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Hope everyone had a great weekend. I took my family to a NJ Balloon Fest where REO Speedwagon was playing. I used to go see REO many times as a kid. If you think they are only about the big ballad hits not the case. Clearly not a metal band by any stretch, but a really good rock band with some tasty guitar playing and classic rock songs for sure. It was good to see them and these days Dave Amato, who played with Nugent, is on lead guitar. He’s been in over 20 years and is a great player. I like to expose my 5 and 9 year old to as much rock music as possible. Not forcing them into anything, just creating some balance between rock and Disney channel haha! They liked the songs and it was good to see REO again. Huge thanks to all the guys in the band (who are TMS fans) for the amazing hospitality. They asked me to intro them and took photos with my kids. Could not have been cooler to us.


Many comments to my blog on the concert biz today. Cool to see all the opinions. I’ll post more general biz blogs from time to time. Love seeing the thoughts from everyone.


So cool to see all the amazing response to The Winery Dogs. Glad this little idea of mine is working so well. See you this Saturday for the sold out US debut at BB Kings. Please note they go on around 8:15, early show!

Also in NYC area this Thursday 8/1 Great White at Bergen PAC in Englewood NJ and Night Ranger at BBs.


More book signings to come for VOL 2. Keep an eye on this space!


The new Aerosmith DVD Rock For The Rising Sun is awesome! So well shot, real audio, cool extras, amazing set list. Incredible how great this band STILL is after all these years and still the same 5 guys.


I’ll be LIVE tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNK Nation. Guests include Joey Kramer of Aerosmith and Mark Kendall of Great White. Connect live on 866-315-2663.

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  1. Gene Simmons is now claiming that it was his idea for Kotzen to join the Winery Dogs. In addition, he also claims that gravity, stringed instruments, and the formula for PI were also his ideas. He wants his cut, and he’s not happy.

  2. I don’t understand how you don’t know when your buddy Jim Florentine’s show airs on the Boneyard. When you asked “What do you want me to say about it?”. At least tell your listeners that my That Metal Show co-host has a new show on the Boneyard. BTW, it’s on 5-7 p.m. ET on Thursday’s. We all know you’ve had him on your radio show. He knows when your show is on, but you don’t care to ask about his?

    1. Heard that, too, Mike. I thought it was a very weird, terse, and odd response to a simple request from someone calling in. Eddie always seems to mention them if they are involved in something he is going to be at, too, but I don’t know, it seemed like Eddie just didn’t want to touch the question or something. It isn’t like the guy was asking for Eddie to make public service announcements about it five times a show…..anyways, picked up on that odd tone, too.

  3. Bands like REO Speedwagon worked their butts off for a lot of years. They certainly could rock with the best of them in the 1970s. Ballads started creeping in as Kevin Cronin started asserting himself more. I think “Easy Money” is one of the best rock songs ever, and am surprised nobody has covered it. Older friends of mine had tix for REO/KISS in 1975. REO supposedly cancelled cause they didn’t want to open the show for KISS. They expected to headline.

      1. Hey, DHBeaner……how old are you, like 12? What kind of stupid comment is that? Everyone
        is entitled to an opinion. You must be the type of person who can’t take criticism about
        bands you like……Sorry I hurt your feelings,but grow up.

  4. Eddie,while I REALLY respect & appreciate all that you do because you do it as a REAL fan,I think you’re giving yourself too much credit for the Winery Dogs.Since Billy Sheehan had worked with both Richie Kotzen (Mr Big) and Mike Portnoy (Amazing Journey tour also with Paul Gilbert and Gary Cherone as a tribute to the Who) before,I would think your suggestion was just that and nothing more.I say this because you’re constant commenting on it is getting tiresome.There also is a number of us fans who’ve been following Richie Kotzen since his first self titled release on Shrapnel back in 1989.So he’s not very new and YOU discovered him a bit late yourself.

  5. I wouldn’t take credit for the Winery Dogs. Boring, middle of the road, over-produced rock with boring lyrics like “Effected by the heat of desire!”. There are no great (or even good) songs there, it’s just… eh. Just lacks energy and soul.

      1. The only reason they had a good turn out in Japan is because Mr. Big was big
        in Japan and 2 members in winery dogs were in Mr. Big. As for the album
        entry….lets see were the album lands in the second week…….1st week is
        mostly curiosity.

        1. According the Blabbermouth.net the Winery Dogs sold 10,000 albums (whatever you want to call them) last week. That means that for every state in the union, about 200 copies were sold, that is if they were all sold in the U.S. That’s about 30 copies a day for each day of the week. Split that by the major cities – let’s say 6 in a state, that accounts for about 5 copies being sold per city. I wouldn’t be too impressed by that. And if that was international sales, it’s even worse. That’ll put them in small clubs at best. Let’s see where the album is in 3 weeks before crowning them.

          1. Your’re right, having 50,000 people having initial interest is nice (though I just made up that number and could be high). My point is just I am not in the HUGE minority in thinking they aren’t very good or uninteresting.

            I do respect your opinion too. I have no agenda against the band (I don’t get anything for stating my opinion against them… just like you don’t get anything for stating your opinion FOR them, right?). I even gave them a slight positive in my other post saying Richie Kotzen’s playing is tasteful. But overall, I just don’t think they are very good. Musicianship good. Lyrics\songs not good. The music just doesn’t stand out and is lacks a.. freshness.

            I’d compare them to Mr. Big, but think Paul Gilbert must just be a better songwriter , and Eric Martin a better vocalist for my tastes. Time will tell how successful they will be, but I’d put money that this will be their last studio album.

            I AM with you on the new Michael Monroe though. Last album was great and like what I’ve been hearing so far.

    1. Yeah, it might be better than most of the pop\R&B rock that gets most of the play these days. But it still sounds boring\stale to my ears. There is better music out there if you search for it. Some good melodic, and memorable music with some good energy (latest from… the Darkness, Nazareth, Rush, Coheed & Cambria, Volbeat, Anthrax, D.A.D., Ginger & the Wildhearts, and even that Black Star Riders album are all wayyyyyy better than Winery Dogs.).

      I’ll say some postivies… Richie Kotzen’s guitar playing is tasteful. He doesn’t go full shred (leaves Billy Sheehan to do most of that). There are some OK melodies here and there, and “I’m No Angel” would be one song that I might put on a mixtape. But other than that, think album is forgettable and it will probably be only album they ever make.

      1. You seem to have some agenda against this band. If you don’t like it that’s cool, but seems deeper than that. But to each his own. I respect all opinions but you are way in the minority here.

  6. Love the great comments on REO. The 70’s albums of You Get What You Play For, You Can Tune A Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish and Nine Lives contained some really good rock songs. Probably some of my favorite albums of that decade. Saw them live a couple of years ago when they toured with Styx and Night Ranger. Very good show.

  7. Love Gary Richrath – definitely agree with an earlier poster that he is a very underrated guitarist. I’d buy a ticket to one of their shows if Kevin Cronin could get over himself and allow Gary back in the band. Cronin is another victim of LSD (lead singer’s disease) and completely ruined the band. The irony is that as a singer, he’s really pretty weak, whereas Gary was a very accomplished guitarist. Just another example of a lead singer’s ego taking over and causing everything to go to hell.

    There’s an idea for you Eddie: write a column on how many bands have been wrecked by their singer. That would make for some interesting comments.

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