Just confirmed the plans for my 30th anniversary party of my FM radio show. I can tell you the date will be 10/23 and it will once again be at The Hard Rock in Times Sq NYC, the site of so many great events I have done over the years and also the site of my book launch and first signing on 9/24. Like the 25th, this will be a free event and the only way in is by listening to my show and also I’ll make tickets available on this site also. I’ll announce all details about the event and start on air ticket giveaways live on my Q104 show starting 8/23 between 11P-2A ET. This is going to be a fun night and most important FREE to YOU guys as a small way of saying thanks for supporting this show all these years. To be still standing doing a metal radio show for 3 decades is a testament to all of us spreading the word and keeping it alive! Much more TBA soon.


Off to Chicago tomorrow. My first of MANY trips in what is about to be the most hectic schedule of my life the next few months. I’ll be in Wauconda IL tomorrow at Lindys for the LA Guns Rockin The Farm pre party, and then the event itself Saturday which I will host. Then Sunday I’ll be in Kalamazoo MI at Wings Stadium for another show I’m hosting also headlined by Ratt. Details on both events in the banners above on home page. Look forward to seeing you if in this part of the country. Then I fly back on Monday and will be live on SiriusXM as usual at 6P ET for TRUNKnation on channel 39. Pat Travers will be a guest.


RIP Allen Lanier of BOC. Met Allen once at a signing show and was a super nice guy. Sad news to hear of his passing. BOC was such a pioneering band for the genre of music we love.


Have a great weekend all and follow on Twitter for up to the second photos and news @EddieTrunk


  1. Samuel Popailo says:

    RIP Allen Lanier of BOC. Met Allen once at a signing show and was a super nice guy. Sad news to hear of his passing. BOC was such a pioneering band for the genre of music we love.

    feel free to add this band to the many that you represent when lambasting the HallOCacaMierda Eddie…they certainly merit inclusion.

  2. But I’m not done talking about Winger yet!
    Just kidding, I’ll always remember coming home from a gig late one night and turning on your radio show and wondering 1) why is the show still on this late, and 2) is that Axl Rose on the radio?!
    Keep up the great work, and long live stump the trunk.

  3. Congrats on 30 years on radio!You are a true friend of hard rock and heavy metal.Keep up the good work on your radio shows and on TMS.Eddie,I would like to know what is your favorite rock magazine ever?My favorite was CREEM.I liked the articles,letters and the smart-aleck photo captions.Thanks!

  4. David Shamblin says:

    The 30 year party sounds great. Too busy at that time of year for work to make it to NYC, but I will be there in spirit. Look forward to getting a chance to meet you on the MOR cruise…wife and I got our cabin assignment yesterday!!

  5. Rip Allen. Underrated keyboard player. Loved his solo om flaming telepaths, interplay with buck on buck’s boogie, his work on Joan Crawford, and of course career of evil and astronomy to name just a few. Was also an accomplished tele player as will. List to the red and and black.

  6. Congrats on the upcoming Anniversary. Wow 30 years is quite an achievement. Keep on rocking.

  7. Fred Glass says:

    Sorrry to hear about the passing of Alan Lanier. BOC were a very good hard rock band. Nobody ever talks about them or gives them much credit. Bands like Rush, Rainbow, Foghat, and Kiss opened for the mighty BOC. The Black and Blue tour was a great tour also. RIP Mr. Lanier.

  8. Thanks for having BOC’s Buck Dharma on TMS ,Eddie. BOC was my 2nd rock concert ever. Saw them on the SPECTRES tour and many after that. Not to mention the BLACK N BLUE Tour with Black Sabbath fronted by our hero Ronnie James Dio. A historic, memorable show. R.I.P Alan Lanier a true Agent of Fortune.

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