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Been getting many questions about my old friend Ace Frehley lately. As usual there seems to be a great deal of misinformation out there. So here are some facts:


I am not working with Ace as a producer or in any capacity on a new album. I did suggest a studio and possible producer to him WHEN he wants to do a new album to check out, and I know he did. He had interest from a label for a new album but no idea where he stands with that. Nothing imminent as far as I know.I have always helped Ace when he has asked, simple as that.


I did NOT tell Ace he shouldn’t reunite with old Frehley’s Comet band members. As a matter of fact I never discussed this with him at all. Reunions of any kind happen generally for one reason, because they will mean more people and mean more money. If a promoter truly feels a reunion with former members of the band will move the needle and there is enough demand maybe it will happen. But I have not discussed this with Ace at all!


Ace is NOT homeless. The house in the news lately he does not live in. He has lived in Southern California for a couple years now. Not NY.


All I know is that there was some talk of maybe some live shows soon and maybe an album at some point. When I know anything more I will let you know. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks Eddie.
    The Comment John Regan made came from a podcast interview. http://dbgeekshow.blogspot.ca/2013/04/episode-82-john-regan.html
    He didn’t say he knew for sure but either heard or thought it “Trunk may Have told Ace Reunion was a step backwards”.
    I would love to see Howard and Ace Reunion, not sure if it would be successful but guessing it would get some buzz. IMO Ace is strongest when he does not have to carry the whole show.

    1. I never saw Frehley’s Comet live, only Ace solo, but IMO the Live +1 album sounded kind of tame. I wish Ace would release some solo live stuff.


  2. Eddie, I just love how you can easily talk about ACE as if he was just another soccer dad or someone you bump into at the grocery store.
    When I see ACE or hear his name, I immediately think of all the Halloweens I dressed as him or Peter Criss and how may tennis rackets I ran around the house with pretending to play his solos. That guy was a huge hero to me in my youth and you lucky SOB get to hang and talk about him like he’s old high school friend. You’re a lucky man, Eddie.

    \ m /

  3. I got an autographed Frehley’s Comet album signed by the band when they were promoting the first tour. They appeared at a Record Bar (remember that mall record store) I believe in Myrtle Beach, SC the year of its release. Anton Fig had already left though so the replacement signed where Anton’s picture was. Thanks for the info, Eddie. Eddie is back with the info and he told you so!

    1. Todd Howarth plays keyboards for Cheap Trick from time to time; you rarely see him – he’s off to the side in the dark – but he was great with Frehley’s Comet. He was in a band called 707 before that.

        1. Tod Howarth last played with Cheap Trick in 2008. Up until recently, Magic Christian and Roger Manning Jr. (Jellyfish) had been touring with the Trick. I believe the $$ dictates if they bring someone else out or not…

          1. I just spoke with Rick about exactly this and he told me they haven’t felt the need to fill out the sound in a while. I’ve seen them MANY times lately and they sound great with just the 4 guys. And unlike some bands, all the vocals are REAL and not on tracks!

          2. I’ve played with Cheap Trick on and off since 1985/86 (Then with the Comet 87’88) back to ‘Trick 1990-1996 then off and on from 2000 to 2008….before that with Ted Nugent, 83/84 before that with 707, 81-83. I’m still kicking of course, recording, writing, playing…My last rock tune ‘COLD BEACH’ is on youtube under my name…. While playing with ‘Trick I wasn’t always ‘in the dark’ only when there wan’t enough room for me on stage as they are a GREAT four piece band and used embellishments when time and money permitted. John Regan and I have talked quite a few times in the last past years about projects, life, and of course THE COMET. This was another great four piece band and both John and I have said that if Ace wanted to do a re-union, we’d be on it in a heart beat for Ace, the fans….I think THAT is what I miss the most. The fans. Eddie did a great job for the Comet back in the day. Presently, I’m doing great, a lot of hard work and investments keeps me way above water! Water, sand, snow, all the fun stuff……

        2. What is the story with Todd and Ace, why did they part ways?
          John Regan said it was not really a band as much as paid employess but Todd really had a lot songs on the second LP.

          1. My second book coming in Sept has a chapter on Ace solo. EVERY band that is led by a star name consists of paid employees. Ace was not in good shape during 2nd album which was why Todd had so many songs.

  4. Eddie a guy out there spreading a lot of mis information about ace and dedicating entire podcast not only to aces foreclosure and even a podcast on aces storage locker is this clown Michael branfold who used to work for kiss running kiss online. The guy is a clown and takes lots of shots at ace

    1. The Podcast i seen was with Frank Munoz with the Three sides of the coin guys and he discusses the sale of Aces things to finance the Anomly CD(engineers, studio time etc.). Lots of Aces stuff was in bad shape and not stored very well. He had Positive and negative things to say about Aces work habits, choices about the promotiion etc. Very good interview. He kept things from the early 70’s but it was just stored everywhere according to Frank Munoz. He said Ace was focused until he hooked with his Girl friend then had issues showing up on time.

  5. Hey Eddie, congrats on the new season, and a great interview with Newsted last night.
    I know there is pressure in front of the camera, but my lady wants you to know that I totally wasted you on the Vinnie Vincent question in real-time last night by about 10 seconds at least! I’m a huge Vinnie fan, though, so I’ll cut u a LITTLE slack, lol. Thanks for the BEST show on TV! \^^/

      1. Awesome Stuff on the Second Comet LP, my wife really liked Second Sighting and she was not a Comet type of fan. Seen you guys on the first tour loved it. What is your side of the reason Ace and you split Todd?

        1. Thanks Jim – Please tell your wife thanks as well! To answer your question, my ‘side’ is what did in fact happen:
          After The Comet met with financial ruin while on tour with Iron Maiden, plans were made to try and re-surface. There was to be another LP to follow after licking our wounds and re-thinking an approach, however the one thing that made ME decide to depart (and I left, I was not ‘fired’ or ‘let go’ that is just not the truth, regardless whomever says so) was the fact that somewhere from above – the ‘suits’ as I was told – had mentioned that for the next album, Ace should ‘write and sing’ everything. I understood the thinking but it left me with absolutely no way to produce an income – until we toured, IF that was to ever happen again on a profitable level. It doesn’t matter now who made the decision because it was business. So I called Ace and regretfully told him that I’d have to strike out on my own, it was a gamble that ultimately failed as Grunge was coming on strong even after I was signed to Gene Simmon’s label with my solo band. Ace DID NOT want me to leave and asked me to reconsider but I said what choice do I have to continue a career? I had already done the Cheap Trick sideman gig and this would thrust me even further over to the side. It was not about BIG money because there was none, it was about any money because I had a family to support. Such is life, but this it the truth, as it happened to me, I lived it, and survived it.

  6. Everyone… STOP SAYING “I SEEN”!!! I’ve seen, I have seen, or I saw. Grammar Police usually annoy me, but this is one I can’t let slide! Love Ace… TMS is great! Keep up the good work.

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