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What a day yesterday! It started with the recording of my first ever podcast in NYC at Epic Records with Glenn, Richie and Rob of Judas Priest (new album out now!). Now I never did a podcast before and was thrilled to have Priest for it. The label and PR had some folks come in to record the audio for me since I don’t have gear to record 4 people remotely at the moment. Well that didn’t work to well as the audio came out less than great. The interview however went well and content is king so Katy Irizarry (who is producing my podcast) worked hard to salvage it and it is good enough to post. I assure you the future podasts will have much better audio but this is Priest and you can clearly hear what is going on so we are going with it. Hope you like it and apologize in advance for the audio. Hey, I’m new to this! Haha. The Eddie Trunk Podcast posts every Thursday free worldwide via Itunes and www.podcastone.com It all starts this Thursday AM with Priest. Future guests include Bobby Blitz, Night Ranger, Glenn Hughes, King Diamond and many more. It will be a wide range of guests and some weeks just talk and commentary and emails. Try doing some different stuff too at times maybe a little outside of music. Hope you join me on this journey into my latest platform. Itunes sign ups now. Hit the banner on the home page.

I then went to SiriusXM for my live show and had a surprise call from Joey Kramer of Aerosmith. He was listening and called in. The band just returned from headlining festivals in Europe and kick off the US dates with Slash this Thursday at Jones Beach. Audio is On Demand on the SiriusXM app if you missed it. Thanks for calling in Joey and see you at Jones Beach if going Thursday! Then Brian Slagel came in and hung out. Then I did a late night recording of an interview with King Diamond! We get into all kinds of stuff with KD who’s tour is almost sold out in advance (NYC sold out but win tickets here on this site in ET Box Office!). This will debut as a podcast in a few weeks.

Thrilled to announce my FM/syndicated show is returning to the airwaves of WAAF/Boston this Friday! My new slot is Friday’s 11P-2A ET. In radio syndication it is key to have major market stations and having AAF back is huge for me. Grateful to all the stations in my network and hope to add more soon. If in Boston spread the word and listen Friday nights!

See you next Wed 7/16 in Myrtle Beach SC for a signing 5-7P at Retroactive. It is free and both books for sale at the store while there. Live radio broadcast as well with my affiliate there!


  1. To Brian Slagel………Jane’s Addiction isn’t an early 90’s band specifically. They are basically a mid to late 80’s band that was already done by late 91 before really grunge even got in full swing. Two albums in 88 and 90. Not trying to nit pick but you were making it sound like they were some band that came around in the 90’s. That was the beauty of Jane’s. They were a whole different heavy thing going on around all the “hair metal” (like Eddie, not a fan of that term) , but I wouldn’t call them metal either. Jane’s was undefinable in my opinion. I just remember it was a big deal for a lot of people when they broke up suddenly and like GNR or Pink Floyd, a band people were always hoping got back together. They finally got back full swing reunion in 2001 but the original magic of it all was gone. To me, it comes down to Perry’s voice. Some people love it. Some people hate it.

    1. Exactly. Jane’s was key in starting the alternative (of which grunge was a huge subset) revolution, but they weren’t around when it broke through (i.e., after the release of Nevermind). They headlined the first Lollapalooza and then were done.

      Of course they reformed ~10 years later, but that was a different band and a different era. They’re still kicking around, but it’s best they stop — even though Perry looks 15 years younger than he is, the band itself hasn’t aged well. There is no danger or craziness like there once was; it’s very corporate and perfunctory.

      And Perry’s voice is definitely high on the love/hate list — up there with Geddy Lee’s.

      1. Well said, Rob. I didn’t catch on to them until a couple of years after the original run was done, but it dawned on me afterwards and the memories of junior high came back of the skater type dudes wearing the Nothing’s Shocking t shirts and I always wondered what was up with them. I wish I would have given them an earlier listen and caught a show back when it was madness and unpredictable.

  2. Eddie, I have been a big fan of yours since That Metal Show came on the air in 2008! You, Jim, and Don not only have the coolest guests, you three seem like the perfect guys to hang out and have an ice cold brew with! As Neil Young would say, “Keep on rocking in the free world!”

  3. Eddie – just wanted to wish you all the best in the new venture. What some folks can forget I think is that this is WORK, and you put in the hours with passion. Thanks for bringing us along, Cheers!

  4. Looking forward to the Podcast tomorrow Eddie! JP is my all time favorite band. I am loving “Redeemer of Souls” and looking forward to seeing them in the ATL in October. Is the Metal God, Rob Halford, as humble off camera as he is on camera? He does seem like a very down to earth, genuine person. I got your book and was thrilled to see his Foreword in your book.

  5. Eddie,

    I loved the Priest town hall…though you should have hosted it because (and I say this with respect) Jim Breuer talked too much!!!!! I know he is a big fan….but next time remind him to drink decaf before he grabs a mike. πŸ™‚

  6. Really looking forward to this podcast tomorrow! Eddie, any word on what kind of setlist we can expect this tour? Would be nice to hear some treats like “Angel” and “Stained Class.” Already got my tickets to the 3 NY/CT area shows!

    Charlie Rains, I think this is Priest’s best work since Painkiller. I don’t know if anything can ever match Screaming, as that album (along with Painkiller) is one of the greatest metal albums of all time and really put Priest on the map. But I think Redeemer (along with the bonus tracks!) is a phenomenal album and BETTER BE NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY! Not that I care about the Grammys.. πŸ˜‰

    What say you, Eddie?

    1. I actually agree with you. I saw several reviews that said this is the best album they did in twenty years. Haven’t they heard Angel of Retribution? That album has to be one of the best comeback heavy metal albums there ever was! I should probably give it some more listens, but it doesnt hit me like Angel of Retribution did.

  7. Did anyone hear the Town Hall with Judas Priest yesterday? It was Jim Breuer talking about how much he loved JP & metal for the entire show. It was horrible. After his constant monologues, he then actually answered the questions from the audience after the band said a few words. Boo.

    Eddie’s podcast tomorrow will have to do. It will be nice to hear the actual guys in the band talk. Looking forward to it.

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