What might be a brand new Guns N’ Roses song has leaked online, and according to MetalSucks, guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal has actually confirmed that the song is legitimate – although that verification has subsequently been deleted.

The song, titled Going Down, features lead vocals from bassist Tommy Stinson, with Axl Rose on backing duties. Listen to it below.

Guns N’ Roses has not released any new music since 2008′s Chinese Democracy.

additional source: metalhammer.co.uk

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  • Chris on

    Not a bad song, but the screeching backing vocals are awfully distracting.

  • DR on

    Here’s a more important question, does anyone actually give a flying fuck that there’s a new song from the Axl Rose Band? And no shit Stinson has to sing it cause Axl’s voice is shot. And how many fucking guys are now in this band? There’s 8 guys in this photo. Is Axl putting together a football team? I’m assuming one of the guys in this shot is the keyboardist but I can’t tell cause he’s not wearing his Hookers n Blow t-shirt. WTF?! Its appropriate that the song is called Going Down – its appropriate with this ‘band’ for sooo many reasons.

    • T on

      It does seem a bit much to have this many people in a rock band. After hearing Ron sing Detroit Rock City, I’m not sure they need Axl at all.

    • ds on


    • richman on

      DR I think we re actually putting HOOKERS AND F#$KING BLOW on the map. After taking 14 or so years to release an album with a few good songs, this Axl should be grateful anyone cares at all. He still thinks hes on top but hes far from it. BEST BUY cant give CHINESE DEMOCRACY away for $3.99 and this guy thinks a song sung by the bassist(thus no original member on it) is gonna cause a buzz. Give up that misunderstood artist bullsh&t. The guy is 50 years old. Grow up! I wanted to see G N R in Pennsylvania last year, my wife said IM NOT STAYING UP TILL 5 IN THE MORNING TO SEE AN ASSHOLE SINGER AND A BACK UP BAND. How could I argue with Mrs. Richman on that?

    • DR on

      Richman, before you know it that f’n keyboardist is going to be richer and more popular than Axl all thanks to the globally dominating business force that is Hookers ‘n’ Blow. That guy is a genius just riding Axl’s coattails all these years while secretly working on his t shirt empire. While Axl was on a private plane back in 1990 going from gig to gig, Keyboard player was on the tour bus with Slash and Matt Fucking Sorum sowing t-shirts in his bunk and thinking to himself ‘one day…..one day!’. I’m typing this wearing my H+B PJ’s as we speak. This guy will be more business savvy than Gene Simmons himself.

    • DR on

      And btw, there’s no arguing with Mrs. Richman….ever!

  • Frank on

    not really guns and roses. a more appropriate name would be the axl rose band. all these band members is ridiculous.

    • richman on

      Dude, they look like the TALIBAN.

    • DR on

      I think Axl is really Snowden in disguise.

  • ds on

    Look, all the slash ass lickers will hate this good demo leak but having seen gnr 9 times since 06, I know axl is still bang on form…YouTube and other downloads of the band do them no justice….and to the assholes who say 8 men in gnr is too many, think of the usi tour….count them yeah, rose, duff, slash, dizzy, gilby, matt, teddy zigzag and 2 women backup singers…too many eh

    • DR on

      If you’ve only seen them since ’06, then you haven’t seen Guns N Roses. What you’ve seen is the Axl Rose Solo Band. Why all the talk about ass licking and 8 men is enough? Should we read something between the lines?

  • Dave on

    Sounds pretty bad… The Axl Rose Band just doesn’t do it for me. It’s too bad that he continues to contaminate the Guns N Roses name to this day. He sounds awful in the background and that’s an honest opinion. I’m not a hater, just not digging this or Chinese Democracy.

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