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blacklabelsocietyband2013 Rolling Stone is streaming Black Label Society’s cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone. Listen to it here.

The song was a long time coming for Wylde. “Ain’t No Sunshine is such a beautiful, heartfelt song. I’ve always loved it and wanted to cover it,” he tells Rolling Stone. “It felt so right in the context of [our live album].”

Black Label Society’s cover of Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone will be on their upcoming live double album, Unblackened, out September 24th. Preorders are available on iTunes.

Unblackened DVD track listing:

1. Losin’ Your Mind
2. The Blessed Hellride
3. Sold My Soul
4. Road Back Home
5. Spoke In The Wheel
6. House Of Doom
7. Queen Of Sorrow
8. Machine Gun Man
9. Sweet Jesus
10. In This River
11. Throwin’ It All Away
12. Takillya (Estyabon)
13. Won’t Find It Here
14. Rust
15. Speedball
16. I Thank You Child
17. Stillborn

Unblackened CD track listing:

Disc 1:

1. Losin’ Your Mind
2. The Blessed Hellride
3. Sold My Soul
4. Road Back Home
5. Spoke In the Wheel
6. House Of Doom
7. Queen Of Sorrow
8. Machine Gun Man
9. Sweet Jesus
10. In This River
11. Throwin’ It All Away

Disc 2:

1. Takillya (Estyabon)
2. Won’t Find It Here
3. Rust
4. Speedball
5. I Thank You Child
6. Stillborn
7. Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone
8. Lovin’ Woman (Bonus Version)
9 Queen of Sorrow
10. Song for You (Bonus Version)
11. Won’t Find It Here
12. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow



















  1. Guy gets no respect mainstream due to the hair,clothes,Ozzyness, etc.. People have this idea he’s a loud metal guy but he can James Burton/Nokie Edwards/Chet Atkins like the dickens.

  2. The vocals in the origonal version by Bobby Bland are amazing. Whitesnake also covered this one. It’s good that to see Zakk isn’t afraid to step outside the box a little. I think Ozzy is starting to think twice about parting ways with him, and he should be.

  3. So far, I think that the writing on the new Ozzy album with Gus G. is not up to par with Zakk’s efforts. Gus deserves a fair chance, but the song writing just isn’t as good as it was with Zakk, in my opinion.
    I remember A friend of mine saw Randy Rhodes at Convention Hall in Asbury Park NJ on the early 80’s, and said afterwards, “Eddie Van Who?”

    1. I saw Randy play on the 5th or 6th date of the first North American Tour in Rochester NY. The gig was a day before or just after the “After Hours” special was taped. I don’t even know if the LP was released yet domestically. Nobody knew who anyone in the band was apart from Ozzy. We’d heard “I don’t know,” “Crazy Train” and maybe “Mr. Crowley” on the radio. That was all we knew if I remember right. Though maybe they were playing other stuff on the air. It was a very insane show with old Black Sabbath fans all over. The parking lot scene outside was unruly and threatening, with city buses and even police being pelted with beer bottles thrown by drunk older biker-type Sabbath fans.
      The opening band was booed mercilessly off the stage within about 15 minutes. “Ozzy” signs were hanging from the balconies of the Auditorium Theater (a very small hall.) Ozzy came out to the Classical music from Diary of a Madman – I forget the name of the piece. That was playing just after the lights went down. Then the band started. The set was only about an hour or so. People stood on the arms of their chairs for the whole show and went nuts. Whenever I hear Ozzy say “I want to see everybody going wild” – I know he’s talking about those early tours! Awesome show and we all talked about how great the guitarist was. We didn’t need Mike Varney or Guitar World to appoint the next great player – we saw him and spread the word.

      1. I’ve seen everyone, and I mean everyone with the exception of Rhandy Rhoads. He is/was my favorite. There are sooo many great players out there, and I’m not saying he was the best, but he was my favorite. Even how he played chords and how fast he could play the chords blew my mind. He and Ace were the reason I picked up a guitar. I’m jealous of you John G. – would’ve given anything to see that. I liked Jake E Lee too and appreciated the scenario he was thrown in – another great player. But when I first heard Miracle Man and saw the video, it was like Ozzy had found Randy’s lost love child. Incredible and underrated talent.

        1. The main thing I remember about RR was how effortless his playing was. When you watched Brad Gillis play the stuff, he looked like he was straining. RR, even when playing demanding stuff, looked like he was in 2nd gear. It was a very exciting show and within a year they were playing huge arenas. But most people don’t realize that in 1981 only Sabbath fans really knew who Ozzy was or cared.

          I would’ve loved to see UFO in early 1978 or late 1977 with Michael Schenker. Never saw him play live in that era.

          1. I remember being really shocked when I heard that Brad Gillis was going to step in for Randy temporarily, just couldn’t see it. I don’t know if Brad was brave or crazy, because those were massive shoes to fill. I guess Oz didn’t many options right after the plane crash. Say what you will about Ozzy, but he has played with some off the all time greats. From Iommi to Rhandy Rhoads and Jake E Lee and Zakk. Unbelievable talents all of them.

  4. There’s a lot to like in the cover here. I’ve heard Zack work in plenty of styles (see some of his video playing with the Lynyrd Skynyrd guys), and I think he can totally rock this kind of music. However, there was something weird about the vocals on this one. His annunciation of the words sounded kind of garbled, like the guy had just had oral surgery or something.

    I’m definitely a BLS fan and really like Zack’s unique vocals. This one was just off for me somehow.

  5. Really, really wish he would put out a Book of Shadows type album again……enjoy that side of Zakk much more than BLS/Ozzy stuff. You know, an album, with true soul to it, like this cover. Well done, Zakk.

  6. Hard to believe that with his resume, he s only 46. Soon enough, he ll be the only link to OZZY and the glory days of metal music. His IRON MAN with Captain Kirk is also very good.

  7. I love the Bill Withers original of this song.

    I can’t say I am enthusiastic about this cover though. To me, it feels like a demo. The vocals are more imitation than original. I just can’t get into it like I wanted to when I read the headline. I was really excited by this idea.

    I would have liked to have heard this with some real guitar muscle behind it rather than a fairly traditional version. Take it someplace new. I think this had potential to be a really kick ass song for BLS. At least that is what I heard in my head when I saw the headline for this story.

    Not a bad track, I just think this is a missed opportunity to do something new with it.

    1. I kind of agree. It’s very cool that he can sing and he does his thing with it. But everyone and their brother – major heavy vocalists, have done the tune and it’s tough to do it well. He certainly did a passable version of it to his credit.

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