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Hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far. Some interesting comments about my last blog on remasters. Cool to see everyone’s opinions. Yes there are plenty of good ones that artists were not involved in. It’s all subjective and depends what your ears like. I forgot to mention UFO’s catalog which is awesome. Especially Strangers In The Night which has added tracks and is back in the actual sequence in the reissue. Good reading in comments others that people like.


Just amazing the amount of Kiss related comments here since the HOF news broke on my show almost two weeks ago. We are a little over a month out now so I suspect no shortage of new developments coming as we get closer. Really funny seeing all the guesses on who does the induction. I can tell you of all the guesses in comments not one person has been right so far! It is someone not openly associated with Kiss that much and someone the HOF loves. I can also tell you this person did very much campaign to get them in the HOF as well. I’ll post who it is when I can, then watch the comments come in I’m sure.


Live Q104.3 show tomorrow with Geoff Tate calling in.


Audio from my recent 2 hour in depth interview with Mick Mars is now making the rounds online and on YouTube. Appreciate all the positive comments about this interview. You don’t hear much from Mick and it was cool to get into real detail with him about his life and Motley. He will be on TMS this Saturday.

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      1. No. Not after aerosmith insulted Kiss last year. STEVEN SAID THEY DONT HAVE MANY HITS. HES JEALOUS OF KISS CAUSE THEIR SHOW BLOWS THEM AWAY. Even though it was fake kiss at the time.

      2. Hey eddie,
        My first rock concert was Kiss at msg feb 18 1977 then dec 15 1977. I started playing guitar because of Ace then Evh. I am so sick of this, gene and paul. They lost all respect I ever had for them. They would not Allow ace and peter to wear the makeup??????? Who created the make up ?? They made a big mistake of selling their rights to these two or else they could not continue kiss with makeup. I am so fed up with gene and paul. I’m sorry I ever liked them. I feel sorry for peter and ace. They can not celebrate what they helped create. And gene and paul are milking the kiss machine as much as they can. I will never buy another fake kiss album or merchandise cause the money will b o to them . so dissappointed!!!!!! MAC SONI, NJ

  1. Hey eddie, I have a question about the Hall.

    I just watched Metallica get inducted, and Robert Trujillo was eligible, even though he only played on one album, and at that time, had only been a band member for three years.

    Why does Rob get a free pass, but Bruce Kulick, Vinnie Vincent, and Eric Car won’t even be considered? Do they not know the history?

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