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pauldianno According to, in a recent interview, former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno compared bassist Steve Harris to Adolf Hitler, said he wrote “20-times better songs” than Harris’ and claimed Maiden is all about “money, money, money, money – nobody else counts.”

Di’Anno’s comments came during a press conference in Argentina last month. The singer was in the middle of a solo tour of the South American country.

A member of the audience questioned Di’Anno about his rumored drug use and asked whether it contributed to his departure from Maiden.

Di’Anno raged, “Where the fuck do you people get this from? I left Iron Maiden because they were going too heavy metal, and Iron Maiden is a money-making machine, and I don’t give a fuck about it. It was not about drugs; it was nothing like that.

Me and Steve [Harris]… I [wrote] the song Killers, Steve had [what he thought] were better songs. I thought his songs were shit. Nothing to do with drugs; nothing whatsoever. Check your facts or otherwise this interview is over… I hate that! I fucking hate that!

Because people… You say something but you don’t know. Well, I’m telling you. Iron Maiden is Steve Harris’ band. It doesn’t matter about anybody else – whether it’s Dave Murray, Clive [Burr], me… it’s Steve Harris’ band and all it is is money, money, money, money – nobody else counts.

And I wrote fuckin’ 20-times better songs than his, but I only got one song on the Killers album because it’s Steve’s – he must have this. Fuckin’ Adolf Hitler. I’m not interested. So there you go.

But you need to take drugs when you’re with Iron Maiden because they’re so fucking boring. And the only drugs were aspirin, because Steve [making hand gesture as if someone is speaking into his ear]… Fuckin’ headache.”

Watch video from the press conference below.

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  1. Another disgruntled singer that is no more important today than he was in the 80s. Why don’t you and Phil Anselmo put together an album and call it Heavy Metal Crybabies. Pathetic. If IM was all about money, they would be touring the shit out of the US, instead of taking their music globally to places that don’t always get to see a good rock show. They are a money making machine, because the songs Steve Harris writes appeal to their fans….and they buy the music….and they see the tour!! Fuckin never was acting like he should have been!!

  2. Greg, he is correct. Maiden is always about money. But I look at it another way…there is nothing wrong with money. But, lets also be honest…the last two Maiden albums sucked hard…El Dorado was just awful. They are a band that have coasted on their past for a long time. The band is great with all terrific musicians. But, the songs are not strong as they used to be. El Dorado was NOT a great album. Where Maiden really pulled their ass up was the Route 666 video where they toured on the airplane and Bruce flew it everywhere. The portions of that video from South America were insane.

    1. You’re an absolute failure at life. Iron Maiden doesn’t have an album called El Dorado, nor do they have a movie called Route 666. Their last three albums are mostly made up of songs that are 10 minutes long…how the hell does that translate into money grubbing sellouts? Moron.

    2. Hey Randy or dumb ass, its called “The Final Frontier” and “Flight 666” moron. Their last albums are progressive which more than half of Steve’s influences and the band’s influences come from – Genesis, Jethro Tull, and rock bands like Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin.

  3. It’s hard to feel any sympathy for him considering his arrest ect. for welfare fraud not too long ago.
    I’m sure he could use some money as well. If he has any sense he’d reissue his first solo LP ‘DiAnno’ from ’84. Featuring the minor hit; ‘Heartuser’, this album was pretty good melodic rock. If it’s remastered properly (NO dynamic range compression!), I’m happy to buy it & help the guy out a bit.

  4. The guy had a great voice and if youve heard MAIDEN JAPAN, he also had a good stage presence. If he has all of these great songs, why does he only release albums of cover songs? Many of these covers are of Steve Harris songs. Why did he title his bio THE BEAST after the MAIDEN album that introduced Bruce Dickinson? He has 2 classic albums and an out of print live EP to hang his hat on. IRON MAIDEN makes so much money because they have been great for 33 + years consecutive. Other than RUSH, who can say that? I got MAIDEN JAPAN for Christmas in the early 80s, it has sentimental value. I wish they put it on ITUNES. I want you to sing for me…..

  5. The first two Maiden albums are truly spectacular, but Number of the Beast put them over the top and in my opinion is still their masterpiece. Maiden has churned out quality music since long after his departure from Maiden, and yet his songs that are “20 times better” have gone nowhere (at least I’ve never heard them).
    I don’t have anything personal again Di’Anno but I would have to agree that this sounds like someone who is jealous of Maiden’s continued success and jealous he hasn’t been a part of it.

  6. I like the current IM lineup a lot, but I have to admit that the band had a certain darkness and Grit to them when Paul was in the band that I really like. I don’t think either is “better”, but I find myself listening to the band with Paul more and more, because it’s less polished, and there’s something about those songs with Paul that is really unique. I wish he wouldn’t bash the guys in interviews though.

  7. Some bands play music to get laid; others for money. Personally I see nothing wrong with either. Ask any band who says they’re not in it for the money to play for free. It’s a business. Capitalism is a good thing. Clearly Paul is in it for the money too, or else he wouldn’t be touring. However, had he made millions with IM, I think he’d be singing a different tune (pun intended).

  8. It’s no surprise why this guy is as bitter as he is since he’s had to live with the fact he’s been a has-been loser for the past 30+ years and probably still making more money on royalties from the short time he was in Maiden than he has on anything else he’s done since. Paul should be glad there are corners of the world where people still want to hear him sing Running Free. What is surprising is he would have the nerve to say his songs are better than Steve’s. Steve Harris is the heart and soul of Maiden, he was the key member that defined their sound, and was instrumental in writing their key songs, which made them the success they are today. Anyone knows if Paul had any writing or creative talent he would’ve gone off and done something great like Dave Mustaine did after Metallica. This guy should’ve just disappeared into obscurity like Pete Willis did after he left Def Leppard, accepted his fifteen minutes were over, and just been happy a glorified punk singer such as himself achieved what he did thanks to Steve.

    1. paul sold his right to any future royalties from the band for some up front cash. it was a ridiculously sad amount of money, something in the line of $50,000? he was great with maiden, but now he is just a has been, playing songs that he didnt even write. i sense a praying mantis re-union coming…

  9. I have a couple of Battlezone albums, and the songs on there are instantly forgettable. The same goes for the “Murder One” album. The cover songs are cool but there really hasn’t been anything original since 1982. If Maiden would have put out another album like their first two, as great as they are, they probably wouldn’t be around anymore.

  10. Congrats to Geoff Tate. We finally found an ex-lead singer that is stupider than you (for the time being). Slagging Steve Harris and Maiden, the Gods of Metal might be the absolute stupidest thing of all time. Clearly he still is on drugs, because he must’ve been high during that interview. #bitterdumbstupidloserexleadsingerwhodidn’tamounttoshit

  11. These may not be the most stupid/retardo comments I’ve EVER heard from any has-been rocker, but they are certainly in the top ten! Maiden have stood the only REAL test…THE TEST OF TIME! Di’Anno
    sang on 2 great albums a million years ago. BFD!

  12. The guys been in and out of jail for not paying his taxes and couldn’t even tour the USA because of his stupidity so maybe he should keep his mouth shut or else he will be even more broke than he is now

  13. But he has to use “ex-Iron Maiden” vocalist to get any press.

    He sucked then. He sucks now.
    Never liked him or his work post Maiden.
    Bitter guy.
    Lucky he was even in Iron Maiden!

  14. Those first 2 Iron Maiden records are classic because of Steve not Paul. Paul was in the right place at the right time. He could have taken his great songs and achieved his own success. Instead he’s put out mediocre records cause that’s all he can come up with. They only want to ask him questions because of Maiden. Happiest person in the world right now is Geoff Tate cause the scumbag factor for ex singers just went to a new level. Maiden rules because of talent and hard work.

  15. The Killers album is a great album, but I don’t think Paul could have handled the tasks after that. His voice in my opinion is flat sounding and not very exciting to listen to. Bruce on the other hand brings a sound and voice to Maiden and he does excellent justice to songs from the first two albums. I stopped listening to Maiden when he left, the vocalist they chose to replace him was just pitiful, but Bruce will sing songs from those albums and he sounds great. In fact they sound better than ever, never have had a chance to see them live, but love their music and have all their albums minus the dark time without Bruce. It is weird how Bruce left but came back, the same thing with Adrian he left, but came back as well. Paul even admitted to being booted out of the band for drugs in previous interviews as well. Maiden, Rush and Styx are my favorite bands of all time. Maiden and Rush keep making new music and I keep buying it. I watch both of their documentaries and concerts everytime they come on Palladia. Live After Death is my favorite live album and Bruce does quite a bit of material on there from the first two albums and he does them well. I hate to say it, but I like them more when he sings them.

  16. I’ve read Paul’s autobiography, The Beast. He mentioned he sold his copyrights to the songs he wrote to the band years ago, and in interviews he mentions that with Bruce, when he heard Number of the Beast, he was floored at how much progress they had made and how much better of a singer Bruce was than him. So I have the hardest time figuring out why he would trash talk them after someone just asks the question again, I seriously doubt it’s the first time someone has. From what he says in the book, he quit at the time he was about to be fired anyway and it was a mutual decision on both sides. Maiden make a lot of $, yeah, but they’ve always been true to their fans and written quality material. And quite honestly, they deserve to. I don’t know what his problem is, but he could have responded to that question with a lot more dignity and professionalism.

  17. Go back into your hole and overdose, Di’Anno. Getting rid of you was Steve’s best move. You’re a jealous piece of sh*t, who’s still trying to live back in 1980 off the Maiden name. We can see how well you write – no one can name one of your songs; Can you? My only wish was that Bruce was in the band during the first two albums rather than you. We are all sick of you’re bitchin’. GOOOO AWAYYYYY!!!!!

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    1. Um…yeah. If English isn’t your first language, you may not want to attempt too much sarcasm. No disrespect intended to other cultures. The post you replied to probably does deserve a burn. It just has to be clear what the burn is.

  19. I love DiAnno’s material with Maiden, but he is fat, washed up, angry loser pure and simple. He has made his “career” coasting off the Maiden albums he was on over 30 years ago. Called one of his bands “Killers”. Released a CD called “The Original Men of Iron”. Titled his bio “The Beast”. He is also a violent, drug-addled psychotic jerk who likes to slap women around. It’s a shame, because he’s got a cool voice and he was great in Maiden, but he couldn’t handle the range of the material they were starting to write, nor could he handle their tour schedule and work ethic. Like Axl Rose, his assholeness outshines any talent he might have left.

  20. For someone who left the band because he couldn’t hack it with all the touring they were doing around the world, angry because they are making millions without him. LOSER fits this bum. Iron Maiden has flourished with out this guy and now he’s pist, he songs suck I own one of his attempts and it s awful. GO BACK TO PRISON PAUL>>>>>>>>>>>

  21. Sour grapes. Saw Maiden last summer (9th time total): Bruce might not quite be the singer he once was, but he’s still pretty damned good and the band has never played better. If Maiden was all about the $$$, they sure has hell wouldn’t still be writing such long epic songs — they’d be trying to get on the radio.

  22. I love the first two Maiden albums. I loved Paul’s voice. I loved the mix of punk and hard rock bravado that he brought to the band. That being said, I think the rest of Iron Maiden stopped giving two shits what this guy had to say about 30+ years ago, and aren’t going to care about this. Paul obviously has some personality issues and struggles, and I’m guessing he just has bad days when it comes to answering questions from the “old days”. He may wake up tomorrow and rewatch that interview and think, “Well that was stupid of me.” It appears Maiden or Steve Harris, however Paul wants to word it, did a lot of wonderful things for Clive Burr all the way up to his death, so that is the only part of this Paul rant that really bothers me.

  23. I think Paul should be thankful for being part of the band for those two brilliant albums. it just would have been a disaster if he stayed in the band. i think he should let the thing go

  24. Let’s see it for what it is. Iron Maiden’s first two albums were pretty good. I liked Di’Anno on those two records, but Harris had another vision for the band. That vision didn’t include Di’Anno. I don’t care about the “he said-she said” bullshit. Harris is the founder and is a killer songwriter. I got into Maiden when Bruce became the lead singer and I can’t imagine Maiden without him. I believe the real Maiden line-up is the one from the Powerslave album. Can you imagine Di’Anno singing Rime of the Ancient Mariner? I can’t and I’m thankful he was part of Iron Maiden’s past and not their future. Over the years, he became even more obsessed with the Maiden connection; even going as far as having his name in the Iron Maiden fonts behind his stage set up. His voice is crap now and everything he spews just sounds like sour grapes. Maiden should be about the money because that is a part of the business, but Maiden is also bringing metal to those parts of the world who normally wouldn’t see a show of that caliber. If Paul doesn’t like Maiden…..tough shit! Up the Irons forever.

  25. First two Maiden albums are still in their top five . Maiden have maintained their quality .Di anno hasn’t . The first solo album was good as was Murder One , The Living Dead? Unlistenable !

  26. It’s two different bands when you compare Maiden with Di’Anno and Dickerson. Thing is the Dickerson version is better. Dickerson is versatile where Di’Anno is not. Harris saw this and that’s what caused the change in the line up and the fact that Di’Anno was a drunk. Like it was said before if Di’Anno had the chops he would have succeeded with something after Maiden. I do like the first two Maiden albums and DiAnno with his style did well, but for the direction Harris wanted to take Maiden a change in lead singer had to be made and the best choice was Dickerson at that time. \m/

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