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Mark Taylor of recently spoke with former Ozzy Osbourne members Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake in London, England. Watch the interview below.

Bob Daisley is currently selling his autobiography For Facts Sake at his official website.

To read more about this release, please click here.


  1. This has the potential to be a great read. This story deserves to be told. It’s real obvious to any serious Ozzy fan that Bob had a huge hand in writing the classic Ozzy stuff. The magic is there. My ticket for the first U.S. tour said “Blizzard of Ozz featuring Ozzy Osbourne.”

    Someday someone will expose Sharon for who she is. Seems like a malevolent Yoko (and then some) to me.

      1. Bob Daisley happened to take part in all of Ozzy’s best albums (whether it was writing lyrics, arranging, or playing). From Blizzard to No More Tears. Ozzy’s other albums don’t do it for me…Ozzy claimed to have written Bark at the Moon with one finger on the piano. He didn’t give Jake any credit. Ozzy’s track record speaks for itself…As for Tommy Aldridge, back in the day, my friends and I used to jokingly call him Ronald McDonald…

        By the way, the book is sick. It’s worth it for the pictures alone…

        1. I agree Denis,

          I just finished reading it and it is an extremely detailed and honest book. One of Daisley’s most profound statements in the book was referring to the Osbournes when wrote, “They know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

          Despite everything, Bob manages to forgive the Osbournes. I am not sure that most people would be that kind.

          Dana from 🙂

  2. OZZY is a star and those 2 guys aren’t. That is the story. The album ABOMINOG by URIAH HEEP featuring them is a forgotten classic. If you like BLIZZARD + DIARY, check it out. Tommy Aldridge looks like Barbara Streisand.

    1. The funniest thing though is that Aldridge has always looked like that. Even in ’82 he looked like a Streisand drag queen and hasn’t changed a bit. In some ways you can say he’s never aged, because he’s always looked like an 82 year old version of her.

  3. Sar305 with one of the funniest lines ever. You can bet Ozzy’s lawyers hammered out buy-out contracts for songs written/co-written/adventures not to be revealed. I don’t expect much from this book. They woulda blasted him with witnesses and demo tapes years ago. Wait’ll Steve Bray plunks down his 100 million dollar suit upon Madonna on songs she had little to do with on paper.

  4. Eddie, surely you’d be doing everything you can to get these two on the next season of “The Metal Show”….plenty of discussion points to fill up a whole season based on Bob Daisley’s career alone. As we no longer have Gary Moore (RIP) and Ronnie James Dio (RIP), and are unlikely to get Blackmore on, clearly Bob is the missing link. You may not be able to get Ozzy/Sharon on, but if they did get on, they’d be lying. At least you’d be getting the truth from these two….and they need to be heard…

  5. Kinda wish this would be obtainable in the US through a bookstore. I like to leaf through books a little bit before buying ( except for Eddie’s – I knew I was buying that one 😉 ). Don’t know if Bob is concerned that his story wouldn’t sell here or simply can’t connect with a publisher, but I think plenty of folks beside myself would know of him and be very interested in this autobio.

  6. Probably in a screw contract with Sharon, only publish a book in the U.K. X years later part of the buy-out. I’d love to know Bob’s wage as a hired gun. Has to be more than Dio & Sabbath take it or leave its to Vinny and whomever in those bands.

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