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Sitting here listening to the full new Black Sabbath album for the first time start to finish. I like much of what I hear but think this will take some time as many of the songs are long and in much of the same tempo. “Loner” seems to be the one track at 4 minutes and a bit more uptempo. Like the production, Tony is the riff king, Geezer rules as always, and Ozzy sounds good on it. In the absence of Bill Ward sounds like Brad Wilk does a great job. It’s obvious the band spent time listening to their first album at the direction of Rick Rubin. They literally rip themselves off at times. “Emd Of The Beginning” is the song Black Sabbath! The end of the album “Dear Father” also sounds like a direct sample of the open of the song “BLack Sabbath” (and makes for a nice way to close what might be their final album, since it opens the first one in 1970) But if the creators of metal can’t borrow from themselves after being borrowed from for decades who can? I’m still digesting this and will have more of a feeling for it after a few listens. But for a band in it’s 43rd year of making records on first listen it’s better than anyone could have expected, especially when you consider the new tracks they did with Ozzy for the Reunion collection which were not strong in my opinion. Also great to see the strong first week sales for this album around the world. Much is being made of this and rightfully so, it’s great to see for the band and metal, but the REAL test will be where the album is chart and sales wise in 3-4 weeks from now. Most legendary classic bands with huge fan bases have great first week or two sales and chart standing. The real test is after the base buys the album what happens? Most drop off the radar quickly. This is due to the lack of any real radio or video support to keep it going and bring in new audiences. This is far from a commercial album so it will be a challenge for the label to keep it alive outside of specialty shows like mine once the first week buzz slows. So let’s hope Sabbath can land a number 1 in the US in week 1. After that it will be virtually impossible. Just a bi product of the music industry today. Hope to have Geezer and or Tony on the radio shows soon to discuss all. They have been frequent guests in the past. MOST important let’s hope Tony continues his recovery to good health! As always we welcome your thoughts and opinions as well!

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  1. I think their new album is great! It’s flawless! There’s a lot of influence from their original stuff but that is what Rubin was focusing on. That’s what makes it awesome! Geezer, has delivered as well as the brilliant Tony Iommi, who has proven time and time again that he IS the Iron Man! Ozzy Osbourne, to me, is a true legend who has always had his fair share of criticism and yet he always manages to overcome all the obstacles in his life, and at 64, his abundent energy and love for entertaining his fans is unstoppable!!
    I hope that your radio station continues to play “13” for many more years to come and that everyone else will follow suit as this album deserves it!
    I give “13” a 10/10!

  2. Eddie, I love everything you do for metal and hard rock, keeping the flag flying and respect your opinions on everything. I listen to your radio shows, watch TMS religiously, HUGE FAN!!, but for god’s sake it’s taking you this long to digest what is a fantastic album Sabbath has recorded from start to finish, extra tracks and all, I was hooked from the time the first single came out to the first time listening to the entire album, it’s masterpiece of music with quality songs throughout that fits in their great catalog of music by great musicians that are still on top of their game. Despite his problems singing live now, Ozzy sounds great on this album. Sabbath have always done long and short songs, regardless of how long the songs are, C’mon Eddie the songs are fantastic, God is dead?, Loner, Damaged soul, Dear Father, Live forever, methademic, Pariah etc, etc. This is a band clicking on all cylinders. We got two great albums from the fathers of heavy metal, the other being The Devil you know with Dio.

  3. for 60 year old guys to rock out like this is inspirational (though age shouldn’t be any deciding factor on it the music rocks or not). Several songs Tony and Geezer are playing some intricate stuff perfectly together. Young guys couldn’t keep up! Sounds great.

    Also glad to see that Richie Blackmore (Blackmore’s Night), Deep Purple and Black Sabbath all still releasing new music in this day and age. Keep the music alive!!!

  4. I love the Album ive been an Ozzy/Sabbath fan my whole life pretty much since i was about 8 or 9 and own all their albums from both catalogs.I think this Album is Great and its good to see the Masters Of Metal still in top form.You can tell theyre real proud of this Album and it shows in the songs and performances.I agree Eddie on the sales aspect,unfortunately 99% of my fav bands have very strong first and 2nd week showings then fall off after that.Which is sad because some of the newer albums are so good from these Artists that its a shame theres no other promotion behind them.In my opinion i think alot of these bands should keep making music videos for youtube.Youtube seems to be the only way you can get video play nowadays and it lets people know the Record is out.Regadless,Sabbs are back in top form and i wish them all the best,Thanks Eddie for keeping Metal Alive on your Radio Shows and VH1 Classic,you play what ALL Radio Stations wont touch!
    Thanks Again

  5. I am so glad I got the Best Buy version, because Naivete in Black may be my favorite track. The bonus disc as a whole is great… absolutely a hybrid of the Ozzy and Dio versions of the band…very metal!
    I agree with Eddie’s take, that yes, it may be very similar to what they did 40 years ago, but then again, it is SABBATH, that’s who they are, and its sounds better than I had hoped. The last thing I wanted was some cheap knock-off for a band trying to cash in at a last ditch effort for a reunion.

    Tony, Geezer, Ozzy… Well done! thank you Rick Rubin!

  6. Sounds like a remastered 70’s album..After being slammed for the production of Death Magnetic Rick Rubin did a tremendous job on 13..each instrument, along with the vocals, are super crisp and do not get lost w/in each other..Lyrically I’ve never been a big Sabbath fan, the “occult” lyrics have often been a bit juvenile and corny.. That being said this, possibly due to the production, is one of my favorite Sabbath albums..

  7. Was not impressed during my initial listening of 13, but we shall see as I listen some more.

    BTW, AC/DC didn’t have any problem sustaining sales and tour revenue with Black Ice, so if the music is good and the band kicks ass then an album will sell, and people will go to the concerts. I don’t see much coming from Sabbath…kind of a feeble effort after having been away so long. Too bad.

  8. I am not a big fan of Ozzy…I liked and preferred the Dio era Sabbath….great album musically…the vocals are the weak point…then again it is Ozzy…not the greatest vocalist….Itoo bad H &H could not have done one more…

  9. People always have to find something to whine about! Just be glad they are still creating great music! Regardless if you like it or not the people and critics love it! Sabbath will never have record sales like ACDC they don’t have fat Walmart contracts guaranteeing certain amount of sales on new albums! Not that ACDC shouldn’t jump on those kind of high exposure deals!

  10. Great topic, Eddie.

    I think where you come out on opinion of this album really depends on your point of reference and expectations. I’ve listened to the album a few times now, and then went back and listened to the first two Sabbath albums, recent Ozzy, and Heaven and Hell. 13 does seem consistent with the style of early Sabbath, though I’m not sure that there are as many songs that standout and feel as innovative as what the band was doing relative to where music was in 1970. I personally thought highlights on 13 were God Is Dead?, Damaged Soul, Methademic, and Pariah.

    Metal has evolved a lot since 1970, thanks in no small part to the guys who were in the original Sabbath. And Tony, Ozzy, and Geezer have evolved too. Now I do like the album – it’s good, headbanging, fun. But for me I think the album would have been even more interesting if the guys had brought in more elements of things they’ve done separately over the last 10 years or so.

  11. I’ve only heard “God is Dead.” Will check the rest out soon. I think it’s as good as can be expected. Bands with a long history like Black Sabbath are caught between a rock and a hard place when releasing new material. If it sounds too much like the old stuff, people say they haven’t evolved, if it’s too modern sounding then longtime fans say it doesn’t sound like the old stuff.

    The best comeback record I can remember was Deep Purple’s “Perfect Strangers.” Great sound, modern playing/production (at the time) and it still sounded exactly like you’d expect Purple to sound. With Sabbath I wish they’d have at least used Bill Ward on the album. It’s never quite the same when you don’t get the original guys together. Without Andy Parker on drums, UFO during the 1990s reunion period with Schenker just didn’t sound the same. That feel on live versions of “Rock Bottom” just wasn’t there at all. The drumming wound up heavy and plodding. And that rhythm section is what helped propel Schenker to new heights during the 1970s.

  12. Look, Rick did great production on this LP. Sure, it slogs along long in the first album vein, however; it really is different from that crap on the last two Sabbath albums from the 70’s Ozzy can barely remember recording. I saw Van Halen smoke them off the stage and boring late 70’s shows to Dio just kicking the band in the butt with Heaven & Hell. The problem is radio today is not ’74 WPLJ/WNEW NYC orientated. The 5 Sabbath songs you hear all the time will get the airplay. 3 weeks in the LP will be dead. The usual suspects, Sabbath-Ozzy fans buy the first week. Rick needed two hook & riff monsters on the LP…..there aren’t any. Van Halen bombed out on albums without such.

  13. Heard “God Is Dead?” multiple times and I really like it . Has that old school Sabbath , Electric Funeral guitar sounding feel to it . Thought I was going to get the cd for fathers day .. oh well ,i’ll order it off Amazon .

  14. Eddie,
    At first when I listened to the record, I had to take a step back and absorb it. This is an album that gets better everytime I listen to it. I absolutely love Age of Reason, Live Forever, Dear Father, and Pariah. I am old Sabbath fan from the 70’s, and this album will eventually be ranked with some of their best. My problem was I set the bar too high. Listen to it like it’s new group on the scene. It’s one of best albums in the last 10 years.

  15. I feel that 13 is good not great. Its hard to compare it to the early Sabbath stuff. Different time and different place for the band. I will say alot of the songs and riffs seem to be recycled. Its hard to be original for any band with 10 or more albums. You cant expect a band after 35 years to be as great and as hungry when they are first starting out. You name any band, most of there classic albums are always in there first 4 or 5 albums. Very rare for a band thats been around 35, 40 years to make an unbelievable kick ass album. There are exceptions to the rule. I feel that Kiss’s Monster album rocks out pretty damn hard. The Rolling Stones Big Bang album sounds like vintage Stones. To conclude my thoughts on 13, its a good album but maybe could have been better.

  16. I thought the songs on Reunion were better. I don’t like the production. The drums sound weak. Bass drum sounds like hes hitting the bass drum mic! No power. The last Heaven and Hell album sounded much better. They should have used Vinnie Appice if they weren’t gonna use Bill Ward. The bass is great on the album but overall it all sounds the same. Loner is the best song.

  17. The lack of Bill Ward on this record is why it will never be a true gem. His drumming gave Sabbath a groove and swing that is impossible to replicate. The Ward-Butler rhythm section is legendary and for Sabbath to poo poo that away is a travesty. The lack of creative chemistry in the lower register is why I will never enjoy this record.

  18. I think everyone had high expectations for this album. That may be a bit unfair. When I first heard God is Dead, I was not in love with it. When I heard the whole album from start to finish, I loved it! You need to experience the whole album with no expectations. The more you listen, the more you will be hooked. This could be the album of the year!

  19. I really don’t care that the new record does sound familiar to the old stuff.
    It’s what I expected, and way better than I thought it would be. And just to hear Toni’s fantastic guitar solos at the end of these new songs, puts a smile on a old fans face.
    Cya in Toronto boys, can’t wait!!!!!!!

  20. I like the album. I think the band and the production sound great. However, I just can’t stand Ozzy the past 15 years or so. I saw them on the 98′ reunion tour, and Ozzy was the lowest point of that show. He was absolutely horrible.

    I just wish they would stop living in the past, and get Tony Martin back, and move on.

  21. Album of the year, so far. I must say, i was PISSED when i heard the 1st singles’ title, before i saw it was a question! Considering the state of the world, it’s a GREAT question, since i believe many believe he is. I’ll say it’s 1 of the most timely & powerful songs i’ve ever heard. Ozzy sounds awesome on the whole thing which at times sounds reflective. The bass is insanely good.
    My only knock is most of the songs when it:s ‘time change’ timehave a similar time change, if u know what i mean. I’m.a big drums guy, but for some reason, don’t see it as an issue at all, like 1 of the previous posters posted.
    All in all, this is shockingly good. I got the bonus tracks version & am dizzy from looking at the CD’s.

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