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I hear much about the amount of ballads on this album, but nobody says it also has 15 songs on the standard edition, 20 on the deluxe. So even if you take out 4 ballads it’s still 11 rocking tunes. It is not a perfect album, but it is damn good. The production is warm and not over compressed. You hear everything. All the band members (still original) write and contribute. Many different sides and stuff that hints at classic Aerosmith. “Street Jesus”, “Luv XXX”, “Beautiful”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Oh Yeah”, all just vintage sounding Aerosmith. Joe Perry on vocals for two tracks “Freedom Fighter” and “Something” which also features Tyler on drums. The Zeppelin-ish Legendary Child features Tyler in top form, spitting out the story of the band in a way only he can. Monster riffing and the ageless Joey Kramer laying down the signature pocket like only he can. Having seen three live shows so far on the tour, the band STILL gets it done on stage too. Great accomplishment for a band at this stage in their career and after waiting so long for it they delivered. For me the best Aerosmith album since Pump. Also check out the band drawing in the CDs booklet, it was done by Slash when he was a kid. Pretty cool!amazon


  1. Sorry I disagree. The band had no knowledge that Carrie Underwood was singing on a song, it seems like a Tyler solo record it feels disjointed, too many ballads.
    Joe perry should stick to gtr not vocals.

  2. I’m an Aerosmith fan and supporter, but after two complete spins several weeks ago, I haven’t had the desire to go back to it. I let my opinion on any particular rock record develop organically, and then I just have to be honest with myself and anyone else who cares to hear what I think. In this case, despite a few good songs, I don’t think it’s that good. Regarding the ballad issue, Angel, What it Takes, and Cryin are all great songs, IMO, but nothing on this album come close. And why so many of them? I don’t understand why veteran bands still try to write songs for terrestrial radio; not even the classic rock stations play new stuff. I love what Motley did a few years ago with SOLA – You could tell Nikki and Co. didn’t give a shit about radio airplay with those songs. Aerosmith should have followed suit…

  3. I love the new album. Street Jesus, Oh Yeah, Beautiful, and Legendary Child are definitely highlights. And I don’t have issue with Joe Perry on vocals. He sounds great and the songs are great too.

  4. Good review. I agree with you about the best since Pump. Pump is my favorite Aerosmith album, because of a few reasons some being sentimental. Where would you rate Pump across their whole catalog?

  5. You bring up a good point regarding the amount of songs on this or any album. While I appreciate getting more for my money, I think of all the albums released in recent years that would be considered so much more solid overall if they didnt contain the extra filler. This new Aerosmith record is a perfect example. Give me 8 great rockers and 1 solid ballad. The result is an average of 38 minutes of great music that you might actually isten to front to back while on the way to work, working out, etc.. A great album over a good album with a few great songs…

  6. I was very disapointed in this album not at all what I thought it would be more like a tyler solo record and after VAN HALEN and KISS put out Great album’s in 2012 – AEROSMITHS MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION JUST DONT STACK UP !!!

  7. Eddie played Street Jesus last week on Sirius, and it blew me away, never thought a song they released nowadays would be as killer as those early records…amazing.

  8. I heard the album via Youtube – as I usually do – and immediately after I bought the album. It´s really an album from another dimension. I totally agree with the Eddie’s review.

  9. FYI, I’m the biggest Aerosmith fan in the world. Now in 2001 when they released Just Push Play, I was embarrassed! I thought it was mostly crap. In my opinion, Nine Lives is the beat record they ve ever done, and then there was Music From Another Dimension. Wow!! With the exception of the song Beautiful, I think M.F.A.D. is the best record Aerosmith have ever done!! I can listen to this album backwards & forwards, over & over!!!!! Also, if you re waiting for another Rocks or Toys, then keep on waiting! That was 35+years ago. Aerosmith has evolved. They re like a fine wine, they keep getting better with time!

  10. Well, Aerosmith is always fun… my favorite album, “Done With Mirrors”, was also not well-received by critics, so I guess we’ll have to wait to “understand” this one.

  11. Really??? Huge fan, but old school Aero is what we thought we were getting – maybe I just live in the past, but this is awful. Listen to Rocks first and then put this on – you will cringe. Maybe two decent songs on this – Aerosmith is long off their creative peak – I would rather listen to Dream On for the millionth time than listen to this garbage. If you are an Aero fan, go back and listen to the old stuff up thru- Rock in a Hard Place – even pick up copies of the first two JPP and Whitford St-Holmes albums if you need a fix – don’t waste your money here – this is disposable music and will be forgotten about in a month. Doesn’t hold a candle to the new VH or Rush.

  12. This is a really strong album, it definitely grows on you after hearing it a couple of times. I agree that a couple of the ballads feel a bit contrived (Tyler can write those in his sleep), Another Last Goodbye is one of the best songs on the album. Luv XXX, Beautiful, Lover Alot, Street jesus are killer tunes. Really good album, but for the year I have to say Rush and Van Halen had the best two albums.

  13. You MUST be kidding or trying to impress, cuz this album is hands down the worst album by a major artist in decades. Worse than Music From The Elder, worse than St. Anger, worse than Just Push Play. I am a fan from way back and have bought every single album they released on day one since 1980 and this is the last A-Smith album I will ever purchase. What was once America’s Greatest Band is now an embarrassment.

  14. I would give this album three out of five. Some of the rockers are good (Lover Alot, Street Jesus, Luv XXX, etc) but the rockers sound really stripped down production wise. Yet, the ballads (too many on this album) have top-of-the-line production. It creates a weird flow to this album. And then there are the fillers which round out the latter part of the album (Freedom Fighter, Something). The ballad with Carrie Underwood should never have seen the light of day, but that gives you an indication how fractured Aerosmith is, where Steven Tyler can unilaterally make decisions. This album cannot touch their 70’s stuff nor their late 80’s stuff. This album falls between being a bit better than ‘Nine Lives’ and a bit worse than ‘Get a Grip’. Any way you slice it, it’s the last album Aerosmith will ever put out. That’s a good thing because they haven’t put out a solid front to back album since ‘Pump.

    Saw them live at Madison Square Garden, they can still blow the roof off the joint, even though they are five separate guys now as opposed to being a band.

  15. This does not feel like a “band” album whatsoever! Tyler should have just made a solo album and gotten all the bullshit out of his system. When you have to wait 10 years between studio albums the expectations are just too high and this one did not meet them. Perry should not sing on an Aerosmith album… he just does have the chops. Vocally Keith Richards is more enjoyable than Joe Perry. We were promised a Jack Douglas produced 70’s sounding Aerosmith album and this is just more of what they did in the 90’s but not as good. Jack Douglas should never again produce an Aerosmith album. Not because he isn’t a good producer but because he is “too close” with the band. He is like the 6th member of Aerosmith and at this point just a “yes man.” The band needs to work with a task master that will tell them “this is not good enough.” If they ever make an album again I hope the boat is steered by someone who will make the band work to reclaim their success. In concert the band is still at the top of their game but their days as a recording entity have long since disappeared.

  16. I do like the record. It has at least 6 very strong songs. The highlights being “Oh Yeah”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Something”, “Beautiful” and “Legendary Child”. Now, my favorite Aerosmith records are NINE LIVES and PUMP. That being said…Goodnight!

  17. I though the first 4 songs were awful…but after getting past that, it became a very good album. I suspect that their albums would improve greatly if they weren’t beholden to the interests of a certain large record label. If they ever get to form their own record label, I’m sure their newfound freedom would allow for better material.

  18. Sorry, Eddie. I’ve got to agree with many of the comments that this CD just doesn’t cut it. Definitely a few highlights (Lover Alot, Street Jesus, Something), but way too many misses. I’ve got a full review at

    I was surprised to see so many complaints about Joe Perry singing. Granted, he doesn’t have the best voice, but the songs he does sing tend to be more suited to his style and usually rock pretty well. “Oh Yeah” would have been a much better song if he had sung lead and let Tyler do the backups instead of the crappy backup vocals on there now. Just my two cents. Thanks!

  19. I think this is overall a solid album, but not as cohesive as better latter period efforts (Permanant, Done With Mirror, Pump, and I’ll even add last portions of Get a Grip, and the largely dismissed, but not bad 9 Lives), as all of those albums seemed to have a better flow from song to song, and weren’t overlong. It’s not that there were too many ballads, but it bothers me that bands feel the need to put out 15-16 song CDs, when if they whittled it down to the best 10-12 songs, they wouldn’t wear out their listeners. On earlier efforts that fans regard as “classic”, that wasn’t the case. So, the new album, though quite solid for the most part is just overlong. The curring room floor or vault for future albums isn’t always a bad place to go. Ask the Stones, who actually shelved “Start Me Up” during the “Some Girls” sessions only to have it become one of their signature hits a few years later on “Tattoo You”

  20. This band has not put out a “GREAT” album since “rock in a hard place” and yea I know Joe Perry and Brad Whitford were absent on that album but it still a great Aerosmith sounding album . “done with mirrors” was really good , “permanent vacation” was good , “pump” was good , and “get a grip” was good . “nine lives” was.. ok . “just push play” was a freaking joke . I hear some old school Aerosmith sound in “music from … ” , but the album as a whole ain’t nothing spectacular . Nothing will ever equal the amazing full blown Aerosmith sound of “Rocks” , period!

    1. Pump was just good? Get a grip was just good? No those were great albums. They sounded completely different from each other and were right next to each other. Any band would love to have either one of those on their resume. I respect your opinion so please respect mine. I think those albums are better than rocks. Although for its time Rocks was mind blowing. I’d venture to say toys was even better than rocks. Had they kept making the same record over and over , they’d be where the Band Boston is

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  22. I am the biggest Aerosmith fan on the planet. No questions asked. I support the guys like no other. I’m also a musician and listen pretty deeply to songs and production. This album wasn’t 10 years of writing songs and this was the finished product. This was 10 years of all kinds of shit going on in the band and a year or writing, recording, and post production. I like the album. I think it’s good. I think it’s a lot like done with mirrors in that it just sounds a little incomplete. Not production wise but in just plain writing. The thing that saved this one is the live feel. Lots of natural reverb, back round “whoo!” and mic bleed. That is pretty cool. It has the same humor we come to love in Tyler’s lyrics ( livin on coochie and romance!) It has some great riffs in there and I think ” oh yeah” is just a great classic Joe Perry rock n roll song. “Luv XXX” is a great example that Perry/Tyler can grab you by the balls and hit you with a great riff and witty lyrics. Probably my favorite lyrics on the record.
    I think what it’s missing is the bravado we are used to. Yes it’s very obvious Steven Tyler is broken up over the divorce of him and Teressa. The lyrics go from angry to down right sad. If you’re going through a break up, buy the album. But look at the standard in which they are judged with Pump. First three songs ( Young Lust, F.I.N.E., Love in an Elevator )… All songs about confident, dirty, and fun sex. Nothing on this one about it. Yes Pump covered other topics with drug abuse, child molestation, break ups but largely it’s a record that sounds like dinosaurs eating cars. It’s awesome. MFAD is missing that aggressiveness. It hints at it then loses it’s momentum with a ballad or another direction. Three songs in then it switches up on the third.
    That being said I think that if the band continues to let Whitford and Hamilton continue to have more input on songs… If they can capture the energy of their latest live shows … If Joe Perry can put to tape some of the riffs from the latest tour… If they just say to hell with writing another “Jaded” and NOT try to create something they did 35 years ago… Another album would come out great. Have some flow to the album.
    You can’t recapture the hunger you had when you were 25 when you’re pushing 65. But these guys have made a living proving people wrong when people said they’re done.

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