Lot’s of confusion and conflicting information out there regarding AC/DC the last few days. In this world of social media when anyone with a Facebook or website can say something, then have others pick it up and re-post, it is harder than ever to determine what is real news and what is not. As a rule I wait to hear something from the bands official sources before commenting and that has just happened with the announcement via the AC/DC Facebook that it is indeed Malcolm that is ill. I first heard of someone in the band being sick when Brian Johnson was on TMS with us a few years ago. Brian would not elaborate who or what, just that “one of the lads is sick”. It had been rumored to be Malcolm but never confirmed until now. What exactly is wrong with him has not been disclosed. Have heard everything from cancer to a form of dementia. Whatever it is it is clearly serious and has been going on for a while now. What we can take from AC/DC’s statement is that the band will likely continue with a fill in replacement for him. Their statement says the band will continue “to make music”. That doesn’t promise a tour, but likely at least an album which Malcolm may still be able to contribute to as a writer and maybe even in the studio depending on his health at that time. AC/DC can and has played live in the past without Malcolm. The truth is that even though he is a major part of the band, they are still a stadium act live without him. So it would seem the band does plan to continue in some form without him at least as of now. Possibly an album, possibly live shows, maybe both. I have had the honor of interviewing AC/DC a few times in my career and they are truly great humble people. Most importantly lets hope for a recovery for Malcolm from whatever he is battling. It sucks that the icons of our genre are getting older and showing the cracks that come with that. AC/DC are one of the all time Gods and maybe as big now as they have ever been in their career. Get well Mal! No doubt every rock music fan around the globe is pulling for him.

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  1. Hope Malcolm improves. Although, after him being sick for the last 3 years or so and now having a stroke, I wonder if death is imminent. Many a blessing to the Young Family. We Salute YOU!

  2. I saw AC/DC on a tour without Malcolm, and they were great, but that “something” was missing. Let’s face it, he is such a driving force and really, as Angus has said multiple times, the band’s secret weapon. Add that one of a kind stage presence to the mix and you have one of the greatest rhythm guitarist/rockers on a stage. I sure hope he is going to be as okay as he can be. And thank you, Eddie, for the update.

  3. Aging sucks! I read that it was severe stroke and that his family is taking steps for permanent long term care and that he cannot even recognize even familiar people. I hope and pray Malcolm recovers and is able to join the band on the last go around. AC/DC is one of the greatest rock bands and hopefully we as fans can give them one last great send off. Get Well Malcolm!

  4. Without Mally there is that special ingredient that just isn’t there, that being said THE MOST IMPORTANT issue (IMHO) is Mals health. Great guy, met him once on the Back in Black tour and was just a classy person. I just keep him in my prayers for great health, that’s all I’m concerned for. AC/DC will continue if they get Mals blessing. Joe in The Cuse

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