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Just back from a great weekend in Boston. Started out Friday hosting the Winery Dogs show at The Wilbur. Was great to see the guys one last time since now their tour is complete. The plan is for them to start writing album number 2 toward the end of the year and begin again in 2015. They already did one new song live called “Oblivion”. Between then Kotzen will release and tour for a solo anthology and album, Portnoy will do some Flying Colors dates, and Billy will do an album and brief tour with Mr Big.  Also spent some time Friday at my Boston affiliate WAAF where my show is heard Friday nights at 11P. Great to be back on that station!

Saturday I performed at The Wilbur with Don and Jim and had a blast. Thanks to all who came out and special thanks to Gary Cherone of Extreme who joined us on stage for a few. Great time!

Next up for me; Montana! I’ll be headed there for the first time this Thursday to host a festival called Rockin The Rivers (and celebrate my 50th birthday on Friday!).

ALL NEW podcast with Brian May goes up this Thursday! Ran some teaser audio in my FM show this past weekend. Thanks to all for the kind words about the podcast! Subscribe now for free on Itunes or listen on www.podcastone.com

Live tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNKNation.

23 thoughts on “8/4: BACK FROM BOSTON, AN UPDATE.

  1. Hey Eddie, as a regular poster on this site, I just want to give a shout out to you & Dana for all the great work you guys do. Accurate, honest & real, please keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next podcast with Brian May, I’m sure it will be very interesting. Cheers! 🙂

      1. Corabi was and still is a great singer and guitarist; Crue should have kept him and never brought back Vince Neil.

        Also, on the MOR cruise this year, Corabi’s band just absolutely kicked ass. They should have been featured much more than they were. And to top this all off, John was just a fantastic person on the cruise…my wife and I had a couple of drinks with him at a bar and he was absolutely one of the nicest people around, and his band mates (including his son who was the drummer) were extremely nice as well. I wish John and his band the best of luck in the future, and Eddie, if you haven’t had him on TMS I hope you will.

          1. Disagree, someone would have picked them up. That album with Corabi in my opinion is better then anthing they put out since Vince came back.

  2. O.K. Eddie, everybody knows if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only listen to 1 album, it would be UFO – “Strangers In The Night”, but what if it could be 2? I’m guessing it would be either Aerosmith – “Rocks”, OR Kiss – “Destroyer”, OR Van Halen “2”, am I right?

  3. Eddie, Thank you for taking my KISS question to end the show in Boston on Saturday night. Glad I came down from Maine to catch the show to see you, Don and Jim and the surprise guest , Gary Cherone.
    I look forward to seeing a TMS taping soon and playing Stump the Trunk again with you.

  4. Eddie,
    You do know that in a world of aging boomers, some like me who are old enough to have seen Hendrix, Joplin, Brian Jones and Keith Moon live, 50 is the new 37.

    Many happy returns, big guy.

  5. I just read that Ian Gillan said he would not play with Blackmore if Purple did get in the HOF. He said it would be disrespectful to Steve Morse and the current band. Sound familiar ? Cant wait to see all the comments about how this is ok for DP but was wrong for KISS.

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