Hope everyone had a great 4th. I spent it with family, BBQ, Fireworks, all the good stuff. Was super hot in NJ but that’s usually the case with the 4th. I will be LIVE tonight at 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC. Outside NYC area listen via www.q1043.com or with the free Iheartradio app. Also be live Monday for SiriusXM show 6-10P ET on Channel 39 Trunk Nation. Guitarist Kiko Loureiro will be stopping in and we may also have a call in from Tracii Guns. Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for last second updates.


ALL NEW That Metal Show with Tom Keifer, Rob Zombie, John 5 and Richie Kotzen tomorrow at 11/10C on VH1 Classic. Great response to this new season and I appreciate that. Also, many comments pro and con about our new set, which is funny to me because it’s truly the last thing I think about or worry about with the show. I appreciate the passion, but the network can put us on milk crates on the street and I’d be okay with it, AS LONG AS WE ARE DOING THEM! I mean look at the 3 of us, you really think we worry about the cosmetic? haha!


Congrats to Queensryche on the strong first week sales on their new album. TMS has presented both sides of the Ryche fallout between last season and this season, now it’s all up to the fans to decide what they like more, or perhaps you like both? In either case all good as all opinions are valid. I love the comments on this site on all our news and postings. All are welcome however blatant hate will not be accepted on the site. Also for those asking for more time for Scott & Todd in that episode the truth is we have covered the Ryche world extensively by TV standards. They were the lead guests in the episode and split equal time with Mustaine. I also did extensive interviews with them on my radio shows where I have much more time. VH1 makes all the calls on editing and what’s what, but we do the best we can with the time we have in TV world. Trust me, if it was up to me I’d do an hour straight interview each week with every guest and nothing more, but it is not. That’s why my radio shows can be so much more in depth because I 100% control that.


I should have all the dates for my coming book tour in Sept. VOL 2 is out 9/24, pre orders now at Amazon. And yes signed copies of book 1 are still available direct from me, just hit the Books tab under Media on the site. Unsigned copies anywhere books are sold. I’ll announce all bands in Book 2 here very soon.


Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  • zack on

    Awesome to have you in Myrtle Beach !!!

    • Eddie on

      Thanks, spread the word and hope to visit soon

  • gerry on

    so eddie,i should ditch that metal show for your radio show??ok.poof that metal show is gone

  • Raphael on

    I’ve enjoyed both the new set, and more importantly the various new segments you’ve been experimenting with. Not all of them have worked perfectly, but what’s important is that they’re all interesting. I particularly like the rapid-fire question roundtable segment (sorry, can’t remember your official name for it).

    One question about this post. You mention Slash in the post title, but I didn’t see any mention of him in the post itself, despite reading over it a couple of times. Did you forget to put mention of him in the post, or am I somehow missing it?

    • Eddie on

      Sorry, Slash was on my radio show last Friday. You can hear it on all affiliates this weekend

  • Dave on

    Watch and listen to both, dummy.

  • Dave Shamblin on

    Great TMS last night, maybe the best of the year so far. The Dee Snider “Origins” segment was great. In fact, the Origins segment is a fantastic addition to TMS and I hope that it continues on a weekly basis. Keep up the excellent work, thanks.

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