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Excited to announce I will have just added to my schedule a trip to Bogota Colombia to be a special guest 8/15 at Rock al Parque. Really appreciate all the support from Colombian rock fans over the years and I look forward to my first visit. I will only be there 8/15 and can not stay for the music festival that weekend due to another commitment, but look forward to seeing you all!

My ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE podcast with King Diamond has just posted a day early. Check it out free and worldwide via Itunes or www.podcastone.com . Even if you are not a huge KD fan I think you will find the conversation interesting for sure. Be sure to subscribe to The Eddie Trunk Podcast on Itunes so you don’t miss an episode. It is always FREE! Thanks for making this latest venture such a huge success already!

This weeks FM radio show features excerpts of an all new interview with Brian May of Queen. Then hear the c0mplete interview via my podcast next week. List of affiliate stations under Live & On The Air.

Headed to Boston on Friday. Listen for me live on my Boston affiliate WAAF with Mistress Carrie at 6P. Then I will host The Winery Dogs show at The Wilbur Theater. Then me, Don & Jim perform our live stand up show Saturday at The Wilbur. Hope to see you this weekend Boston, come on out!


  1. I’m not that familiar with KD, but I like how he created a persona (like Marilyn Manson or Kiss). It lends to the great drama of metal (provided the songs are there of course).

  2. Eddie,
    As soon as I got home from work this morning (I work a 10 hour over night shift) I listened to the podcast with King Diamond. What a great interview! He sounded like he was in a awesome mood and I could tell he really enjoyed being on the podcast because he talked his head off. I’ve heard other interviews with him before but he never came across as being as excited as he was talking on your podcast. Great, great job Eddie! I was sad when it was over. I could have listened to KD talk for another hour or two and I think he would have been more than happy to keep on talking. I noticed a long time ago that you have a way with your interviews in making the people you talk to feel comfortable and that definitely seemed the case with King Diamond. Again, great job!

  3. I thought King Diamond did a pretty good job of explaining his belief system. I came away thinking it’s not like he’s that nanny in The Omen sent to care for Damien (called an apostate of Satan), or the kind of guy would rejoice at the possession of Regan in The Exorcist. I would submit that he’s more Pagan than Satanic. Any Pagans in Eddie’s audience can set me straight if I misread this.

    I got the sense that all the dark theatrics–and to this Catholic KD was one of the darkest in his heyday–were more a matter if embellishing his agnostic beliefs with tried-and-true horror-show imagery. Remember, Black Sabbath named themselves after a horror movie. Not saying KD is not for-real, just that unlike I thought in the early days when I bought all his records and went to see him every time he came through town, he does not worship the guy who Charon is ferrying people to in the song “Charon.”

    When I first heard “Melissa” I thought, for all the trappings of Devilishness in metal, this artist sounds like the real deal, a guy you wouldn’ want tending your pet goat. Who knows? From Eddie’s incisive interview, I got a better idea of some of the health problems KD has had, which I’d only heard surface references to before. Perhaps he used to be more on the patently evil side, then heard mortality knocking and decided to embrace the more Pagan and less overtly Satanist side of his nature.

    I checked ticket availablity in Seattle, the closest Diamond venue to Portland. There’s 175 tickets left in the nosebleeds. Party on, Wayne.

  4. I get that Uncle Ted is a very polarizing person. The interview he had on TMS was not bad, and his music is indeed very good. That being said, I suggest you listen to the interview he had with Mitch Lafon on “One on One with Mitch Lafon.” The amount of pure hate and vitriol he has for people who disagree with him has no limits. I had to turn the interview off less than halfway through. He goes off on a rant about anyone that is a union member is lazy and mooches off the hard work of others. Never mind that all the crews that work for him and all the venues he plays at are union, or that unions got us stuff like paid sick and vacation, days off, subsidized health care, and safety standards. Yes, Ted has the right to say what he wants. I have the right not to listen to him and not support him financially by not buying his albums, merch, or tickets. You say that we should not generalize him from the bits and pieces of interviews or quotes taken out of context. I say that we don’t need to, because he generalizes people that disagree with him as all the same, and there are plenty of things he says in context that make me not support him.

  5. TMS > VH-1 Classic
    Eddie Trunk creating a new show and marketing to AXSTV or Audience Network > TMS

    Trust yourself Eddie. Buy out of the Viacom contract and create a new show marketed to a better network.

    You can do it Eddie…we know you can.

  6. Hey Eddie, great podcast with the King. Just a friendly word from a guy who listens to tons of podcasts: I know you do this because of so many years in radio, but you don’t have to remind the audience of who you are and who you’re talking to every few minutes (for example: “Eddie Trunk here with King Diamond.”) This is a podcast, so no one is just randomly tuning in. Anyone listening deliberately downloaded the episode, so they know who they’re listening to. I’m loving what you’re doing, as always. Great stuff!

  7. Hi Eddie…. it’s so good to have you here in Bogota and i hope you can enjoy some of the greatest and the biggest free rock and heavy metal festival in Latinamerica. Rock al Parque is waiting for you. Keep on rocking man….

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