Lot’s of confusion and conflicting information out there regarding AC/DC the last few days. In this world of social media when anyone with a Facebook or website can say something, then have others pick it up and re-post, it is harder than ever to determine what is real news and what is not. As a rule I wait to hear something from the bands official sources before commenting and that has just happened with the announcement via the AC/DC Facebook that it is indeed Malcolm that is ill. I first heard of someone in the band being sick when Brian Johnson was on TMS with us a few years ago. Brian would not elaborate who or what, just that “one of the lads is sick”. It had been rumored to be Malcolm but never confirmed until now. What exactly is wrong with him has not been disclosed. Have heard everything from cancer to a form of dementia. Whatever it is it is clearly serious and has been going on for a while now. What we can take from AC/DC’s statement is that the band will likely continue with a fill in replacement for him. Their statement says the band will continue “to make music”. That doesn’t promise a tour, but likely at least an album which Malcolm may still be able to contribute to as a writer and maybe even in the studio depending on his health at that time. AC/DC can and has played live in the past without Malcolm. The truth is that even though he is a major part of the band, they are still a stadium act live without him. So it would seem the band does plan to continue in some form without him at least as of now. Possibly an album, possibly live shows, maybe both. I have had the honor of interviewing AC/DC a few times in my career and they are truly great humble people. Most importantly lets hope for a recovery for Malcolm from whatever he is battling. It sucks that the icons of our genre are getting older and showing the cracks that come with that. AC/DC are one of the all time Gods and maybe as big now as they have ever been in their career. Get well Mal! No doubt every rock music fan around the globe is pulling for him.


  1. Thank you Eddie.

  2. Carl Hendryx says:

    Well said Mr. Trunk!!!! Get Well Soon Malcolm!!!!

  3. Raymond Carver says:

    Let’s all prey that Malcolm gets well!! AC/DC kicks ass!!

  4. In a world where being first is consider a higher achievement than getting it right, thanks for getting it right Eddie.

  5. Glenn Boone says:

    Very well said….AC/DC Is in everybodys blood and heart…..get well soon Malcolm.

  6. Thanks for the update Eddie. I believe it was the Heatseeker tour that AC/DC filled in for Malcolm while he battled some alcohol related issues. I think it was a relative of the Youngs but I am not sure. No way Malcolm would want them to quit. It is good to hear the band will continue but disappointing Malcolm is struggling. If he is never able to play again, I hope he can at least live a somewhat normal life and contribute to the band in other ways. Ride on Malcolm and AC/DC, Ride on.

    • I think it was a nephew.

      • jack wood says:

        It was Stevie Young, their nephew that filled in for Malcolm (Alex Young’s son)

      • Yep, it was their nephew, Stevie Young, who replaced Malcolm on the Blow Up Your Video tour in 1988, due to Malcolm’s alcoholism. Malcolm talked about it himself on the AC/DC episode of Behind The Music. He didn’t want to end up like Bon, so he took that tour off to get himself some help. Hopefully he’ll beat whatever he’s fighting now as well. We love ya, Mal. Get better!

    • The guy in question was Stevie Young from the band Starfighters from a Birmingham UK must admit you can’t tell them apart

  7. truly a big part of rock history,angus and malcome was like lennon and macartney,godspeed hopes he gets better

  8. John p laino says:

    Thanks for update , as always keeping the facts out front

  9. AC/DC is the best Rock Band of all time ! GET WELL SOON MALCOLM ! while I loved Angus running around doing his thing I always had my eyes on Malcolm standing back and doing his thing ! GOD BLESS buddy !

  10. The music world will never be the same without some of these iconic bands. Here’s to Mal’s improved health, and another round with one of the greatest bands ever!

  11. Dave 21YYZ12 says:

    I’ve really been looking forward to one final AC/DC tour this year, so all of this news is tough to swallow as a lifelong fan. Get Well Soon, Malcolm!

  12. Bill Lopatka says:

    Nicely said

  13. Adam John says:

    As usual, very well said Eddie! Thank you so much for the updates and a Big Get Well Soon for our brother Malcolm! This is of course another reminder that people from our generation are getting older. I feel blessed that I grew up and was able to live through the rock era of the 70’s and 80’s. There was never and probably never will be again another wave of music that left such an impact in the rock world. Thanks again my friend for all you do!

  14. Man that sucks. Malcolm and Angus always wrote the music so hopefully he can participate on that end. Must be god awful for Angus to have to make music without his bro. I mean, they’ve been playing together exclusively since they were kids.

    I was a toddler when Bon died so this is the first bad news I’ve heard for ac/dc members. Get well Malcolm!

  15. Thanks for the update. Thoughts and prayers for Malcolm and his Family, friends and band mates.

  16. stevedrums says:

    Well said. It is humbling and sad that those we once thought were super human are really just human. Age and illness play no favorites.

  17. Well said Eddie!! I salute you. AC/DC is my all-time favorite band in the world. If tour occurs, I believe they can go without Malcolm like what they did during the ’88 Blow up the Video tour (if I remember it correctly). Get Well Malcolm!!

  18. Get well Mal

  19. Thanks for giving it to us straight, Eddie. Get well, Mal!

  20. Yes his, nephew Stevie Young, and was on the Blow Up Your Video Tour… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevie_Young
    and here is some footage from the Tour with Stevie…

  21. Get well, Mal! Hope you can beat this illness!

    Thanx for sharing, Ed.

  22. jack wood says:

    I know all AC/DC fans wish Malcolm the very best. Always has been a class act.

  23. jeff haven says:

    Well said Eddie. thank you so much for making sure the truth is accurate. Hope for a speedy recovery for Malcom ..

  24. Get well Mal. The rock n roll world needs you.

  25. It’s been great to grow old with the bands we listened to as kids. As the same goes for us the fans with health issues, it’s sad news to find out one of the members of any bands we loved growing up are having to struggle with health set backs as well. ACDC has always been the KINGS of kick ass rock, hope all goes well for Mal whether it means limited work with the band on any level health comes first.

  26. Mike Coffield says:

    Hey, I heard on the xm/siruis hair nation that Malcolm had a stroke. Is that true? Praying for him ! Get well soon!

  27. Beth Collins says:

    Thank you for such accurate information Eddie! I like you had heard several different rumors about Malcolm. I just want to wish him a speedy recovery and hope with all my heart and soul that whatever is going on with him it’s something that he can recover from!!!! My thoughts are also with the band and of course with Malcolm and Angus’s families!!! Godspeed Malcolm Young and know that your fans are all behind you and wish you well!!
    Much Love,
    Beth C.

  28. Eddie, you have a lot in common with AC/DC. You are cool, down to Earth , great to your fans, you rock and are a zero bullshit dude. Thanks man.

  29. the loudest f n show I ever saw.awesome.for those about to rock,i salute you ac/dc

  30. schocoman says:

    Malcolm may have one of the best 10 right hands in rock guitar playing, the “dying art of rhythm guitar” (in a world of emotionless shredders) as Tom Petty (himself one of the great ones) once put it – and as opposed to the petty circus that has been going on with a band called Kiss, AC/DC have always been down-to-earth people which is reflected in their music as well as in the interviews I know of. they are what the are, no tricks, and that is why people love them so much. They are among the truly greats out there in this business, they are one of the maybe five rock acts out there still able to sell out any arena worldwide, and for a lot of good reasons. Let’s hope all’s well that ends well.

  31. Makes me so sad. They have always been my favorite band.Get well and rock on Malcom!

  32. Or Malcolm :/

  33. AC/DC was the first concert I ever went to. I was 12, the year was 1983 and it was the Flick of the Switch tour. Literally changed my life! I immediately started playing guitar and then bass and I have continued for 30 years. GET WELL MALCOM. We are all pulling for you!

  34. Scott clark says:

    Thanks for keeping it strait that’s why I love to watch that metal show.and acdc has been a favorite of mine since high school

  35. Thank You Eddie!!
    Get Well Malcolm!!!!

  36. Malcolm is the secret weapon of AC/DC. His mega-riffage is the foundation of their music. I hope he can recover from whatever he is battling. I agree, Ed, the truth is, none of us are getting any younger, and especially our heroes. Lemmy is another example. Fortunately, he has bounced back, and I will be seeing him this Friday in San Francisco. I will be treasuring my time with him, because he may not be able to do another run, bless his heart.

  37. Jim from Houston says:

    A lot of those guys of that era lived hard and the latter years will be difficult. Hope he can recover music is most likely not his main concern right now.

  38. Bryan Russell says:

    Get well soon Malcom. Getting old is a bitch!

  39. Amazing reading comments from other sites, like Blabbermouth for one, that AC/DC should not continue on without Malcom. Imagine if the internet existed back in the early ’80s when Bon Scott died.

    • Same might apply as it did back then… Malcolm and Angus both said that Bom would have wanted the band to continue despite his death. I think Malcolm may be of the same mind. That the band should continue if they want and it has his blessing.

  40. Eddie Trunk = Class Act

  41. Taskerofpuppets says:

    Hope Malcolm improves. Although, after him being sick for the last 3 years or so and now having a stroke, I wonder if death is imminent. Many a blessing to the Young Family. We Salute YOU!

  42. Joe Pensanti says:

    I saw AC/DC on a tour without Malcolm, and they were great, but that “something” was missing. Let’s face it, he is such a driving force and really, as Angus has said multiple times, the band’s secret weapon. Add that one of a kind stage presence to the mix and you have one of the greatest rhythm guitarist/rockers on a stage. I sure hope he is going to be as okay as he can be. And thank you, Eddie, for the update.

  43. Brian Burger says:

    Aging sucks! I read that it was severe stroke and that his family is taking steps for permanent long term care and that he cannot even recognize even familiar people. I hope and pray Malcolm recovers and is able to join the band on the last go around. AC/DC is one of the greatest rock bands and hopefully we as fans can give them one last great send off. Get Well Malcolm!

  44. Without Mally there is that special ingredient that just isn’t there, that being said THE MOST IMPORTANT issue (IMHO) is Mals health. Great guy, met him once on the Back in Black tour and was just a classy person. I just keep him in my prayers for great health, that’s all I’m concerned for. AC/DC will continue if they get Mals blessing. Joe in The Cuse

  45. I grew up on AC/DC. Now my son is too. I hope Malocm get’s well soon. One of the greatest bands of all time for sure.

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