Thanks to Joe Elliott of Def Leppard for joining me live on air last night. Joe is always great to have on. Still a true fan of music and not afraid to discuss anything pro or con in the bands career. Joe revealed Def Lep have completed 3 new songs for their next album already. Said the band will have equal set time for Kiss tour (each about 1 hour, 20 minutes) and they would play a hit filled set. Joe also is about to release the 3rd album from his side project Down N Outz, a band that covers Mott The Hoople material and more. He did say that band would next do an album of original material. Joe is also producing new music from Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders, who was there at the time he called me from Ireland. You can hear the interview On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Search Trunk Nation under shows tab.

Also had Chris Von Rohr from Krokus call in. They have a new live album out Tuesday. Chris explained the band would love to tour the US and hopes interest will get to a point that they can afford to come over. We shall see. The band is still successful with their new music in their native Switzerland but not really enough demand here yet for them to tour.

Lot’s of questions about all the conflicting AC/DC news. We are in a world of “media” where everyone and anyone can float a story out there online, have it picked up by other sites, and become “news”. Until there is a real report from the official AC/DC camp I’ll wait to discuss. Until then nobody really knows what is going on. I do know I have heard for a long time now someone in the band was not well, and it is widely believed to me Malcolm. Let’s hope he is okay and we get one more run from this iconic band. But if they are not at full strength like all the bands I love I would rather see them end than not be great or have key members.

Some encouraging new regarding my friend and guitarist Karl Cochran. Karl who played with Ace Frehley and plays with Joe Lynn Turner amongst others suffered a very serious stroke. He still has a long road back but has now been moved to a rehab facility. Keep Karl in your thoughts and prayers. Great guy and musician. Hope to visit him once he stabilizes a bit more. Get well bud!

Don’t forget just added a new appearance in S Florida at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood FL 4/30. I’ll be hosting Avenged Sevenfold & Hellyeah that night. Meet me in front of Hard Rock Live at 6P that night. Books for sale and signed as well. Always great to hang at this awesome resort, hope to see you.

I leave for LA Monday for the Golden Gods Awards next Wednesday, then from there straight to Baltimore for M3. I will be selling and signing my books at M3 at the Chuck Levins Washington Music Center tent at around 3 and 6P on the Saturday. Because I have limited time away from the main stage for this signing you must have a book or purchase one to get in line. I usually never do that but time is limited this time around and the only way to control the amount of people. Last time I was out there for 3 hours and just can’t do that with my duties being on stage. Hope to see you at M3 as well as Rocklahoma which is coming up too. More soon.

Back live on Q104.3 this Friday night 11P ET. More soon.

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  • Gary on

    I Luv u Eddie got ur books and shirts but fuck Obama and his socialist plan

    • doug r. on

      yeah, can’t wait for this nightmare to be over, bring on 2016!

    • luke on

      So Mr. Kochran was supposed to pay for hospital and doctors on his own lol? You do know that costs way more money without insurance right lol?

    • doug r. on

      ever hear of medicare/Medicaid? it’s cheaper, safer, smarter and won’t come back in a short amount of time to bite you in the ass.

    • luke on

      Haha! Medicare is for over 65 only. Medicaid will kick you off if you don’t have kids under 18, aren’t disabled and earn a decent wage. Obamacare allows for higher income of working class people.

      How do I know? I WORK FOR MEDICAID hahaha!

      And I am being rude if I didn’t say I wish Karl, Malcolm and all our other rock heroes speedy and full recoveries.

    • doug r. on

      haha my brother has had medicare since he was in his 30’s! what planet do you live on?? if you really do work for Medicaid you better check your figures again, my brother is now 52, last year he had by-pass surgery and MEDICARE/MEDICAID PAID FOR EVERYTHING!!

    • luke on

      Read my post again Doug… Your brother fit one of the criteria I mentioned, therefore he was eligible. No doubt in my mind. Oh and Medicare/Medicaid are two different programs. They are not interchangeable.

    • doug r. on

      two different programs that are connected, they work together, we know because we have been dealing with both of them for many years. look we can go on back & forth forever about this issue, what works for some isn’t always right for somebody else of course, the bottom line like I said before, there are dozens & dozens of affordable options out there for everybody WITHOUT SUPPORTING THE OBAMA AGENDA, all you have to do is a little research & eventually you’ll find the RIGHT plan. besides, where’s the balance? if having obamacare works better for 1 out of 10 people, and hurts the other 9 more, where’s the good in that? read mike’s comments down below, at least some of us here know what we’re talking about, can’t wait for 2016!

    • doug r. on

      oops! you’re right about 1 thing luke, they are technically not connected, but they do work together in the sense that usually most places that take one, will take the other, that’s what I meant by working together. sometimes when I get fired up I tend to overreact, despite everything I’ve said on this page, I hate politics! it’s just hard to ignore everything when it gets mixed up in our music world. one minute I’m reading something about ac/dc or kiss, and then I see Obama’s name mentioned & then the next thing you know you’re caught up in the middle of a fucking political debate! I usually don’t respond to political bullshit, so from now on it’s just all about the music.

  • Andy on

    Get well Malcom! Prayers to you and your family!!!

  • Gary on

    Hope u seen that brother u make Mondays worth it $&/? Obamacare

  • robyn on

    thank you eddie for not jumping on that ac/dc bandwagon. here in ohio there have been so much crap today on how the band is through and poor this and that. I keep telling everyone that until it comes from the band themselves it is nothing but a crap story to get attention. didn’t brian also have surgery recently also? everyone thought ac/dc was done after bon died also and they came back stronger and better. this is only a small set back, and I will not count them out until we here it from them. I like you also want them to be back full force and great or leave us with the memories of them that way. I think that Malcolm loves the group enough to not continue if it not be up to their high standards. lets keep our fingers cross for the best to return. again thank you for not jumping in there like everyone else and writing them off on something I think at this point is nothing more then second hand hearsay.

  • Andy Gomez on

    So it’s safe to say ,that more than likely ,Krokus will not return to the States unless there is a bigger demand, well I don’t think this will happen , I guess I feel fortunate to see them twice in the 80″S

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