I hear much about the amount of ballads on this album, but nobody says it also has 15 songs on the standard edition, 20 on the deluxe. So even if you take out 4 ballads it’s still 11 rocking tunes. It is not a perfect album, but it is damn good. The production is warm and not over compressed. You hear everything. All the band members (still original) write and contribute. Many different sides and stuff that hints at classic Aerosmith. “Street Jesus”, “Luv XXX”, “Beautiful”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Oh Yeah”, all just vintage sounding Aerosmith. Joe Perry on vocals for two tracks “Freedom Fighter” and “Something” which also features Tyler on drums. The Zeppelin-ish Legendary Child features Tyler in top form, spitting out the story of the band in a way only he can. Monster riffing and the ageless Joey Kramer laying down the signature pocket like only he can. Having seen three live shows so far on the tour, the band STILL gets it done on stage too. Great accomplishment for a band at this stage in their career and after waiting so long for it they delivered. For me the best Aerosmith album since Pump. Also check out the band drawing in the CDs booklet, it was done by Slash when he was a kid. Pretty cool!amazon

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  • Jj on

    Sorry I disagree. The band had no knowledge that Carrie Underwood was singing on a song, it seems like a Tyler solo record it feels disjointed, too many ballads.
    Joe perry should stick to gtr not vocals.

    • Eddie on

      Get your points but with 15 songs on the album even if you cut out 5 you don’t like you still get 10 great rockers! But respect all opinions!

  • chris on

    I’m an Aerosmith fan and supporter, but after two complete spins several weeks ago, I haven’t had the desire to go back to it. I let my opinion on any particular rock record develop organically, and then I just have to be honest with myself and anyone else who cares to hear what I think. In this case, despite a few good songs, I don’t think it’s that good. Regarding the ballad issue, Angel, What it Takes, and Cryin are all great songs, IMO, but nothing on this album come close. And why so many of them? I don’t understand why veteran bands still try to write songs for terrestrial radio; not even the classic rock stations play new stuff. I love what Motley did a few years ago with SOLA – You could tell Nikki and Co. didn’t give a shit about radio airplay with those songs. Aerosmith should have followed suit…

  • JR on

    I love the new album. Street Jesus, Oh Yeah, Beautiful, and Legendary Child are definitely highlights. And I don’t have issue with Joe Perry on vocals. He sounds great and the songs are great too.

  • Willie Chandler on

    Good review. I agree with you about the best since Pump. Pump is my favorite Aerosmith album, because of a few reasons some being sentimental. Where would you rate Pump across their whole catalog?

  • SCAGGY2008 on

    You bring up a good point regarding the amount of songs on this or any album. While I appreciate getting more for my money, I think of all the albums released in recent years that would be considered so much more solid overall if they didnt contain the extra filler. This new Aerosmith record is a perfect example. Give me 8 great rockers and 1 solid ballad. The result is an average of 38 minutes of great music that you might actually isten to front to back while on the way to work, working out, etc.. A great album over a good album with a few great songs…

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