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miketrampheadshot It was a little over a year ago that former White Lion singer Mike Tramp released the semi-acoustic Cobblestone Street album — a collection of songs that showed Tramp from a more singer-songwriter and roots-based angle than his earlier work. Now Tramp is back with a new solo album titled Museum. Due on August 18th through Target, the CD was produced by Soren Andersen and was recorded and mixed at Medley Studios in Copenhagen.

Since the release of Cobblestone Street, Tramp has been on an ongoing tour all over the world, performing more than 130 shows from Australia to Europe to the States, where he played 40 shows this year alone.

Museum track listing:

1. Trust In Yourself
2. New World Coming
3. Down South
4. Better
5. Freedom
6. Commitment
7. And You Were Gone
8. Slave
9. Mother
10. Time For Me To Go

Watch the video for the first single, Trust In Yourself, below. It was directed by Mike’s son Dylan Tramp.


  1. Vito bought him out on everything White Lion he owned cept his awards….maybe he should stop these acoustic things and sticky oak table bars and do a White Lion album if Bratta can finger the frets.

    1. Vito hasn’t doene anything after WL broke up. Mike moved on! i think you should try letting go of the White Lion thing, that was the 80’s, this is today. just give it a different view!

  2. Recently saw Mike at the Coconut Creek Casino in Ft. Lauderdale. Just him and his guitar. It was a great show. Got to give it to him, he’s not lying down and giving up. Maybe a White Lion reunion someday???

  3. Im not sure theres going to be big enough demand for a reunion as far as a big tour is be nice to see them on the rocklohoma bill though..

    1. Foreigner’s lineup rocks…styx I never cared for..I can take/leave them….Dubrow had a unique voice but other than that, noone would prob care if QR, Warrant, or Skid Row had all original members…I dont remember them being much more than second-tier acts to begin with..IMO

      1. Foreigner is a joke IMO. They were in St. Louis last week…NO original members. Mick came out for one song. Worse than Molly Hatchet. They are a 100% tribute band fooling hundreds of drunk, fat soccer moms.

      2. It may rock, but Jones is the only person left in the “band” that has any connection to the hits period of Foreigner. It’s a cover band, just like all the rest with different lead singers and revolving members.

        1. I agree and Jones only makes appearences at certain shows. There are no original members in foreigner. Its bizarre really. It baffles me. That being said, nothing against the guys and I like Kelly, but aside from Molly Hatchet they are, to my knowledge, the only band out there that is a complete cover band. Not fractured, not a couple new guys…but the whole band, and yet everyone is ok with that, even Eddie. Thats not an insult btw, we like what we like and I Eddie, Dana and the gang, Im going to Boston Friday, not sure who’s in that band other than Tom. All this stuff is just my dumb opinion. Anyway….back to Mike Tramp. Sorry everyone.

  4. To all that are still waiting for White Lion.., it will not happen. Mike has moved on and his music today is so much more than the sound he had back then. that sound was the 80’s This is now!
    It would be great if some of us old White Lion fans that are still hoping for a reunion are letting go of that thought and try to look fresh and open to the thing Mike does today! He is a verty skilled singer songwriter and really delivers great quality songs with great deep lyrics! Can’t wait untill the album is released!

  5. Just saw Mike a few weeks ago and his solo acoustic show was excellent. We chatted quite a while before the show and he said he’d love to do a final interview with Eddie Trunk and Vito to put the White Lion era to bed. Doesn’t sound like a reunion will ever happen, because Vito is retired. But here’s some great footage I shot at Tramp’s show.

  6. White lion in my opinion was a good band, but never anything great. Pride to me is their go to album and the rest were barely average. Personally I prefer what Mike is doing now and I thought cobblestone was a very solid album. White lion was an 80’s band and now it is 25 years later. Everyone at some point has to reinvent themselves.

  7. It’s not a bad song, though it has a country twinge to it…but then that’s where all the hair metal went…to country music. Long hair, leather, cheesy posing, power ballads and silly lyrics,it’s today’s pop country movement. I’d rather see the guy rock a little bit, though there wasn’t a ton of “rock” in White Lion.

  8. It is pretty good song, except the anti-religious sentiment. The song sounds like it is aimed towards the country-rock crowd, who lean toward religious. Why alienate them at the same time? Why alienate most of America?

    BTW, I am not at all religious.

  9. Stop waxing poetic about “REUNIONS”! You guys sound like a bunch of kids of divorce!! Maybe they will get back together!?!!?! Stop your crying!! Yes it was your fault! They didn’t love you enough!!!!

    1. Maybe the 7 or 8 people interested in a reunion can pool together and buy these guys plane tickets to an indian reservation casino and put them up for a few nights and do a reunion show?

  10. Anyway, Saw him perfom in a rock club in Milwaukee last year. Just him and a Martin acoustic. Quite the rock troubador. Don’t miss this fine singer/songwriter!

  11. Just listened to the entire 2007 Eddie Trunk interview with Vito Bratta and was super impressed with his engaging honesty, generous and lucid explanations for everything and about anything, and just how downright funny and entertaining he was…the guy should be doing radio! This may be 7 years too late, but maybe Eddie can start having Vito Bratta Wednesdays or something…?

  12. I get that Tramp has moved on, and that is great, but getting White Lion back together would really help his career in my opinion. Case in point, about two months ago he played a gig in the relatively small town that I live in. This “gig” was literally at a bar on the outskirts of our city limits, it’s a total dive. The “stage” is basically a corner area; guessing no more than 50 people can squeeze in there. An awesome and sad experience all in one.

  13. I really dig this tune. I am not a big fan of acoustic music, but this track really is great. Maybe I should this album a listen. Forget the reunion talk, Mike is happy doing what he does now. But as he said himself a while back, he might be interested in a “super group” project kinda thing.

  14. Hartford Agora Ballroom, Fall 1987. White Lion supporting Frehley’s Comet. WL were like lambs led to the slaughter. The chants of ACE ACE ACE ACE every 3 minutes told the band that we were not interested. Do I hate WL? No. But opening for the most anticipated comeback in rock at that time was sheer lunacy.

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