miketrampheadshot It was a little over a year ago that former White Lion singer Mike Tramp released the semi-acoustic Cobblestone Street album — a collection of songs that showed Tramp from a more singer-songwriter and roots-based angle than his earlier work. Now Tramp is back with a new solo album titled Museum. Due on August 18th through Target, the CD was produced by Soren Andersen and was recorded and mixed at Medley Studios in Copenhagen.

Since the release of Cobblestone Street, Tramp has been on an ongoing tour all over the world, performing more than 130 shows from Australia to Europe to the States, where he played 40 shows this year alone.

Museum track listing:

1. Trust In Yourself
2. New World Coming
3. Down South
4. Better
5. Freedom
6. Commitment
7. And You Were Gone
8. Slave
9. Mother
10. Time For Me To Go

Watch the video for the first single, Trust In Yourself, below. It was directed by Mike’s son Dylan Tramp.

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  • OkNotBadBut.... on

    It is pretty good song, except the anti-religious sentiment. The song sounds like it is aimed towards the country-rock crowd, who lean toward religious. Why alienate them at the same time? Why alienate most of America?

    BTW, I am not at all religious.

  • randy on

    Stop waxing poetic about “REUNIONS”! You guys sound like a bunch of kids of divorce!! Maybe they will get back together!?!!?! Stop your crying!! Yes it was your fault! They didn’t love you enough!!!!

    • Frank w on

      Maybe the 7 or 8 people interested in a reunion can pool together and buy these guys plane tickets to an indian reservation casino and put them up for a few nights and do a reunion show?

  • randy on

    Anyway, Saw him perfom in a rock club in Milwaukee last year. Just him and a Martin acoustic. Quite the rock troubador. Don’t miss this fine singer/songwriter!

  • Lee on

    Who wants to see White Lion tunes acoustic? I guess Vito invested his Tramp buy-out money in Apple, no more work.

  • sar305 on

    Just listened to the entire 2007 Eddie Trunk interview with Vito Bratta and was super impressed with his engaging honesty, generous and lucid explanations for everything and about anything, and just how downright funny and entertaining he was…the guy should be doing radio! This may be 7 years too late, but maybe Eddie can start having Vito Bratta Wednesdays or something…?

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