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AceFrehley600 While original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will be releasing his new album, Space Invader, on August 19th, the six stringer is already discussing his next project, which will be covers album.

Frehley reveals that he already has guest musicians such as Lita Ford, Slash and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready lined up, but there that there is someone very special he would like to ask to appear on this CD.

“I was thinking of asking [KISS bassist/vocalist] Gene [Simmons] to play bass on one track, and I’m not going to say which one. That’ll be a surprise,” Ace told VH1 Radio Network‘s Dave Basner.

When asked by VH1 Radio Network if he thinks Gene would accept his invitation, Frehley said, “I think he’d consider it. I don’t know if he’d do it. Maybe [KISS guitarist/vocalist] Paul [Stanley] won’t let him. Who knows?”

Ace’s version of Steve Miller’s, The Joker, was recently released online and can be heard here.



  1. Damn, slow down Dana, you’re posting too fast for me, I can’t keep up! LOL!
    Of course Gene will accept the invitation, (if the price is right!) AND if Paul lets him, LOL! Just my opinions & suggestions, shouldn’t cover very well known songs (The Joker) for example, I would love to hear Ace do “Cold Gin”, “Parasite”, “Strange Ways”, songs he wrote but never sang before, in the studio. And some other songs that I’m just too busy to think of at this moment! Later… πŸ™‚

        1. I’d rather have Peter on it. I’m confused why Ace seems to blow Peter off in regards to recording. After all the stupid comments Gene keeps making in the press Id keep his mean ass out of it.

  2. Lmao….”Maybe Paul wont let him”…..Ace knows that Paul IS the puppet master. Give credit to Ace, after all of that ugly mudslinging that Gene has done to Ace….Ace just keeps it classy and pushes on……Joe in The Cuse

  3. Hi Guys,

    I’m thrilled about Ace’s new album. What I’ve heard it’s great. Now about “KISS” these days. What I have seen and heard [and especially of Paul in a long interview, what he is saying and humiliating Ace and Peter [“I even question wether they can even read a book”] and replacing Ace and Peter or trying to deny them and rewrite history believing they never existed, I have to decide it’s done for me with Gene and Paul and KISS [actual KISS]. They only want a brand not a band and forget that Ace and Peter brought them this great live. They’re just assholes. Sorry but I can’t have any respect anymore for these guys. I loved them for more than 35 years but it’s over. I will not buy any records anymore and I’m not going to see any show no more!! KISS doesn’t exist anymore, a fake b[r]and. Just give me an Frehley and a Space Invader. ACE RULES. No more money to Gene or Paul!!!

  4. Does Paul have that much of a hold on Gene to where he’d be the say so if Gene could do something like that or is Ace just cracking a joke? Maybe Ace and Gene playing together would be the start of all those guys burying the hatchet with each other once and for all. More than likely not, but it doesn’t hurt to have hope.

  5. I think the 2 new songs are okay but the covers thing is so 1990s. What is he saying about SPACE INVADER if he is already talking about the next album. Forget another covers album. How about covering an album? Ace does PARANOID? ZEPPELIN 2? LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL? PYROMANIA? in full no bulls@#t. That would interest me.

    1. The Joker cover is terrible, absolutely terrible. There was not a lot of effort put into that one and it shows. Now onto your idea, here are the songs I want Ace to cover:

      Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner
      Balls to the Wall
      Headless Children
      Stairway to Heaven w. Mary Jane Blige
      Heaven’s on Fire
      Master of Puppets
      See you in Hell
      ..and seeing as he likes to talk his vocals instead of sing them, how bout I’m the Man by Anthrax

      1. No. THE SOPRANOS theme with a video of Ace as a spaceman mafiosa doing in his KISS enemies with a finale of Ace as Tony Montana in a shootout with 500 guys dressed as KISS and then an unmakeuped Gene in sunglasses shoots Ace and he falls into a pool. The world is yours Ace.

  6. Looking forward to anything Ace will put out, even covers although I’d prefer original music, at least he is still there while other heroes have already retired. Kiss is also about to retire soon they say, which will only be realistic because they draw fewer audiences every tour, just watched their gig at Saratoga on YT, the stage is so small compared to what it just to be, the spider is hanging low compared to the last European tour in 2013, the band members are within reach of each other, only a few steps, while on their reunion torus they had to fill a stage probably three times the size – so it is plain to see that they are on the decline just by really looking at the size of the venues, the size of the stage gear the relation between the heigth of the players, the lighting rig, the backline, just the facts for everyone to see, no matter what they are trying to tell us in the interviews, that is all just commercials for their product.

    1. Addendum: back screen half the height, no flying by gene because the roof’s too low, plus it is not the only venue on this tour that they cannot enter the stage using the spider from above. As big as ever?? Maybe one day in the not-so-far-away future Kiss and Ace will meet again on some club stage πŸ™‚

  7. Dammit….
    I am trying to bring myself to take all my KISS CD’s to the used shop down the road – but I can’t do that and end up punishing Ace & Peter on account of the behaviour of Gene & Paul…it was so much easier to do with Ted Nugent. What a quandry – I guess I will just make a mix disc of only Ace and Peter’s songs, since hearing Paul and Gene’s just annoy me now.

  8. Ace played the bass parts on most of his songs on Kiss albums, at least from “Shock Me” onward. Gene’s vocals I can sort of understand, but why pay for Gene on bass when any mediocre session guy would be better and cheaper. Purely for publicity, especially if Gene turns him down publicly. I feel so used…

    1. Dave Scott and Aaron., a few points on both of your posts…He mentioned Gene playing bass because it is going to be an All-star jam of covers, with his friends in the industry so no session player would make sense. Not to mention, Gene is a good player and obviously still a friend so who cares who Ace wants on his album?? if Ace is good with it, then why all the hate? It’s not about you or me, its about what they want to do. Why was it so easy to forgive Ace and Peter for almost destroying the band several times, while Gene and Paul, who ARE the reason Kiss is still around 40 years later get shit from people…All the unmasked years kept the band alive, even though some of it wasnt great the machine kept rolling right up until the originals re-grouped. All four have had major moments of stupidity and selfishness, but for people to continue to make this a war between these guys and over-analyze everything they do is ridiculous…No one other than those four really know everything, so us fans need to stop and think about that..Peter is the one for me that is the most dysfunctional, the least talented, and the one who contributed the least, but I still support him as a Kiss fan…I support all lineups and although I don’t like Tommy and Eric wearing the iconic makeup, I have accepted it. The war between these guys is clearly fueled by fans more than the members themselves and for me, anything Kiss related to new music is exciting, so why not just enjoy the fact that 3 of the four originals are still making music??

  9. Let me add that if Gene and Paul ends up playing on the cover album with him then they both look like hypocrites and bigger douches for not playing at the RRHOF ceremony.

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