kiss he does not play that heavy as he could to suit the classic vibe of the songs better, but imagine he would play for Purple instead of Paice, another 70s band with a classic sound and vibe, that would be awful because the DP sound and groove largely depends on Paice’s old-school style of grooving, shuffling, not that high energy drumming. So a drummer shapes the vibe and sound of a band much more than people often think. So if you want the classic Kiss sound, you need Peter in his heyday.

  29. So my wife and I will be in Vegas during November and I’ll be going to see the Cirque Du Soleil and David Copperfield, but now I can thankfully include KISS in that itinerary and guess what?
    Considering the spectacular show and the music, apart from being an original fan, you have to admit this is a humungous step up and fun evening.
    I’ve got 5th row seats and I’ll be having a blast while the haters can just wonder what it’s like to have a great night and no money to get to see it…

  30. What a bunch of morons!All you idiots that are broke, and envious of what these guys have created. These guys are smart and getting richer ,they’re touring and make money ,TV shows,football team, tons of restaurants ..worth $600 million,brand in billions ,and what do you have haters..nothing and your broke with lots of opinions. give these guys a break you’re way smarter than you guys are..success is success… These guys have a legacy ,you don’t

  31. From an original KISS fan from ’74: Sonic Boom and Monster smoke EVERYTHING between Rock and Roll Over and Revenge with the exception of Creatures of the Night. Period. Full Stop.

  32. like KISS or not and the make-up they are a legend and I’m excited to see them Wednesday in Vegas, No I’m sure thjeir not the same as in the past but I got old to. Awesome they still perform. Great way to spend a week in Vegas, Kiss and SEMA show.

  33. You people crack me up. There never has been or ever will be a band as unique as kiss. Sure others can try but they are no kiss. All others are simply not worth seeing. When I pay my money to go see a show I want to see a show! No other bands provides that. When kiss took aerosmith on tour with them. Kiss went on first which after seeing their show aerosmith was a total bore. No one can compete. Its a spectacle. As far as ace and peter. Yes they were great in their time. They can do longer do it. Kiss today sounds better than ever and the news fans dont even know who ace and peter are. Only fans from the 70s do. So enjoy kiss while you can and stop whining. Once theyre gone there will be no bands worthwhile to go see

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