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Last night we posted a story in the news section that was sent to me via Twitter about Kiss replacing Gene and Paul and continuing on with a band of no original members. We later found out the original story was from 2008. While the haters will just attack and say it was calculated to further some insane anti – Kiss agenda (love how I am so anti Kiss and STILL PLAY ALL THEIR MUSIC, too funny!), I left it up for two reasons. One the amount of differing opinions on this generated in comments was interesting and ALL views were posted, and two this is still the plan and closer than ever to happening! If this is what they were planning 6 years ago it is really just around the corner now! Clearly the way they do it might be altered but this is still happening and the band has discussed it in the press even recently. So nothing has changed except for it is more imminent! I am hearing maybe two years away from launching at this point with the current (Gene and Paul) band having maybe one more run left after the current tour. What was stunning about this is how many saw it as major news they never heard? This has been talked about and discussed for a long time by Gene and Paul. So no mater where you fall on it I decided to leave it up because I found ALL sides of the reaction interesting and posted ALL response to it. Unlike some I respect and appreciate all opinions and they are represented here as well as my radio and TV shows. But to see this as some crazy dated story that is no longer the plan is not the case. Some may want to live in some fantasy land but all our heroes are getting older (so are we!) and how they handle the end of their careers will be interesting. Who really retires, who stuck around too long, who does bands with no original members. All good debate and all welcome here.


  1. They are already dead in my eyes! It is a shame too, been a KISS fan since 1976 but after what Gene & Paul pulled in regards to the RRHOF Induction I have decided that I have had enough! Enough greed, lies and BS! They need to just call it quits!

    1. I was still supporting the current lineup until the RRHOF crap; I have now backed off of Kiss, but I am sure that as long as there is a demand of some type, Gene & Paul will audition and replace themselves – but as I’ve said I was still going to shows and shelling out $$$$; but refusing to play a song or 2 with Ace and Peter at the RRHOF was classless. It is what the fans wanted : one last time for the Originals to play together – I was at the event in Brooklyn too, I was VERY disapointed.

  2. Eddie never told anyone not to enjoy Kiss. He has the right to his opinion the same as any one of you. It is also safe to say that he has done more to support the band over the years than any other fan. Remember, that’s what Eddie is, a fellow fan!

  3. It’s amazing that people call Kiss ‘a brand with value’…they are a brand and have gone down in history, but they can’t even sell out arenas on their own anymore. How are they planning on selling tickets with no original members left?

      1. …in the LOUNGES on the Strip, perhaps? Absolutely disgraceful! If the current lineup is considered an imitation of the real deal what will this end up being like? While I don’t mind
        “HALF KISS” I most certainly object to something they might as well call “NOT KISS”. Frankly, that would have more credibility. If and/or when this comes to fruition, and since ‘George’ pointed out Vegas, the old adage of “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” CLEARLY applies. PATHETIC! Enough said.

  4. Wait until other bands start to do the same…why not capitalize on their likenesses when they are too old? They are unique because of the makeup and characters so they could get some twenty–something members and really take the shows to the next level with today’s technology and they have money to put on a hell of a show, unlike when they were twenty-somethings…plus Paul and Gene would be in control of it, maybe even write the songs…

  5. I’ve been a fan of KISS more or less since 1983,when I was about 7 years old and heard “Lick It Up” for the first time. After that, I voraciously devoured everything KISS and was a stalwart fan of theirs (and Ace’s,and Peters,and Vinnie’s). I was thrilled to find that they reunited,but bummed that I never could afford a ticket,let alone buy one before they sold out. I was never a huge fan of the merchandise, but I did buy some McFarlane Toys figures ( that broke as soon as they were taken out of the package- cheap shit)…I can’t fault Gene or Paul for protecting their legacy and doing things exactly as they want,but I think for me, the ship has sailed. Gene’s always been something of a hero of mine with his views on no drugs or alcohol, but I just don’t agree with his politics ( Fox news, Gene? Seriously?) I want to think Paul is more genuine,and I really don’t want him to be as Harry Bellafonte and hardly be able to speak ,let alone sing, but I really won’t buy a KISS album without at least Gene or Paul on it. I don’t really care about the Tommy and Eric thing at this point,as they are competent musicians and have earned their place in the band,if not behind the make up. I’ve read about Gene and Paul not wanting to be active KISS members when they’d be in their 70’s , as early as articles from 1989, so that’s not news to me. If Peter wants to have a quiet life and not release anything, that’s fine. If Ace wants to put out an album every 20 years til he’s 100, that’s fine, but don’t try and sell me a KISS album with “Bernie the new Starchild” and “Don the Demon.” I can’t suspend my disbelief that much.

    1. Hey Rob, been a KISS fan since Love Gun. Hate what they have become, and I think Gene is a masogonistics self indulgent, greedy, dishonest pig. But I do agree with him on one thing, and one thing only…….Fox news rocks and liberal, commie, socialistic pigs like Obama and anyone who digs him can suck it. I love metal music, especially Iron Maiden, and some of these bands now have more in common with people who have some self respect and dignity than they do with any liberal agenda. To each his own I say, but don’t start with the whole bashing guys because of their politics. As much as I hate to say it, KISS has done more for our amazing troops than I’m sure you or any puke bag Obama lover has. See V.A. Scandal. Up the irons metal heads \m/

      1. U can not blame Obama for the VA problems. Our country has a history of screwing over vets going all the way back the revolutinary war. Both parties in DC have no problem spending our tax dollars over seas but fail to spend our tax money to help the vets when they return. Every politican claims to support our troops in battle but fail when they return.

  6. I have said this before and I cannot stand what paul n gene and especially paul has done to kiss today. I disagree 100% of everything they have done after the farewell tour. I look back now being 42 when I was six I got into kiss and have supported them all the way up till this current lineup. This is all wrong what paul n gene are doing and I personally hope it all back fires on them and just make them look foolish. I wish they would just drop the whole idea with replacing all . I mean u already have a tribute band now with kiss. I remember gene saying we gonna go out and show all the bands how the big boys do it . Well this today shows u they simply can’t do it alone with two imposters in the band. Kiss was never as big as .they once was with ace and peter these are facts. 70 s and reunion .enough said. If kiss do go ahead with all new members I can’t see the about what it was always for me which was the music first and image 2nd.

    1. In makeup I highly doubt that either of them would look much like Gene & Paul. As for singing, Nick sounds quite horrible from the clips I’ve seen of him.

  7. So, Paul did say that essentially he was next to leave. I believe that Gene’s replacement has been set. You all know some guy named Spiro? I appeared in a string ad with Gene during the Revenge Tour. I remember some discussion about Paul being replaced via a reality show with the people that did Rock Star: Inxs.

  8. This year was the first time in 35 years that i have missed a Kiss tour. They have soured and disappointed me. Ya the RRHOF but Paul’s conceited attitude and Gene’s out of touch reality with real life are the main reasons. I would like to know if Gene or Paul would have gone and seen Led Zeppelin if none of the original members were left in band yet the carried on with the name Led Zeppelin? There is no way for either of them to understand what it is like for a true fan to try and accept this. It’s time to step down and not dilute any further the memories that we have of the greatest band ever

  9. Been a fan for the duration..not every call has been a good one,but we really won’t know how this will play out until we get there. I think it will fail because of the uniqueness of the band, but stages are filled with bands that have few to no original members left,and people don’t mind,so who knows…..

  10. I remember reading an interview from Gene talking about this around the same time INXS were doing the TV show where they hunted for a new singer (2005). I think the INXS show probably sparked the idea( of the show anyways..Gene and Paul have been hinting about replacing themselves as early as Psycho Circus tour). I also remember reading an Interview with Eric Singer talking about it around the time of the INXS show.. Although Eric was a little Iffy about it, because in his Opinion (then anyway) Nobody could come close to filling Paul’s shoes(boots). Like probably anyone reading this, I have been a huge KISS fan since I was in preschool, I am 40 now. Obviously I was into the image of KISS wayyy before I became hooked on the music. KISS is more than just Gene, Paul,Peter, and Ace to me, and why shouldn’t it carry on?. granted I do not agree with a lot of the stuff they have done..so I am a little contradicting.. for example..i cringe when I see Tommy singing Shock Me..I do not think it is right, nor did I like Eric singing Beth..so its kind of a crossroads. Maybe because it was in the manner that it was done and presented..it was more of a FUCK YOU to Peter and Ace rather than a salute to them. I have no problem with Eric Singer wearing the Catman Makeup and I consider Eric to be the best hard rock drummer around. but at the same time I have a problem for some reason with Thayer wearing Ace’s make-up…maybe it is because Ace is my favorite member, or the fact that I think Tommy is a douche and does not deserve to wear that uniform. Or maybe its the fact that I can live without Peter Criss, because he is a crybaby diva…it is hard for me to decide at this point…or to even care..i know one thing is for certain though..Gene and Paul need to retire regardless…because at this point they are doing more harm than good and they are actually ruining KISS. If they would have done it while all four Original Members were still in the band it would have been much easier for me to accept. The original interview I read, was that the show would be the four members of KISS individually choosing their replacements. I just do not think Tommy and Eric deserve to have that privilege. It should be the four ORIGINAL members picking the replacements. If they would have replaced ALL FOUR members at the same time, people would of been able to deal with it a lot easier.BUT…on the other hand…I do not know if I want to live in a world where there is no more KISS…and no more KISS concerts.. it would be a lot cooler if instead of a tv reality show..they made a movie…and each member passed on the talisman to new guardians…and then after the movie was released..the new guardians did a tour… bottom line..I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND!!! LOL

    1. I agree that I have mixed feelings about modern day KISS. Just for your info, I saw Tommy singing and playing as the Space Ace years ago, before he was a member of KISS. Besides the band Black & Blue, he was in the KISS tribute band Cold Gin. I won tix to see Cold Gin @ the Troubadour from KNAC 105.5 FM, and it was great!
      Since Tommy’s been behind the scenes w/ KISS for years (Gene signed Black & Blue, Thayer started co-writing songs with the Hot in the Shade record, lotsa directing/producing KISS-related home videos, etc…) , I think he is a fine KISS lead guitarist (I’d preferred Bruce Kulick instead, I considered the reunion tour(s) a nostalgic interruption of KISS proper). As far as Eric Singer, he was the drummer on one of my fave KISS albums, Revenge.
      So my idea for what KISS should do (everyone has their own opinion) is to keep Singer, bring Bruce back, maybe keep Tommy as another guitar, and get rid of the makeup. Having said that, I can’t deny the awesomeness of seeing the Starchild, the Demon, the Space-Ace (sorry, Spaceman just sounds too generic) and the Cat on stage w/ all the accompanying bombast. So I think it’s best to let Gene & Paul steer the ship through the stormy sea as they see fit (If hope is lost than so are we)!

  11. for maximum cost effectiveness, gene and paul should secretly replace themselves with folgers crystals: 1/crystals work cheap 2/no advertising expenses 3/paul sang on a folgers commercial, so there’s a business relationship already in place.

  12. I haven’t been to any KISS shows since the Farewell tour… The only way I would ever go to one again would be if they rebuilt the Alive II stage and had 3D life-like holograms of each of the original members looking and sounding like they did in the 70’s…that would actually be kinda cool and a much better idea than having new guys take their place. They did it with Michael Jackson…why not KISS? Anything’s better than what they’re planning on doing.

  13. The day when Gene and Paul hangs up their platform boots, will be sad day. To me, being a KISS fan since I was 12, I just can’t see replacement players for the entire band. Regardless of my love for Ace and Peter, I feel Gene and more so Paul have been the true leaders of KISS. They started with the Wicked Lester, and if Paul and Gene would’ve never met, then KISS would have never been. But, to replace them would make KISS ala Beatlemania. They might look and sound like KISS, but they won’t be KISS. You can’t replace Keith or Mick from the Rolling Stones. You can’t replace Roger and Pete from the Who. You can’t replace Page and Plant from Led Zeppelin (regardless what the band is trying to do now). The replacements will be nothing more than a glorified tribute band that would be best served as a Las Vegas show. But, I respect Gene and Paul’s position and its true… Our heroes are getting older and eventually we’ll have to say our goodbyes. I would rather see KISS end in as they started…. being THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!

  14. I am enjoying these comments! I just read about 15 in a row that I agree completely with. Gene and Paul make me so upset. Kiss meant SO much to me for 30 years but I haven’t cared for years now. I am proud to say I have stuck to my guns and have never even LISTENED to either of the last two “Kiss” albums. I like Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer (Eric was a great member in the Revenge / COS era) – I hate them wearing Ace and Peter’s makeup but I’m not as angry with them over it as I am with Paul and Gene. Paul and Gene ruined Kiss for me. I still listen to Kiss and I’m still entitled to the memories of all the good times Kiss brought me, but I don’t support this crap. I don’t care about their football team or anything they do. I watched them on American Idol and I will agree with Paul on one thing – it’s time for him to shut it down – he just can’t (or doesn’t want to) sing anymore. He sounds really awful. It bums me out because I still love Gene and Paul for what they meant to me all those years, but I’m so angry at them.

  15. “Your in the Psycho Circus, and I say welcome to the show”
    I’ve been a fan since 1977. My first show was 1987.
    I remember fondly having a serious blast attending many Kiss Cover Band shows. I knew it wasn’t Kiss, but damn it was fun and a celebration of all things Kiss.
    Fast forward to now, with the right people, I would continue to see them for the show. It’s fun. It is entertainment and I Love It Loud!!!

  16. Personally I can’t believe all the hate. Gene and Paul have given more to their fans than almost any other band going, and it’s not like they are the only ones being paid for it (on the show I’m going to, the Def Lep meet and greets are just as expensive as the Kiss ones, and I don’t believe Lep is playing any music there like Kiss is doing).

    One can’t compare to Led Zeppelin because it isn’t nearly the same! Kiss is a spectacle, an event. This is no different than Cirque du Soleil or a traveling company of any big Broadway production. And who cares whether they “fill arenas” with the traveling Kiss. I remember around the time of Crazy Nights seeing a Kiss cover band in a 1,200 seat room (same room Sabbath played with Tony Martin on the Cross Purposes and Forbidden tours, BTW) and it was AWESOME. I knew it wasn’t the real guys, and while the “Gene” character was close in sound and look, the “Paul” was a tough sell, it was enough to see the characters, the fire, the blood…

    Gene and Paul didn’t build the empire that is Kiss by listening to selfish, narrow-minded, people with no vision (see: almost every post in this thread). They’ve been blazing their own trail since 1973 and frankly, I’m willing to see what they come up with next!

  17. Some of you get so worked up about this stuff. These bands are also a business. Wouldn’t you want to take care of your grand kids and family after you have retired? If you don’t like it don’t spend money on it. Gene and Paul say it all the time. They aren’t trying to deceive anyone. I personally think it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s my choice to consume it or not. Paul isn’t at my house with a gun making me buy tickets. JFC. Lighten up.
    ps…I’d sure love to retire, allow some dude to use my name, do my job and I collect 75% of the earnings.

  18. Without Ace, Kiss will never be the same. Tommy is a helluva player and writer and kudos to him, but let’s face it, if these guys don’t do some reunion shows to call it quits they will be ending with a whimper. The fact is, Paul and Gene know that Ace is the key. They just won’t admit it.

    1. Joe,
      I understand how you feel about Ace. True, KISS is not the same without Ace. That like saying Judas Priest is not the same with KK Downing and Black Sabbath is not the same without Bill Ward. However, that does not mean KISS will not thrive without Ace (which they are in fact doing). Ace is not the key. As much as I miss Ace, he is not the key and there is nothing for Paul and Gene to admit. They are too busy touring big venues (even if not stadiums), and constantly showing up on late night shows and the news. However, I do sympathize, as Ace is my favorite of the KISS guitar players.

  19. Ace is the biggest part of the KISS sound, that’s for sure. People can say what they want about Peter, but the older I get the more I realize Peter’s drumming style was also a huge part of that original sound as well. Carr & Singer might’ve been more steady and reliable in a live situation, but on record they come across as a bit stiff compared to the records Peter played on. There’s a certain groove and jingle to Peter’s playing that the other guys just don’t have.

    1. My thoughts exactly, the classic Kiss sound is not to be judged by the question who would be the best player technically, there is more to musicianship, like, as you said, the certain jingle, groove, approach, way of hitting the notes etc. Peter’s jazz influence itself influenced the classic Kiss sound, it was very different from other so-called heavy/meatl bands of the mid 70s, Kiss was never metal, so it was the combination of the four different talents. That, of course, cannot be replaced at all, only emulated to some extent.

  20. More Kiss things to clear up:

    They have, for the most part, never followed trends, the only time I can think of is when they consciously wanted to emulate Def Leppard in 1983, they were lost right after the Elder.. they appropriate trends. this is the true Kiss axiom.

  21. I am a KISS fan. I love the originals but also all the versions of KISS
    I love the music mostly the older stuff the last good album for me was Revenge. That being said Kiss did the farewell tour Gene and Paul should of replaced themslefs then. The Big 70 style Kiss show is great and the show must go on. Ace and Peter were replaced so I say what the hell if u love the music and the Show if Paul & Gene can not do anymore it is fine with me but no New KISS music should be made then it would be like going to see a tribute Band that has been approved by Gene & Paul.
    KISS will live forever that is their plan.

  22. So a 50% original members kiss has to drag leppard out to co headline amphitheatres..where is this 100% tribute band going to play…?????? ..if the band is the biggest they have ever been why are they playing Vegas in a 3.200 seat hall.you go on a arena/stadium tour like metallica or maiden do..

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