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Just back from a busy weekend in the Pacific NW with Don & Jim doing our live stage show. These are so much fun and it’s been great to meet so many TMS fans as well as fans of my radio shows. We each do 20 minutes on stage of stories and comedy, then a Q&A with the audience, then a little live trivia with prizes. Usually bands play when we are done. Saturday in Seattle we had a sold out crowd 700 strong at Studio 7. Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren of Queensryche jumped on stage with us for some Q&A as well. They said the name decision with the two bands is very close to being announced. Last night was another great gig in Portland at Tonic Lounge. Smaller club but also a great turn out and tons of fun with some cool local live acts after we left the stage. Thanks to all who came to these gigs. We have more being added based on our schedule. They are listed on the home page under Appearances as they are confirmed. Remember NONE are TMS tapings. Special thanks to promoter Tony Lopez for taking good care of this on this latest run. Next up, this weekend, we come to Mexico City and Puebla! Mexican fans so supportive of TMS so can’t wait. Dates on the home page.


Tons of pro photos will be posted soon from my recent hosting of the MOR Cruise. Some already on the site in news.


Thoughts and prayers to my friend and guitarist Karl Cochran. Karl is an old bud from NJ and a talented musician who has worked with Ace Frehley, Joe Lynn Turner and many more. Was stunned to hear the news he was stricken with a serious stroke. Get well Karl!


Thanks to all for the kind words about the season finale of TMS last night. That was the last of our 12 episode new season and many felt it was one of our best seasons yet. VH1 Classic decides when and where we do season 14. Likely not until the Fall from what I am hearing with location and details TBA. I’ll keep you all posted. Most of the Spring and Summer will be a reshuffle of many repeats so a good chance to catch shows you may have missed. Thanks to all our great guests for being on and all of you guys for watching. Can’t wait to start again but VH1C makes all the calls as to when. Also please note I do NOT control where the show airs outside the USA and how it can be accessed online. I also have nothing to do with TMS merch. Please see the merch I do have for sale on this site, including the all new just released “That Eddie Trunk/ Stump This” shirt!


I will be live on SiriusXM tomorrow 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation (Hair Nation). Ace Frehley will be in studio around 6:15PM ET. MUCH has gone on around Kiss and the HOF induction which is this Thursday. We will get into all of it. So much has been said from so many sides last couple months. Sucks as Kiss fans waiting so long for this not only are we getting no performance but the sniping has really been pretty brutal. Today’s NY Post story with Paul the latest example (in the News section). Not sure any band has gone into the HOF with this much drama before. Hopefully at least for a few minutes they can stand at the podium and make their speeches and then be done with this. It has certainly not been the celebration Kiss fans have hoped for fighting to finally see this day. More to come no doubt and we will discuss with Ace and let you speak with him as well tomorrow on Eddie Trunk LIVE TrunkNation!


Have some cool new announcements coming for more upcoming gigs and hosting events. Keep an eye on this space, Twitter and the Appearance section.


Finally if you’d like to see Iced Earth in NYC at Best Buy Theater 4/18 email me through the site with “Iced Earth Tickets” in the subject line. Include your name and address in the email. You will get a confirmation email if you are a winner. Please only send one email. YOU ARE ONLY A WINNER IF YOU GET AN EMAIL SAYING YOU ARE IN, OTHERWISE YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST. THANKS.


  1. Eddie,
    Was wondering if you got an early copy of Paul Stanley’s book?? I expected the usual bashing of Ace and Peter but it sounds like he is unloading on Gene. Love to hear Ace and Peter’s thoughts after they had time to read it as I am sure there will be some different opinions on Paul’s take of things.

    1. Peter’s book SUCKS!! He is the biggest bullshitting, whiney cry baby in the world! He blames all his problems on everyone when the problem really is right there in the mirror. He is the luckiest guy to ever have a career in music. Talentless for the word go.

      1. You seem to have a pretty harsh opinion on Peter who has influenced a TON of players from Steven Adler to Mike Portnoy. I also don’t understand how nobody can see that he points the finger at himself as much as anyone else in his book…but I guess when you have that much hate for someone hard to see that?

  2. Pauls got to stop he says it would be embarrassing to perform with Ace and Peter. Well has he listen to his voice lately sorry Paul your embarrassing.

    1. So true, but he is in denial…I would’ve felt bad for him losing his voice in the old days but seeing what a mean-spirited person he has become I really can’t feel much sympathy for him now.

  3. Don’t forget that today marks the 16th anniversary of the death of Wendy O. Williams, female lead guitarist of the ’80s punk/metal group the Plasmatics. A li’l trivia here, she collaborated with the members of KISS on her 1984 solo debut album “W.O.W.”

    1. Just a correction, Wendy was not a lead guitarist, though she did wield a mean sledgehammer and occasionally chainsawed guitars in half on stage. Wendy was a pioneering frontwoman and singer. Most of the music she made with the Plasmatics and as a solo artist was way ahead of its time and did not get the recognition it deserved. If you’ve never delved into Wendy O’s catalog of music, it’s high time you did so; you won’t be disappointed

    2. She was great 🙁

      It’s a shame KISS didn’t use the “It’s my Life” track on the Circus album, that to me was 1000 times better than a lot of the other songs that were chosen for the record.

  4. I agree with you, this sucks for us fans of Kiss, I just want this to be over and done with and hopefully never talked about again. The story in the Post about Paul calling Peter anti-semantic is just so wrong. I realize this was in his book that was probably written long before the HOF news but still, it’s a shame and sad. I even read parts of Peters book online and was shocked with what I read. He said some shocking things, about sexuality, gay sex parties and many other thing I think he should have taken to the grave rather then put in print for the whole world to read. But, it’s his story and it’s his right. I’m wondering now what the upcoming release of Pauls book will reveal, we already got a taste with the coments he made about Peter so who knows what else will be in there.

    Anyways, I’m glad you are back from your trips, hope you got to relax on the cruise, one day I hope I can afford to join you on board. Looking forward to Trunk Nation tomorrow night.

    1. Did I understand you correctly? So Paul calling Peter anti-semitic is “so wrong”, but Peter’s accounts are “his story and his right”? Why does Paul work under a different standard?

  5. Hey Eddie! Hope you can get to some gigs in Wisconsin. Ted Nugent will be in Oshkosh this summer…come on over! Anyways, definitely hope that cool heads can prevail at the RNRHOF when the original 4 get together. Just hope they can be civil and not throw any punches or anything like that. Thanks again for all you do Eddie!

  6. Ed, Jim Farber had something about it in the NY Daily News 4/6/14 as well.
    Guess you can call the drama colorful as in face paint!:)
    “KISS my ass” would be an appropriate description of all the sniping.
    In all seriousness, this has gotten sad beyond belief. All in all it still cannot tarnish all the great KISS music over the years, in my opinon.

  7. Paul and Gene have been off the rails of late with their relentless stream of insensitive, arrogant and insulting comments about past Kiss band members (especially Mark St. John who is deceased), however, I hope it’s not true that Ace and Peter are in fact anti-semitic (to this day) as stated by Paul today. Hope Ace addresses these pretty strong accusations.

    1. Ace & Peter are no more racist than Gene & Paul. I believe Paul’s accusations about as much as I believed his heartfelt “goodbye” message at the farewell tour press conference.

  8. Congratulations on what was without a doubt the best season of TMS. Great series of guests and features. I also agree with all of the other KISS fans, I am so disgusted on how this HOF thing has gone down. I just hope the 4 guys can get through the speeches and everyone go off to their respective careers. So disappointed in how this thing has turned out.

  9. I think Paul is in serious denial of the quality of his voice. He was just Zeppelin covers acoustically with KISS. It’s crazy and makes no sense! EARLY Zep – even the stuff Plant couldn’t hit well after 1973. Paul sounds absolutely horrifying. Not sure why he is torturing himself and the fans like this. All I can think is that HE must think he still sounds good and nobody around him is willing to speak up. so he’s basically hanging himself on stage figuratively every night. It’s embarrassing.

    1. Tom,

      Under the supposition that the information about Ace might be true, then in my humble opinion, it doesn’t make Lemmy, Ozzy or Nikki Sixx, any better. To each their own, but I think collecting memorabilia from one of the most evil regimes that ever existed, is just disgusting and gross.


  10. Forgot to give you props for rocking out in the Starz shirt for the final show!! I actually had their first 2 albums on 8 track back in the 70″s!!!

  11. It’s a damn shame KISS can’t work it out for a song or two. Linda Ronstadt is in poor health.
    Kurt Cobain isn’t with us. KISS still has the original members and should take advantage what others would love to do. In the grand scheme all these petty differences are so minimal.

    1. Well said, Stuart. If Gene and Paul have an ounce of sentimentality about anything other than their own egos (which I doubt), then they may look back on this missed opportunity with regret. But they know that if they play with Ace and Peter the audience would go bat crap crazy, which probably never happens at a current lineup KISS show. And that’s one thing Gene and Paul don’t want to shine a spotlight on.

  12. Glad you and the boys had good gigs up in Seattle. It is very disappointing that Paul Stanely is keeping the bitterness up front and in the limelight. His hatred for Ace and Peter are sickning at best, just a very dissapointed fan right now.

  13. Hey Ed…

    I was curious if you knew why vh1 takes so long for new seasons now? I remember in the earlier days of the show they were usually one after the other. Anyways, I hope the show continues for a long time…I think they should stick with the classic bands though, I really didn’t like seeing Avenged Sevenfold & Sevendust on there…not cool. The Peter Criss episode was by far the best TMS episode ever though, that totally made up for it.

    1. For every person that wants classic bands, the next email is someone who wants newer. IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone so we create a balance. As for new episodes one reason, money. Thanks for watching

      1. Whether you like the new bands or not, they deserve to be on there. In order for a show like Eddie’s to stay alive, VH1C is going to want to see ratings. If you ignore HUGE bands like A7X (they’re OK, IMO) then you’re being a stupid businessman. Eddie knows that, I’m sure. And, frankly, we should support the younger bands. Priest, Scorps, Maiden, etc are all getting into retirement age. Then what?

        Speaking of new, Eddie, any chance I can still get you to play some Teramaze on tonight’s show??

        1. I understand that sometimes you do what you’ve got to do to get ratings. As for supporting newer bands I’m fine with that, it would just be nice if the newer bands that got the exposure were the newer bands that are actually playing real Metal…like the bands from Europe in the death/black/power metal genres. Real Metal has no chance of survival if the only newer bands that ever get exposure in this country are the pop/commercial stuff like Avenged.

  14. As a lifelong kiss fan I am embarrassed bout how this hof nonsense has gone down,these are men in their sixtys and they are acting like teenage girls,grow up guys,also if Paul states thate ace and peter are anti-semetic than why didn’t gene and paul do something bout it earlier,they were ok with as long as the money was pouring in,now he needs to put it out there to try to push his book,back in 1996 kiss was on the verge of being irrevelant until ace and peter rejoined the band,thats when ticket sales went beszerk,and they were selling out stadiums,i saw them 2 years earlier when they were playing smaller arenas where they were half empty,you didn’t hear any bashing of ace and peter for the couple years where ace and peter helped them sell out stadiums and larger arenas. Also is anyone else tired of hearing paul and gene keep saying that all they do is all for and about the fans,they had a chance to prove it by performing at the hof show.I cant wait till the hof show is over and maybe all this sniping will go away,but we all know this will never happen.Dont waste your time trying to email kissonline or genes and pauls website unless you plan to kiss their ass as they will not post any comments that doesn’t glorify them, I also didn’t know that tommy and eric were mutes,as we havnt heard anything from them regarding anything to do with kiss,thats rite they are employees of gene and paul and were told as employees to not say anything.

  15. Wow, accusing someone of being a racist or bigot is pretty strong. You better have cold, hard evidence that someone is racist if you are going to accuse someone of that. This whole drama is absolutely sad. No other way to put it.

  16. For all the folks that have posted about Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer being “imposters”…how about Peter Criss accepting a credit on Unmasked?…or Ace being on the front of Creature of the Night?…two albums that neither of them played on…

    1. You are kidding right? Accepting a credit?? Kiss did that so people didn’t think they left the band to sell records and do damage control! It was a contract issue! You honestly think they were leaving the band and asked for that? Please know your history! Even when Vinnie was touring they put out a release saying he was “temporary” when Ace was long gone. I have it!

      1. Eddie, no disrespect…I do know the history, as much as I can over the past 35+ years…all I was getting at was that it “feels” like a lot of people are ragging Eric & Tommy for being professionals…and calling them imposters…when, throughout Kisstory, there have been many times that other members of the band were presented in a light that wasn’t completely true…I’m a fan of all the line-ups but would prefer the original line-up to be left as a memory now…If the original 4 got back on stage to play, it wouldn’t be the best memory to leave us with.

        1. If they would just give Eric & Tommy their own makeup designs it would solve all these problems, all the fans that are angry would probably go back to buying their stuff and attending the shows…it amazes me that Paul and Gene can’t see that they’re only hurting their sales by doing what they’re doing. I think the early 80’s scarred them mentally and they think if they give the new guys new makeup it would be a repeat of that time period, but they are dead wrong. Compare the sales of the Kissologies to the sales of the last two records and you can see the difference it makes when you have the ENTIRE fanbase onboard and not just the Tommy/Eric supporters.

  17. Ed,
    I say this with “peace and love,” but haven’t you – to a degree – contributed to the drama surrounding the HoF? It’s great that you express your strong opinions on the matter, and that you create a forum on your site for fans to voice theirs (although some of it has crossed the line from passionate debate to vicious slandering). Where I feel you cross the line between critique and bashing is when you repeatedly refer to Eric and Tommy as “imposters” and seem to take “sides” between the original members. While you have extended the invitation to Gene/Paul to respond, can you blame them for declining? Would Aerosmith be willing to come on your show to “debate” you if you repeatedly denigrated their new music as “inferior” to their older output (which, in fact, many feel it is)? It’s great that you’ve been invited by Ace and Peter to the HoF induction, but it’s also one more clear signal (right or wrong) to Paul/Gene that you’re not exactly objective in your position. While I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be there either, it does seem (at least to me) that you appear to be injecting yourself into whatever beef there is between the original members. As a 30-year fan of both you and KISS, I say this with “peace and love, peace and love….”

    1. If Tommy and Eric are not impersonating (IE imposters) what are they doing? By definition they are impersonating what someone else created. What else would you call that? Why is it never pointed out all the positives I say about them constantly in that role? As for your comparison with Aerosmith you must not have heard my recent interviews with them where I discuss my distaste for albums like Just Push Play and others and we have an objective dialogue. Kiss seems to be the one band you must like ALL or nothing..

  18. I agree that I for one will be glad once the HOF ceremony has concluded. What I dont like is that HBO is not airing it until the end of May. Hope you will keep us in the loop with goings on at the HOF. As far as the in fighting with Gene and Paul, I think it really is childish and it has become tiresome. I often wonder where Kiss would be had they never did the reunion and put the makeup back on. Would Kiss as a band survived?

  19. Believe me, I understand the concept of less money on not the biggest station, but when I wear my TMS shirt I always get good feedback. People are always going “Cool!” and they vary in age from one end of the spectrum to the other. It just seems common sense that if this show is clearly gaining viewers by leaps and bounds, you would want to make more to keep the momentum going, I,E., more $. It will now be that time for me to send tweets once again to VH1 classic. But this makes no sense, If you want to make more money, you’ve got to spend some….. I know I’m preaching to the choir

  20. The problem is many people get on here constantly complaining about KISS (A band I have never cared for even back in the day), but the fact people keep talking about them is exactly what they want. Bottom line and I am not trying to be rude, but if you hate what they are doing so much stop giving them your money and stop talking about them. Many fans complain about the band, but if they came to your city or put out a new album, you would still buy it. KISS basically knows they can treat the fans any way they want and people will keep coming back. That has been proven too many times.

    1. 1) Nothing definitive has been announced.
      2) Geoff will NOT win the name.
      3) Geoff assaulted and spit on his bandmates before and during a show before he was fired. There is no way he deserves the name.

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