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AceFrehley600 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley will release Space Invader, his first new solo album in five years, via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music) on June 24th, 2014. The album will include at least nine brand new original songs as well as a cover of Steve Miller’s The Joker. This album is the first release under Frehley’s new universal deal on eOne Music.

Frehley has released an official statement surrounding the exciting news:

“Life on Earth has been very good to me, and the body of work I’ve created over the years has withstood the test of time. Today I see no obstacles before me and my creativity has never been more fine tuned. Growing up in an Alien world has enhanced my senses and allowed me to succeed where others would have failed. The best is yet to come!”

Widely known as the original “Space Ace” and founding guitarist for 16 cumulative years (over 2 tenures) of the multi platinum selling rock band KISS, Frehley is demonstrably the most popular original member. In addition to having the best selling solo album career (vintage or current) among the original foursome, Frehley’s self titled Ace Frehley, released in 1978, went on to sell over one million copies, producing the only Top 40 single, “New York Groove,” from any of the legendary KISS solo albums; (peaking at #13). The massive hit was most recently featured in an episode of cult show Entourage and was also KISS’ second bestselling download in 2012, besting such KISS Army anthems as I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Beth and Calling Dr. Love even after 36 years.

Since departing from KISS, Frehley went on to release four more solo albums and one live EP including his most recent effort, Anomaly in 2009, which debuted at #27 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and received a welcoming response among critics. “Anomaly shows why many rock and metal guitarists list ‘Space Ace’ as a prime six-string influence,” said Rolling Stone.

Ace Frehley will participate in the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards show by presenting the Dimebag Darrell “Best Guitarist” Award alongside label-mate Zakk Wylde. The awards show will take place on April 23rd, 2014 at the Club Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now. Frehley comments, “It’s exciting to finally be part of the Golden Gods, awards and an honor to be part of any Dimebag memorial award. He was a friend, and I know everyone misses him, as do I.”


  1. Ace does a great job covering other songs. His version of Sweet’s “Fox On The Run” off the Anomaly album was great. Look forward to hearing his version of Steve Miller’s “The Joker”.

    1. I agree that Ace does a great job with his covers, but for some reason I’m having a hard time imagining him doing “The Joker”. I just can’t make it work in my head. But, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until I hear it.

      1. He also did “Do Ya” buy Jeff Lynne. I expect he will be a bit more loose on this one as it starts off with his character. ” Some people call me the space cowboy” is the first line. Where do you think Ace will go from there. He has got to get his laugh in there some where. “Priceless.”

    2. His cover of “Fox on the Run” is great, an even better choice to have done of off the same Desolation Boulevard album by Sweet would have been “I wanna be committed”. A great Sweet song! Check it out. I loved the Anomaly album, but I think Ace made a mistake having the first single be a cover. I hope he doesn’t make the same mistake here and have “The Joker” be the lead off single.

  2. Should be interesting if Ace out sells Kiss again like with the last CD. Gene and Paul knock Ace but yet he has sold more albums with anomaly then both of kisses last two CD’s combined which totaly contradicts anything Gene and Paul say about him.

    1. Not true. I own and love Anomaly and love Boom and MONSTER. As you may like Ace album better it is not a fact it outsold both Kiss records combined. In reality ( and you can look this up) boom by Kiss is almost Gold at over 400,000 copies sold and moved 103,000 opening week. Ace sold roughly only 25,000 copies opening week and sits at just under 180,000 today. Kiss MONSTER moved over 60,000 copies opening week and currently has sold nearly 300,000 copies. Fair enough if you say Ace is better to u than Kiss but your claim on Ace outselling Kiss is false.

        1. With all due respect to your feelings Bill because I truly do respect yours….I love and STILL love Ace,Peter,Gene,And Paul and I honestly also love the albums and tours of the current lineup. Been to concerts of Kiss since Dynasty tour and I don’t have hate for any members of Kiss past or present. Sorry that’s not how majority feel here right now and that’s fine but I have my tastes and you are totally entitled to yours. Simply correcting a statement not true about the sales output of Ace versus Kiss. I too love Anomaly and am truly looking forward as well to the new one SPACE INVADER. I love what Kiss is doing as well,think the Spider stage is one of their best and sorry just no hate here man. Love all the members and that too is a valid stance.

      1. Sales facts or correct. Please keep in mind that you are comparing a Wal-Mart to a Ma and Pop store though. KISS has a major worldwide distributer, where Ace has nothing near that. I do have to disagree with you about Sonic and Monster though. Worst KISS albums in their discography by far. I can’t list more than one song on each, not memorable what-so-ever.

  3. Hey Eddie, I asked you about Ace’s set list when I met you on your book tour. I still think his own material, collectively, is strong enough for a set list on tour. The reason I didn’t go to see him when he was in Cleveland was because his set list had too many Kiss songs on it, such as ‘love gun’, ‘shout it out loud’, ‘I want you’, ‘lover her all I can’, ‘flaming youth’, etc. (I am totally fine with ‘cold gin’, ‘parasite’, ‘rocket ride’, ‘shock me’, and ‘strange ways’). I would definitely go see him if his set list was all ‘Ace’. I would think, after the way Gene and Paul has treated him, he wouldn’t play those songs. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  4. Congrats to ace and the new release cd thats coming our way . Cant wait. I expect nothin but the best from the guy who is still an inspiration to me after all hes been through. I hope he does tour behind it to so degree in states. But we will have to see. Would like to know though whos n his band

  5. The first sentence in this press release is very misleading. Ace is being inducted into the RRHOF as a member of KISS, not as a solo artist. PR people take waaay too many liberties, but that’s what they do…

  6. I love Ace and hope his album is not only even better than Anomoly, but delivers another big hit like New York Groove, if that’s possible. Wouldn’t that be something? But, the Joker? Yeah, maybe, the Joker is a little spacy so maybe Ace does something really interesting with it, but if I never hear the Steve Miller version again, I would be just fine. Hope the single from Space Invader is not The Joker but one of originals. Don’t hear too many people talk about Ace’s last instrumental on Anomoly when it came out – Fractured Quantum. Great song, my favorite of the Fractured series from his solo albums. Anybody agree with me?

  7. Awesome. Anomaly sounded good, it was honest rock n roll. I wish Ace would cover one of the songs they made Tommy Thayer sing on Sonic Boom or Monster.
    The last Kiss album sounded like they were trying to imitate something. I liked the songs but they seemed heartless; no soul. But I guess the music is a reflection of who makes it.

  8. Oh for the love of God, who buys that whole , “I’m not from this planet crap” any more? Just release the album so you can sell 25,000 copies and Trunk can sing it’s praises no matter how it sounds.

    1. It’s foolish of Ace to reveal any information from his upcoming album. You know Tommy is stalking him trying to get some ideas since he has no originality of his own. On the next KISS album Tommy will say to Gene and Paul hey listen to these new ideas I’ve come up with for songs:

      LA Groove
      Missile Ride
      3000 Man
      Electrocute Me

      Tommy is such a joke. What was his song on the last album? Outta This World. Wow there’s some original material. Wonder if it was an old Ace demo lying around. Best part of Ace’s book was when he decked Tommy. He probably ran and cried to Gene/Paul. I would have paid more than the cover band charges for their Meet and Greets to see that.

      He should go back to getting the band’s meals.

  9. I read somewhere that Ace was going to do a cover of Space Truckin’ by Deep Purple. Eddie said he wanted Ace to do a cover of Joe Perry song. But anyway I cannot wait, I am sure it’s going to be a great follow up to Anomaly. Thanks Eddie love the show!!

  10. Hey Eddie, I read in a Rolling Stone piece today ( that Ace is also planning what he’s calling a covers/remakes album to go with the new album (the “remakes” part catching my attention). For some reason, I’m assuming that could possibly mean he’d do versions of early tracks he wrote before he had the confidence to sing them (“Cold Gin,” “Parasite,” “Strange Ways,” “Getaway”), maybe the original riff-based pieces he helped co-write (“Flaming Youth,” perhaps), maybe tougher versions (i.e. before they were Poncia’d) of songs like “Save Your Love,” “Talk to Me” and “Two Sides of the Coin” and perhaps a definitive recorded version of “Don’t Run” before it became “Dark Light.” Can you maybe confirm or deny any of his plans for this? Or even better, if you’ve got his ear, you could put this idea in his head?

  11. Eddie,
    Listened to both unmasked and dynasty today and it’s funny that ace’s stuff in both of those albums are all 6 really high lights! Paul mentioned that he stopped growing ? He has as many songs on those 2 albums as the other 2 knuckleheads! Just an observation. I still love Torpedo Girl and hard times!

    1. Ace barely played on those albums…another tool that knows nothing…he only played on his songs and I think Peter might have played on a few too….Thoses solos were not Ace…of all the albums to choose to make a point you couldn’t be more wrong. Next why don’t you say how great Ace was on Creatures of the Night?? Oh that’s right he didn’t play on that either…Moron…

      1. That’s not true, Ace played lead guitar on Gene’s and Peter’s songs too. The reason why Ace didn’t solo on Paul’s songs is because Paul took the lead breaks on those. Ace plays bass on his songs, Paul plays bass on his songs, Gene plays bass on his and Peter’s. Except the bass on “Shandi” was a guitar tech, and the bass on “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” is a session cat. Ace was in prime form during this period, he lost his gusto around The Elder, and then he left Kiss.

        1. Shannon, it was stated that Ace barely played on those albums, perhaps a better statement would be Ace only played solo’s on more than half those albums. Of the 20 songs total between Dynasty and Unmasked, Paul took solos on at least 6 songs we know for sure. I certainly wouldn’t use either Dynast or Unmasked as a display of Ace’s chops as both albums aren’t exactly high water marks in the Kiss pantheon. Although it did show Paul to be a capable lead guitar player and counters Frehley’s comments in various comments through the years that Paul couldn’t cut it.

          1. OK, let’s go track by track: Dynasty: Ace is Lead guitar on track 1,2,4,5,7,8 (for a brief time he used a whammy bar),9. Bass on 2,7,and 9. He sings and writes 3 songs. Unmasked: Lead guitar 3,4,7,8,10(this song doesn’t have a lead break really) Bass on 3, 7. I’m guessing 10. Writes and sings three. That’s quite a contribution to two records. Those records have huge shadows of their past to live up to, but there is great music on both. A lot of what’s been said is inaccurate. Ace has a very distinctive, unique sound; a very crude delivery that really cuts through. I can pick him out apart from the rest. Even as a kid I didn’t think the first three songs on side 4 of Alive II sounded like Ace, the pull on the strings and the attack was too soft. (Even though Bob still did a helluva an Ace impression).

          2. You know, JB, not trying to start anything with ya, your post is actually pretty accurate. It’s just that people skewer things, because Paul played lead on his songs, save for track 1 on Dynasty, it becomes “Ace barely played on those two records.”

        1. Shannon…in regards to the above about Bob…gotta disagree. I think his playing, his feel, his attack on Alive II is brilliant. There is simply no way Ace could pull off the leads in “Larger than Life”…definitely one of Kulicks high water marks of his own career. I love early Ace…the guy had “it” whatever that is but I do totally agree with Paul…he just got to a point where he didn’t evolve to become a better player. As a guitarist myself…it’s not about evolving to the point where you totally become a new player, just better at your craft. Take EVH, he’s been doing the same thing since VH1 but Ed’s playing always remained fresh and inspiring…I can’t say the same about Ace. By Dynasty and Unmasked…his playing “to me” was just boring. That’s why I’ll give some kudos to Paul…he at least was trying to better himself as a guitarist and actually did pretty good on those tracks.

          1. JB, always good to converse with a real music fan and not someone who tries to exert some de facto authority in an internet chat room. Good points you make there. But “Rocket Ride” has to be one of the most shredding guitar solos in history. As a guitarist you have to appreciate the left hand spread Ace employs to pull that off. “Larger Than Life,” Bob’s brilliant homage to Ace is great. I actually miss Ace’s Teutonic bomber approach there, though the note choices couldn’t have been better. Also, “Save Your Love,” for me, is one of the most stealth like solos, and it really fits the subject matter, telling a babe to get lost…anyways, good point about EVH.

        2. I was made for lovin’ you IS NOT A DISCO SONG!!!! open your ears listen to y.m.c.a. or stayin’ alive or boogie man and then tell me you don’t hear a HUGE difference!

          1. I heard on the radio station KLOS once that Kiss sued Blondie over “Call Me’s” similarity to this, sorry Doug, Kiss disco song. Some Kiss fan told me about Bill Aucoin insisting Ace take the lead break there. And Ace wrote 2 songs on Dynasty.

      2. Hey George did it ever cross your mind that you are the moron? Maybe Darron was referring to Ace’s playing on HIS songs on those albums not the other songs that he didn’t play on. Darron was debating Paul Stanley’s comment that a Ace stopped growing and using those songs as examples. Why is that painfully obvious to me but escapes you so easily? 1 guess…that’s right…wait for it….you are the moron.

      3. Further, Paul played half the leads on Unmasked….Paul’s point about Ace’s chop’s fading is valid. Love the guy but Ace’s playing has been barely passable for years.

        1. It was an ego thing JB. Ace was starting to assert himself as a lead vocalist. So, Paul turns around and takes over some lead guitar. Plus Paul wrote the songs and probably just thought his feel worked better. Ace’s chops weren’t fading in the studio, on tour he got lazy, but he only played guitar during the performances. These are human beings were talking about, you guys talk about them like they’re these androids or something.

          1. Ace was hitting on all cylinders by Alive II…at that point he was at the top of his game playing wise which makes in all the more perplexing as to why the band was still leaning on Kulick. It boils down to one thing, lazy…and it’s one of the main issue’s the band had to fight with Ace along with his substance abuse. Not good combinations…the fact is Gene and Paul’s problems with Ace and Peter are 100% legitimate. The fans, regardless of what side they take at least have to acknowledge that Gene and Paul stuck it out through thick and thin. Ace and Peter didn’t. That’s why…as much as I hate what they’ve done with Tommy and Eric, as much as I wished they would’ve called it quits after the Farewell tour, as much as I wish they’d stop with the remarks…I’ll always side with Gene and Paul. As a musician who tried and failed to make it, throwing the golden goose away (twice) ala Ace and Peter is sacrilege. Especially Ace…he had real talent and just kinda pissed it away. I don’t feel sorry guys like that…too many musicians like me who wouldn’t have wasted those opportunities.

          2. I hear ya. Also, Kiss was branching out, so here Gene and Paul are planning amusement parks, movies, we’re talking real money here, and they’re having to rely on two guys who were on self-destruct. I think that is why there is so much resentment from Paul and Gene; when you feel like someone is literally trying to take food off your table, that is serious. But they don’t have to keep reminding the real fans that they are/were the main guys. We know this already. So putting down Ace and Peter’s contributions, which have endured for decades, is pretty mind blowing to me. They have enough legitimate claims against them without having to wholesale exaggerate.

      4. Fan since 1976- 41 shows – play guitar because of Ace! George- at what point in time did I reference the songs other than the actual ace songs. He has almost 1/3 of both albums. I was referencing specific songs on those 2 albums that he obviously played on. They are some of the best stuff in both albums! I guess I could call you illiterate because you obviously can’t read!

    2. 2000 Man is a highlight on Dynasty. Some of Ace’s best vocals IMO. Take away I Was Made for Loving You, and Dynasty is a pretty solid record. Hard to imagine back then that a band in so much turmoil could put out as good an album as that.

      1. why do so many people have a problem with I was made for lovin’ you? my cousin used to work at studio 54 in 1979, and according to him they never played that song, and they played EVERY disco song out there! only rock & top 40 stations, not disco stations played the song, why? because IT’S NOT A FUCKING DISCO SONG!

          1. miss you, do ya think I’m sexy?, heart of glass, another one bites the dust, just because you can dance to a song, don’t mean it is or make it a disco song! DID YOU EVER SEE I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN’ YOU ON THE BILLBOARD DISCO CHARTS IN 1979? besides was does paul Stanley know, if that song came out in 1984, no matter what it sounded like it wouldn’t be called a disco song, a lot of rock songs like another brick in the wall got labeled as disco-ish because of the time/era they just happened to come out in.

          1. It’s opinion anyway. Just like whether this or that song/band is metal. You have yours and the rest of the world has theirs .

          2. o.k., then why does a song like another one bites the dust not get labeled as disco? have you really LISTENED to the “bass” line in that song? classic rock stations still play that song, but you’ll never hear a classic rock station play I was made for lovin’ you, but they’ll play miss you by the stones everyday, and in my opinion, miss you sounds a lot more like disco than I was made. if anybody else but kiss made that song, it wouldn’t be labeled as a disco song, just another rock song.

          3. Another one bites is disco as are the other songs you mentioned in my opinion. The reason radio plays those songs and not iwmfly is because it’s kiss.

  12. I too certainly can’t wait for Ace new album and will lineup for its first day release and and tour. Loved his last one and I loved KISS’ last two…in all fairness to how everyone else feel in my life there is room to love both sides and all eras including current. Hoping P Peter’s intentions of releasing a true rock record also comes true.!! When it does I will ALSO be there to support him!

  13. Ace Frehley is now a shadow of his former self. His guitar playing sucks now. I was once the biggest Ace frehley fan, and KISS fan in the world, but all of them should pack it in.

  14. I hope this album Rocks big time, of two reasons.
    1) To prove P&G totally wrong, and make them look like shit.
    2) Because Anomaly really wasn’t that good an album.

    All the best to Ace (We’re rooting for ya)

    1. Anomaly is better than Sonic Boom or Monster, mostly because just about all of Gene’s material on both blows. I like Paul’s stuff better overall and lean to his songs on Monster. That being said if I combine the highlights of SB and Monster I might get up to Anomaly but somehow they fall short.

  15. Cheers to you, Ace! Show the world & that wannabe (Tommy Thayer) what a REAL guitarist can do. My opinion is that Simmons & Stanley keep dogging Ace & Peter to build up hype; that there really WILL be a reunion (for a song or 2, anyway). If Simmons can’t see the dollar signs that it would bring, than he’s an idiot!!!

    1. Gary, it just ain’t gonna happen.
      In all honesty, Paul can’t sing anymore, he is the one who can’t cut it anymore. I’m glad I saw them twice on the reunion tour. I love the original KISS, but a reunion now, would ruin whatever “magic” there’s left? In my opinion.

      Besides, I don’t think that Ace and Peter want to do it again – especially not now with all Paul and Genes manure attacks. They should only do it for their induction to the Rock Hall of Shame…

      Gary, if you didn’t get to see them during the reunion tour, I feel sorry for you and understand why you’d like a reunion to happen.

  16. Eddie: The new issue of RS was surprising a very good read, and I found Ace & Peter part particularly interesting. Ace said he licensed his make-up whereas Peter acknowledged regrettably sold his. Any idea when the license on Ace’s makeup is up? Take it back Ace and stop this KISS farce from continuing! You’ve always been my favorite member of KISS Ace because you’ve always been true to yourself. Can’t wait for the new music!

  17. Love Ace’s playing. Great to see that Ace is giving us a new album and that it only took him 3 years to complete this one as opposed to the 20 years for Anomaly. Good thing he has a record contract and therefore a deadline to get this album out. I am sure that the record company wanted the record out in April to capitalize on the hall of fame attention, but Ace’s laziness couldn’t meet that deadline. Gotta say I am tired of him doing cover songs, would much rather hear a “B side ” original song, than him doing a cover. Why doesn’t he just put out an album of cover songs and get it out of his system. I always found that his cover songs have detracted attention from the remainder of his original songs on each album. Still hoping for an epic album here. Hopefully we get one, not holding my breath. If not it will still be better than anything that kiss puts out.

  18. When I went to purchase Anomaly at Best Buy in Hollywood Ace was there doing a signing . And he signed my copy, and looking at it …the way he singed his last name reads Tommy. So it’s signed Ace over Tommy with a card under it the has 9 in the top left, a sideways 8, (an infinity sign, or his attempt at a heart shape?) and then a 1 in lower right. My conclusion here is that Ace really doesn’t have any problem with Tommy.

  19. I’m excited to hear Ace’s album will finally be released soon, but I just can’t get my head around Ace doing The Joker, doesn’t seem like his speed at all, unless he totally revamped the song, I’m also wondering why Space Truckin’ was scraped, I thought he would have done a killer cover of that song. Nonetheless, I’m excited his finally releasing new music, just wish he could have given everyone a teaser, to wet out appetites.

  20. PETER CRISS- Eddie any word on Peters Rock album? This would if been the perfect time to realese it going into the RRHOF. Ace is doing it right marketing wise putting his record out at this time. On the sales numbers of Aces record versus Sonic Bust. Kiss had a exclusive deal with Wal Mart. Wal Mart loaded up copies of Sonic Bust in all of its stores. I stil see a ton of Sonic Bust CD’s in Wal Mart. That bumped sales for Kiss. Didn’t mean the end buyer went and bought the record. Wal Mart pushed record sales loading up copies in all THIER stores. So it’s very deceiving. Good for Kiss tho. Monster sales are more impressive being Wal Mart wasn’t the exclusive. Although Im sure in the contract Wal Mart agreed to purchase a ton of Monster also but not have the exclusive. So even Monster sales are deceiving. Ace had none of this. So his landing #27 on the billboard charts and being solo and alone is a much more impressive number. Paul’s solo record an Genes last solo did nothing. This has really got to get to Gene and Paul’s ego. Ace with limited funds and marketing kicked Kiss’s ass if you look at how it’s not even close to a level playing field distributing new records!!

  21. I think This CD will be the Ace sound we all love! Ace never changes his sounds This is why he’s Ace. He knows what works and what we like. As for Sonic Boom, It was a weak CD, I think Gene and Paul knew this, and that is why it had two bonus CD’S< With the remake of the watered down re-recordings was a waste of time, and the concert DVD was terrible. As for Monster, there are about two songs that were passible. But it will never be the old Kiss sound mainly because Tommy and Eric are different style than Ace and Peter. Anyway I look forward to the CD, I like the cover smart choice to have Ken Kelly do the cover very classy.

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